The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2013
Book Nine of Nine

Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Nine Of Nine
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

315. On truth . . . .Most things can be established simply by thinking them through to a conclusion, with knowledge. Jesus Himself said, What man builds a house without counting the cost of it? Think through to the ending of a matter before performing it lest you be doing something foolish or are being led by a downright lie. So many things once done cannot be changed, re-directed or undone. So it is very important in the beginning of a thing to look to its ending to establish it whether to do it or not do it.

We need to teach our children to practice this. Do I really need that dress? Do I really need this? Do I really want to do that? What is the ending of that if I do that? Do I really need to buy that? Where could this go if I do that? On and on and on one must think through matters seriously. Romans says by the flesh we serve sin and by the mind only can we worship or serve GOD and righteousness.

We must awake to righteousness. We must think. One word disobeyed cannot be then changed or undone. It will bear the fruits of a disobedience. A lie obeyed will bear the fruits of a lie. The truth obeyed will bear the fruits of a truth. We must always establish the truth.

We always go to the source of truth, always. Never do we accept a truth as the truth after it has left the mouth or hands of the one who has the truth. We always seek to the source, and not a second, third, or tenth party. We always discard everything, not necessarily as a lie, but as an unproved truth, if we cannot establish it as the truth. We wait till we can establish all things as the truth. We do not do a thing to prove if it is the truth or not because it can bring very terrible consequences. We can develop a pattern in our minds of a delusion that things will be all right, that things will work out, that things will right themselves all by themselves. We cannot do the right thing if we do not know what the right thing to do is. Truth in and of its own self is not in us but is sought from outside of us.

We simply always get the truth. We find the truth. We ask, seek and knock. We must. Most people simply go along every day making up their own truths. What happens happens, and if it does, so what? I’ll deal with it attitude! Everybody makes mistakes attitude! No! They don’t. Only those that love to make mistakes make mistakes.

Do not groan and moan and become bitter about the narrow way. It only seems so unconquerable. We simply a footstep at a time walk in the steps Christ has prepared for us to walk in and follow step after step after step.

People lie all the time. When people lie, it is more difficult to uncover the treachery. But in time, every liar will come to the light and be discovered and manifested. You must beware of the wolves masquerading as lambs. They are liars. Our love should cover or forgive much sin, but it should not ever ignore it. We think overlooking sin and ignoring and allowing sin is what the scriptures mean when they say, Love covers a multitude of sins. It is not. I learned this in great sorrow. I learned this in great suffering and great, great loss. The scriptures are simply saying, Love can be sinned against deeply, and greatly, and love in return, and forgive in return, in spite of all of its sufferings and pains being sinned against continually. Love can endure much suffering being sinned against, and still forgive, and still love, and never fail in its love that gives also the strength to forgive trespasses.

317. On thoughts . . . . . . .The basic rule for thoughts is not to act on a thought without first checking or verifying its truth. How many times has someone told you someone said to do something and you just did it without verifying with the one who was supposed to have said to do it? With every thought, you go to the source of truth. With every servant of the LORD, you take what even they say to the Word of GOD. Sometimes what they say appears to be verified and in time it will prove to not be true at all. Always just verify what you can and do nothing with those thoughts you cannot verify. The truth always in time will surface somewhere, sometime, somehow and you do not want to be in a situation where they cannot be undone or corrected, if they are wrong. You will find that people conceal deliberately the truth for self interests. It is hard to always pursue the truth but you must about everything and all things, accepting nothing that is not the truth and quickly discarding everything that turns out to be a lie or a deception. A liar, quickly shed. Accept nothing said about someone else by anyone without knowledge that stands upon evidence.

It is folly to assume every thought is the truth. And it is wisdom to assume every thought is a lie. For the scriptures say the mind is an enemy of the Spirit of truth. I make no apologies for that for the Word says it, and it is so. I do not try to explain it, for the Word says it, and it is so. It just is so because the scriptures say it is so. My mind is an enemy of truth. It is lazy. It is lethargic. It is lifeless on its own. It is excusive. It is reviling. It is justifying. It is hateful. It is angry. It is apathetic. It is even pathetic. It is as a dirty baby all the time needing to be cleaned up and washed. Sometimes it is a cesspool so filled with its own foamy wastes and confusions, that it just totally quits and gives up until it runs out of energy to rebel against its own self. How precious therefore is the helmet of salvation, the mind of Christ! We are commanded in the scriptures to have the spirit of our minds renewed after the righteousness of Christ. We have to put upon the mind of Christ. We have to put upon the helmet. We have to do it. We have to clean up our minds, and feed our minds those things that shall keep them cleansed.

