The Sparrows Nest

Baked Virginia Ham served with fruit, some pineapple and some peaches,  just starts you digging in deep to this magnificent plate with the side  dishes of Macaroni & Cheese and Green Beans. Served with this dish are  some Pickled Beets and Eggs, and a Fresh Garden Salad with Thousand Island  Dressing.  The bread choice is hot yeast rolls, and the drink choice is a hot  cup of coffee to go with a slice of our Butter Pecan Pie. The photos on  this site are sample dishes and you choose your own vegetables, and drink,  and dessert from our menu choices.  The Baked Ham is just the beginning.  You  provide the ending.

The other white meat, Roast Pork, when prepared perfectly is surpassed by  no meat in taste or in quality. We prepare our Special South  Carolina Dressing, made with seasonings and Fresh Sausage, and it is tossed  with our own Dutch Style Cornbread dressing on the grille and served slightly  crunchy and can be topped with gravy if desired. The side dishes shown are  glazed Fresh Sweet Potatoes and Seasoned Fresh Broccoli. The cold dish is  a pickled beet egg and pickled beets. Two warm dinner yeast rolls and a  glass of milk compliment this 'out of this world' meal.  There's more!  Our  famous Dutch Style Sugarbread stuffed with blackberries and topped with our  warm home-made vanilla pudding waits patiently to be devoured and perhaps now  you would enjoy a cup of coffee with this dessert. If you don't have room  in your 'tummy' we'll put your dessert in a box to take home and enjoy with  the eleven o'clock news. Your belly will say, Thanks!

Some people like sauerkraut with their Roast Pork, and with this dish a Baked  Apple is just perfect for that little sweet and sour taste desire that we so  often get. Mashed Potatoes and gravy, with a side dish of  assorted vegetables of Fresh Carrots, English Peas and Buttered Corn is  heavenly for sure. A glass of tea and two warm dinner yeast rolls satisfies  the most robust of appetites.