The Sparrows

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Revised, 1997

Excerpts Taken From Cults
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Before we study about cults, we need to understand what a cult is. For JESUS was slain and crucified by the Jews because they called Him a cult. The dictionary defines the word cult, as meaning: to cultivate, to grow, to care for. It also defines the word cult as a system or doctrine of religious worship; devotion or attachment to; extravagant admiration for a person, a principle; a group of followers.

If you look at the definition of cult, that would identify all religions, all sects, all faiths, all churches, all beliefs, all, excluding none, as cults.

Now, everyone has a lot to say about cults, the learned, the members, the non-members, and the ignorant. Everyone has opinions always about all things, and these are opinions, formed in the minds of flesh, formed most of them without knowledge. Some are formed in fear and some are formed without fear. But most are formed in error. For every bad thing that is said concerning cults can be attributed also to the ministry of Jesus Christ. So how is one to discern between the true and the false? and between a lie and the truth? For it is certain that many cults in this latter day fulfill the words of Jesus Christ.

Matt. 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

And again Jesus says. Luke 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

When we see these false religions and false cults rising up, Jesus said, Go not after them for the time is very near for the ending. If we did not see these words of Jesus Christ come to pass, our generation would not be that generation in which the LORD would come. Therefore, we see the day fast approaching when we shall behold His appearing.

And the Lord left us a sure word of prophecy concerning the ending of all things and the soon appearing of the signs of His second coming. The prophets of old declared God would do a new thing in the earth. John declaring also, Rev. 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

Why have we not been taught of this new name? and of this one to come? and of the forerunner of the second coming of Christ? Do we not know already the name of God? Do we not know already the name of the City? Do we not know already the name of Christ? Who, therefore, is the scriptures speaking about that shall come in a new name? Revelation is filled with the glory of this one that shall enter into the earth and fill the earth with the glory and power of God. Once again does God determine in the earth to work a visitation of power and glory, that one more time does He pour forth His Spirit of not only healing and deliverance, but repentance that men everywhere might come to know His saving grace and redemption from sin.

Cults do not form without first, its leader having entered into a long phase of deception and searching and seeking. The followers likewise, have ventured into a phase of seeking and asking and wondering and searching. The first thing one does to form or enter into a cult, is to reject the truth. To believe and receive the truth, eliminates all error, and shows up all error for the darkness it is. If one rejects the truth of damnation and hell, he shall enter cultism of some sort. If one rejects repentance he shall find a cult, and the cult shall find him. If one rejects Christ, he shall enter into darkness and believe nothing or everything, having no discernment.

The love of rebellion being the hatred of God, and the rejection of eternal judgment for sin, are the two factions that must join together for one to reject Christ and the redemption offered in His shed blood.

There are many large cults that because they are large, they are not seen for the error of falsehood that they perpetrate. The Mormon faith was established by a false prophet who had rejected hell, and then this man received a revelation and visitation from a lying angel. That is the foundation structure of the Mormon faith, clearly written in their history. It is not of Christ though it declares itself to be of Christ. As you travel through their course, studying their doctrines, the deception is so disguised, you will for a long time feel guilty of judging the brethren, until you come to their teachings of the Holy Spirit. Here is the truth finally seen as the error that it is, and the iniquity that it is. It is another gospel. It is not the gospel of Christ. For Jesus Himself said, concerning the Spirit of truth, the world cannot receive it. Those of the world will not be given the Spirit of Truth and they will understand nothing. They will be enemies of the righteous and enemies of the gospel.

There are many such faiths in existence around the world that declare the name of Christ yet are they workers of iniquity. They are satan’s messengers transformed as angels of light, transforming themselves into angels of righteousness, yet being enemies of Christ, workers of deceits and damnations, having a zeal of godliness but having also doctrines that are antichrist.

To those knowledgeable concerning the scriptures, from Genesis through Revelation, there is one fact, one truth, one scripture that is repeated over and over and over again, Fear God! If there is one consistent truth that links true believers together with the truth, it is that they fear God. Their faith rests on that fear of God and their righteousness is wrought by that fear of God. For without fear, no man will be saved. Fear will cause a man to repent, to depart from iniquity, and to fear damnation and judgment. It will save his soul.

Now false cults preach and teach God is a God of love only, without wrath, and without damnation, and without retribution. False cults provide a false peace that lulls the conscience to sleep, causing death to become an oasis of peace, looking almost as it were, a pleasant place to desire to go. Now, the false cults will either lead to actual suicide to enter into this judgeless death, or quite the contrary, have a doctrine that allows all the pleasures of life as well as a judge less death. Either way, they preach death and not life. For eternal life is given to the righteous, and eternal death to the iniquitous. That is the truth.

Now a cult cultivates the mind. The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms the mind, setting free the flesh, the soul, and the spirit. It does not cultivate the mind. It transforms the mind. It regenerates the mind. Those who try to enter into heaven or into eternal life by any other door than Jesus Christ, are but thieves and robbers spiritually, and they shall not enter in, for He is the only way into the Kingdom of God, and that only way is His life, His faith, His sayings, His doctrine, and His righteousness. Jesus Christ gave His life a ransom for sin, shedding His own holy blood that all who receive, believe, and are baptized for the remission of their sins, shall receive the Holy Spirit that is given, that same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead. To receive the Holy Spirit, one must believe upon the testimony of Jesus Christ, AS THE SCRIPTURES SAY!