After we receive Christ Jesus, after we repent, after we are baptized for our sins, after we receive the Holy Spirit, then we truly see what wickednesses really abide in the mind. For we have been given an understanding. Light has penetrated the darkness of our minds and it hurts. In every room of our minds we find the filth of the flesh. In every closet of our minds we find the filths of the world. In every hidden corner of our minds we come face to face with the dark parts and depths of our own human natures. It seems impossible. It seems we shall never get it all cleaned up. And there are all kinds of things trying to not only not go, but come back in after being kicked out, and even new things trying to crowd in. Then through the Spirit, and the Word, and the working out of our own salvations, and the capturing every thought and bringing it into the captivity of righteousness, we regenerate the mind and clean up the mind and renew the mind and activate our lazy consciences that have been lulled to sleep through sin, awakening them to righteousness that we might in the ending of our faith receive the salvation of our souls, the inheriting of immortality and eternal life. And we have learned that every day is the day of salvation. Every day is the day of cleansing. Every day is the day of putting on the full armour of GOD, walking in peace, with a heart of righteousness and a mind formed in Christ. If a man’s mind is unconverted, his sins are forgiven in vain. If a man’s heart remains iniquitous, his sins shall return upon him in force, damning him a second time. Therefore, seek the truth with every thought, and do not be persuaded that one thought gone astray does not have in it the power of damnation. Protect your mind as your life!

318. On being free. ... John in the letters of John says, Children, beware of idols. Paul says in Romans, If we seek to do good, evil is ever present with us. Jesus says, My Father would not have sacrifice but rather would have obedience. Now obedience always glorifies the one that is being followed, or that is being obeyed. Jesus said, Father, I have glorified you on the earth.

When we obey the Word of GOD, we glorify it. When we obey righteousness, we glorify it. When we obey Christ, we glorify Him. When we obey ourselves, our own selves, we glorify only our own selves.

Now, insanity is being possessed, or obsessed, or being controlled by something or someone. The Word of GOD never ‘quote’ controls us. It is something we by choice obey, or by choice, disobey. When we are controlled by something or someone without choice, that is insanity, not being in control of our own minds. That is possession.

Now, there are many things that can become an idol and cause us to be controlled. Also, the pendulum swings wildly from side to side to being controlled to controlling. If one has one he also has the other. If one does one, he also does the other, he both controls and is controlled depending on where the advantage lies.

Rather than simply obeying or following, we try to manipulate or control things, circumstances, people, which is that path of self idol ship, self worth, pride, exaltation, and also seeks to be controlled as well as control, to set up one’s own control so to speak. What are some of the things that would cause us to be controlled or to control? You will find that this will pierce to the marrow of the bone and the deeply hidden chambers of the heart and mind, and into the sensitive areas of our souls and spirits.

The first thing would be seeking security both of the flesh and of the spirit. It will cause us to be out of control to either be controlled or to seek to do the controlling, this seeking after security, and hear it again, controlling or being controlled, which ever position holds advantage.

The spirit of satan is always seeking to dominate and to control. Any person, pursuit, desire, passion, work or anything can be a controlling factor that we are controlled by or out of control with. That is why temperance is so terribly important that we are not brought into the bondage of anyone or anything. We can even be deceitfully controlled by our own selves and if we deny it, we are most assuredly in love with the worship of our own selves.

The spirit of satan is one of greed and control and pre-eminence and a jealous exaltation that will overthrow anything and everything and everyone to have its pre-eminence and being noticed and worshipped.

Now, in seeking security we will follow after people, pursuits, possessions, all manners of things. Even in spiritual things we seek demanding answers. Why? Because we want security even here. And this is all sin for it does away with simple faith where-in lies all security for eternal things. Faith stands in knowing GOD loves us, and the love GOD has for us is targeted by satan for destruction, that in that destruction we are separated from faith. When we become separated from faith, we shall be enemies of our own salvations.

People will in seeking security even seek after being controlled because they anchor their security in that purpose, place, thing, possession, or spirit that gives them this security. They do not discern or think about whether it is a good thing or an evil thing. They are simply seeking security. They are seeking after a shelter or a security. So they will control and be controlled in order to be secure, and being secure puts a balm on fears, and being secure makes one feel unafraid. Fear is the one thing that our spirits, minds and hearts cannot tolerate. Fear is tormenting and painful. Security is sought in people, things, spirits, possessions, and purposes.

