Sparrows Nest

Martha's Family



Maranatha Flag

Size 8" X 10 "

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The Word $12.95

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The Little Book and The Word
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  Fabric - Polyester
Chrome base & pole included
(Some Assembly Required)
Price per one flag & hardware $25.95
10% discount on 5 or more flags & hardware purchase to same address
20% discount on ten or more flags & hardware purchase to same address

Sparrows Nest

Every single day and night we are seeking, searching, looking for ways to understand and to cope with life, with death, with sorrow, with pain, with temporal things and with eternal things! And we find no answers, or few answers, and so we form groups, and meetings, and words on words to try and comprehend and understand just what is going on, why it is going we find we can do nothing or little about any and everything. Still every day we must find ways to cope with this perilous age we live in where bloodshed, death and fear seem to stalk all the living in every nation in the world. Our life long faiths seem to be crushed every day so that we have to return constantly to affirm and reaffirm what we believe and why.

We run from church to church, trusting in its ministers, run to and fro everywhere, being contented for a little while and then again become overtaken with doubts, misgivings, fears, and troubles of life, heart, mind, spirit and soul. We seem to not be able to control anything at all, and our lives so once settled, are now overtaken by fears, wars, death, bloodshed, uncertainties, and lies and confusions concerning faiths that have been our strength and stronghold all of our lives.

The knowledge of truth alone causes us to triumph in all things, in this life, and eternally.

This world is but temporal, all our sorrows and sufferings but temporal, but in Christ Jesus we are eternal! That settles it! In Him we find that peace that overcomes all our fears! In Him are all the whys answered and put at rest! Our life insurance policies are issued by Jesus Christ and it is finished and forever settled!

While the world seems to be breaking apart underneath of our very feet, may we commit and pray every single day that we do good to all people, and evil to none!