Idol worship is a visible idolatry, where-as cultism is an invisible idolatry. The broad path of damnation is strewn with the carelessness of generation upon generation upon generation of souls that have set in motion beliefs, doctrines, faiths, religions, all forms and all kinds. Motive is everything and nothing. For the faiths that are false faiths, there being only one true faith, Jesus Christ, dwell in the realm of a fanatical earthly existence, or a fanatical out of this world existence. Where-as the gospel of Jesus Christ creates in this life a life of abundance, a life of freedom, a life of peace, a life of righteousness, and a life of good, all other faiths create in this life either a life of intemperances and lusts unbounded, or a life totally castrated of all earthly pleasures and experiences. Cultism swings wildly into one extreme or the other. The gospel of Jesus Christ travels from birth to death through this world with life abundant, a life freed from sin and transgression and the consequences of them, and eternal life waiting at its ending. There are vast differences between the gospel of Jesus Christ and cultism.

That is why it is so astounding that any one could be deceived by any faith that does not build its foundation on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For cults usually find those who are running from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cults are sought out by those who are running from the gospel of Jesus Christ. For His gospel is hard, narrow, straight, disciplined, pure, righteous, holy, and if there be any other godly thing, it is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ stands on the fear of God, and the love of God, and the righteousness of God.

It is written that the end time church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be filled with tares, with ungodliness, and with every form of uncleanness, it being the holding place of every foul spirit of sin, the keeping place of every impurity known to man. Rev. 18:1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

You tell me, what righteous church of Jesus Christ would ordain lesbians as ministers, or homosexuals as ministers? What righteous church of Jesus Christ, bought by His holy blood, would ordain homosexual bishops, and priests? What holy church would receive co-habiting unwed couples calling them brethren? These name the name of Jesus Christ, yet are they workers of iniquity. They shall be damned, and all who are deceived by their harlotries and their unclean cultism.

For cultism is only a word for a spiritual gang. In the carnal we call rebellion and sin and those who gather together to perpetrate cohabitation's of sin, gangs, they living together, running together, doing evils together, murdering and being murdered, and cultism is simply belonging to a spiritual gang, yet it deals in the destruction of souls, and possibly, even the destruction of lives. Yet is it destruction, both temporal and eternal.


The scriptures say, The nation that forgets God, God shall turn into hell. America voted into the highest office of this land an immoral man, a deceitful man, a man corrupted, a man filled to overflowing with lies in his mouth and sin in his hands. When this nation forgot God, God turned her over to judgment, tornadoes, floods, rains, cold, mildew, frosts, blights, rioting in her streets, fear in her workplaces, murderings, molestings, rapings, and again was she given a chance to put into the highest office of the land, a godly man, that her judgment would cease, and she again revived her judgment that shall increase upon her, bringing now earthquakes added to her judgments and plagues and pestilences, and war. God is not mocked, a nation shall reap whatsoever she sows. If she sows to corruption, she shall reap corruption.

The government of America has opened itself up to corruption, and by corruption shall she bring down her own household, bringing the nation to poverty and lack, and pollutions of her streams and rivers and lakes shall slay many, and fires and rioting and bloodshed shall fill her streets with blood. Insurrection shall inhabit her countryside, and terror her cities, and militia groups shall overthrow her highest places. Her sorrows have just begun, and her children and her women are at the mercy of wickedness and wicked men. God is not finished with America. He shall bring her down to her knees and bring down her lofty high places, and crime and murder and destruction shall erode and corrode her high places with shame and with imprisonment. Her ventures into space shall cease when catastrophic elements collide. Her poor shall rise up with violences. Her hungry shall steal to survive. And her rich shall hide in fear for their lives.

God shall cleanse America through judgment, and shall set her high on the earth as the saviour of the world. For in her borders are sheltered the election of God and they shall come forth in an hour of devastation and horror, and with power and anointing open up the gates of deliverance. Many cities shall be given to the flame, and many cities shall come down to rubble in the hour of God’s intense anger. America’s glory shall fade into forgetfulness and she shall go down and again rise up to perform the will of God. Let no man be deceived. At this day and this time, America is under the judgment and wrath of God for her iniquities.

Shelter yourselves in this hour of judgment, and be not highminded concerning position. Sudden destruction is the appointment of judgment in the ending of the world. Judgment comes that men might repent and be healed, and their land saved, renewed, and cleansed of iniquity. God has given her time to repent, and she would not, and time again to repent, and she has not. Therefore, shall America’s judgments increase and increase until she repents or perishes.

I do not want to speak these things, but I cannot be silent concerning those things I have seen and heard from the Holy Spirit. America shall grow weary of burying her dead, and she shall commit her ways back unto the LORD and He shall hear in that day her cry for mercy. For the sake of the elect within her borders, shall she be given mercy.

If you are too fearful to oppose iniquity, then stand with righteousness. This alone will give you the mercy of God under such a bombardment of judgments, that shall increase and with every passing day, springing forth another before healing has come for the former. As a nation, America must repent. She simply, must!

She has a destiny according to the scriptures to fulfill, with the statue of Liberty standing with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea, one arm raised up to the heavens with a torch in it of light, and the other clutching a book. The generation that has beheld this great wonder of the scriptures according to Revelation, knows that time is no more and that the world is fast approaching its cleansing and purification process, where all inquity shall be destroyed and righteousness remain. Pray for America! Pray for her repentance that judgment might be lifted from her.

For America has an appointment with the world to keep for the LORD Jesus Christ. For within her borders is every nationality of the world, every tongue, and every people. America has an appointment with the scriptures, and has an appointment with the destiny of the whole world, and America has a grave and severe responsibility to every soul on the face of the earth, she being the last hope for the redemption of the world, she having both the power and the resources to take the gospel to the world, as well as feed the starving masses. America is filled with sin from coast to coast, filled with greed from the least to the greatest, and filled with immoralities and perversenesses and devil worship. God shall cleanse her garments through judgment, and shall then bring her again to power that she might be obedient unto the book of life, and send forth her righteousness that men might be saved. God bless America!

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