There are a lot of doors for the world and the flesh and satan to walk through, right into our lives and must be fought daily, this battle of being possessed or possessing. Therefore does GOD say, follow, follow, obey, and follow. Why? Because this is choice. This is our choice. GOD tells us to choose to follow; choose to obey; choose to submit and follow. GOD never takes away our right of choice to obey or follow, our choice to not do or do. Even being GOD He does not lord it over us but gives us our choices.

Now, insanities never give us a choice. And so, we must ever as John said, be on the guard against idols. Idols are controls and people and things that possess us and cause us to have no reasons but to be blinded even by our own righteous instincts and reasonings, for Paul said even if I seek to do good, and even if I seek to do righteousness, evil is ever present. Even when we want to do right, sin, circumstances, wickednesses of our own selves or someone else lord it over us and cause us to be out of control or controlled, and being out of control or controlled is being without choice.

Jesus said, My Father loves me because I freely lay down my life and my will and set it aside, and do my Father’s will and willingly lay down my will for His will. This is choice. This is not being controlled. When the choice is done away with, it is no longer being in control but being controlled, and this is insanity, one who is not in a sound mind.

In Timothy it says, GOD has given us in Christ a sound mind, not one of fear that is controlled or seeks to be controlled but a mind that is free and in control of every thought, every purpose and everything. This is sanity, a sound mind. This is free-will. This is being in control of every thought and being controlled by nothing, but being free to follow, to be, to obey, to create, to achieve and to overcome.

This is why an evil dictator can control thousands because they seek to security, to be controlled, and to be used and to be manipulated and to be secure and promised safety. He who the Son sets free is free indeed, and controlled by no one nor anything, but is every whit free.

GOD will walk with a man to his death trying to lead him or cause him to follow the truth and love and peace and righteousness, but He will allow that man to perish rather than rule over him or lord it over him or beat him into being obedient.

Because GOD is free, He is lorded over by nothing nor anything nor any one, nor does He seek to such things for Himself for any security or need on His own part. He is free. Only one who is fearful seeks to security and lays the fertile ground for his own seeds of idols to sprout and destroy him.

I believe the one idol that easily snares every man is this need to have to be needed, to do good, to be something, to prove he is something, to do something good to feel good. When we forfeit that, we will find a whole new battle to fight, one of depression, one of worthlessness, one of pride, one of uselessness. It has a thousand tenacles to cut off and then we must destroy the octopus itself that keeps growing legs as fast as we cut one off.

This thought alone is the only thought that can give us comfort, security and peace. Father, let me glorify only you and your Son Jesus with my life. Teach me to destroy my own life that His might be the only one that is manifested in me.

The more we try to kill this old man in us the more defiant he becomes to live and control us and demand his passions, his lusts, his wants, his purposes, and his dreams and desires. This old man wants a life. He does not want to give it up for anyone or anything. We overcome him in one thing and up pops two or three other things. And how good they all look, how righteous, how perfect, and how holy!

And the more we die to our own wills, and flesh, and the world, and our own purposes, the more we see our own securities perishing and the more sorely our trust and love and faith in Christ is tested. The scriptures say that satan appears to us as an angel of righteousness. How can we ever detect this angel of evil when he looks so right? so good? so righteous? Satan appears in an angelic aura of works, of deeds, of things, of purposes, of carnal achievements. Satan even appears as that spirit that is pleasing to GOD. How often we fall prey to that one that we have done something to please GOD when Romans says that we in flesh cannot nor do please GOD. What an idol self is, or achievement is, or personal exaltation is.

I used to be so pleased with myself every night when I dragged my body to bed and would crawl into it without an ounce of strength left and say to myself, Lord, you got it all today, every bit of strength and every thought. You got it all, Lord. How satisfied and self glorified I felt. And then if I went to bed feeling good and still having strength I would feel guilty that I did not do all I could or did not give Him all my strength that day to my own exhaustion. And I would say, Tomorrow I shall do better. See how that pendulum swings from side to side? We must stop that swing. We must destroy the swing of that pendulum and then destroy the pendulum itself that it not be allowed to live in our lives at all. Exaltation nor condemnation, that swinging of the pendulum, must be allowed to exist, so that we can simply follow and obey.

We do not seek to please GOD, nor man, but simply abide on the vine and grow. That is following and obeying, abiding on the Word and the Word in us. Allowing the Word to become both Saviour and LORD is very difficult, for as we die in ourselves it is frightening. For sanity to us really feels like insanity. We feel like we are losing control instead of taking control. We are actually in a battle to gain control and are aware for the first time that we do not have the control but something and someone or many things have the control of us. To take control over every thought and purpose and desire and lord it over it and overcome it and put it to death literally fills us with a terror, for we see it destroying our love of so many people, and things, and purposes, and we see it building new loves and new purposes and new things, and as the old dies there is an emptiness unbearable, until the new seeds take root and grow and mature in us, new purposes, new desires, new pursuits, and new reasonings.

The things that die bring pain and sorrow till the new birth brings that new life in us to maturity, for as that new life is a baby and needs so much, it takes everything we have in us to take care of it and nurture it and bring it to adulthood. And we are not sure it will be worth the cost to us with all the losses and all the pains and sorrows. We have an instinct to be free, a natural instinct, an inborn instinct to be free, and this instinct also is the other side of that pendulum swinging into rebellions and angers and hatreds.

We are children of GOD who need to bear our own births and not expect others to bear our own salvations. We are commanded in the scriptures to work out our own salvations in fear and trembling. We are not supposed to put that responsibility on others to bear.

Having in us then that natural instinct to be free, and bound by nothing, is it not therefore satanical when we seek to be bound, to be lorded over, to find security in something or someone? Satan used this natural instinct in the garden of Eden to deceive Eve when he challenged her freedom of choice. In offering her freedom, he also enslaved her. The dictators of this world, satan in the flesh, do the same thing by challenging their countrymen about their freedom, to not want to be lorded over by American capitalists or any other nation. While promising them freedom, they enslave them. Men die for their rights of hatred, their free rights to hate.

Every man has the right to obey or not obey the Word of GOD. He has the right to choose life or death, right or wrong, love or hatred, evil or good. Wherever his heart lies, wherever his security factor sleeps, is where he will forever sleep, that spirit he puts his security in and his trust in and his obedience in. In the LORD’s prayer we pray, deliver me from satan. And so every day we must pray to be set free from satan and delivered from satan. Satan is a controlling force over and in this world. Those that have the wisdom to see that, are on their way out of its insanities into sanity. Be controlled by nothing. Freely choose all things and all thoughts. Bring all thoughts into the captivity of the Word and of righteousness, and that instantly destroys all of satan’s power over you.

Being deceived is only being insane or not in control of your own mind. Sin first deceives us and then slays us. Satan first has to deceive us before he can take us captive. Realize that insanity is being controlled. Jesus takes no man captive against his own will. Satan takes not only all men captive in their wills but takes their wills captive as well. That is obsession, possession, insanity and control.

Christ never takes control of us. We wish he would. We would love Him to do that. Many are deceived that He does that and are anchoring their hope in a false thought, a lie, and are deceived. Christ is freedom. We want Him to control us. We do not want the burden and responsibility of our own salvations and our own souls and the responsibility of others’ souls as well.

Christ sets us free from satan’s kingdom that we freely have the choice then to obey or not obey, follow or not follow, choosing as it were our own master instead of being controlled without choice. Yet so many of us remain in bondage. Why? Because we have never overcome our own rebellions.

We saw the Apostles demanding Jesus to take care of them and care for them and carry them and their burdens as well. They never accepted the responsibility for their own destinies and the Jews slayed Christ for the same pendulum swing, not willing to forfeit their ‘security’ in the law and in the temple. When we are free in Christ, that also makes us accountable.

A man who is not free is not accountable but is justified not being accountable by his very slavery. We even create circumstances and things that control us to justify our own positions or reasons to do or not do a thing, and then we too will seize on natural things as escapes to not do the will of GOD or obey what we ought to obey. Our greatest righteousness is yet filthy.

If we seek to save ourselves from this corrupted nature and this wicked world and this depraved flesh, we must slaughter within us that need to be secure, that need to be safe, that need to be sure, that need to know, that need to hide, that need to be sheltered, that need to survive, that need to be cared for. We must slaughter even the need to have need or to be needed. There is no other door into salvation than through the dying to our own selves.

We must fight every foe and destroy every mountain in our path, all our desires, all our passions, all our loves, all our hopes, all our dreams, all our own personal achievements, all our selves, to get through that door into the glories of the Kingdom of GOD, for Christ lies beyond that door, and then we must also close that door behind us and lock it, never to return to the world, the flesh, to our own selves, or our own lives as long as we live. We must forfeit our lives to gain them eternally.

It is hard. As they said to Christ, Who therefore can be saved? And they all, all of them, turned away. Jesus said to His Apostles. Will you, too, turn away? They said, We would if there were somewhere else to go, but only you have life, so where would we go to gain life? Only you have life so with you shall we stay no matter what the cost in this life may be.

So then, know that all the cost for eternal life is paid in this life and what is the profit that shall be retained in this life seeing as naked we come and naked we go? This life is just temporal for all men. So since all men lose this life anyway, let us just choose to forfeit that which will be taken away anyway. Let us not be foolish and turn back and forfeit also all that we have gained up to this day.

324. On prayer . . . . .Sorrow tests love. Persecution tests love. Abandonment tests love. Obedience tests love. Prayer tests love. Until love is perfected, it is tested and tested and tested and tested. If I love GOD I obey His Word. When I do not obey His Word, I do not love Him.

We cannot pray for those we do not love. For prayer takes love. It is love that can pray. It is love that can obey. It is love that can bear sorrow. It is love that can sustain persecution. It is love alone that can bear the cross of aloneness.

Sometimes prayer actually builds anger. Sometimes prayer even builds despair. Sometimes prayer will turn me from GOD for a moment. Sometimes prayer causes me great pain and sorrow and travail. But, because of love, I will come back and pray and pray and pray and ask and ask and ask and not give up on asking. When I give up, then I submit. For sometimes I simply have to submit where prayer has availed me nothing. I have not found sorrow to ever build love. Sorrow is very destructive and in fact, I have to deal with a death somehow, someplace, somewhere, and in something, and accept loss. Sorrow is always accompanied by loss, and that can tear at love and actually slay love that it does not survive. So for me, sorrow has never produced love. In spite of all sorrow, I find that my love for GOD, men, and souls, and for Christ, sustains me whereas without that love I would be lost and be vengeful and full of hatred and bitternesses.

Love is that that overcomes sorrow but love is not born out of sorrow. Persecution has never built love in me. It sometimes crushes my love like cutting off a rose at the ground. It has caused me to have to strive and strive not to hate someone, and many, and in time, actually come into the scriptures of hating mother and father and brethren. For some, love died and gave birth to hatred. Jesus did not love those that hated Him because they persecuted Him. He loved them in spite of it, but not because of it. I love those who persecute me not because of the persecution, but because of the forgiving love of Christ that is wrought in me. Jesus said, pray for those that hate you and despitefully use you, and love alone can pray.

The scriptures say the wages of sin is death. There is always a death somewhere, someplace, somehow, big or small or both, with every single sin committed. What does build love, anyway? If love can die and be destroyed, what builds it and causes it to grow? Certainly the evils done unto me do not cause me to love the more. Often they cause me to love less and less and less till the pain overthrows the love and it dies. And some that hate me and even do me evil I love anyway and the love is neither damaged, nor grows. So what is the secret anyway to this mystery of love?

I have come to the conclusion that I love only Christ, and only my Father, and that love is what I feel and only that love. All else that I feel or think I feel is not love at all or not at least that love that is His alone. Jesus said, You love one another as I have loved you. The secret is, what was that love? Jesus said, They will know you are my disciples because of the love you have one for another. So then, what is that love?

It is His love in me that loves and not my own abilities of love. It is His love in me or He actually in me doing the loving. Our love is always tainted, always, somewhere maybe very deeply embedded, tainted with self, somehow. And when that facade or worthlessness or self is eliminated, it is His love then that is being felt. Why this is true are these facts that I know as a single truth in me totally and that possesses my whole being. FACT ONE. . .The cross is so painful sometimes I cannot bear its sufferings and I do not care if one single soul is saved from hell, not the person that is me, Martha. FACT TWO. . . .I would tell everyone, anyone, everybody, everyone to go to hell and lose them, just to retain Christ. I would not lose Him at any cost. Compared to Him, I despise everyone and everything in this world, my love is so deep and so all encompassing toward Him. I can and do and would get along without anyone and anything, but not Him. I hate everything compared to the love I have toward Him. That is why I know it is His love that I feel toward all men and the world that is moving in me for and to them, sacrificing even me.

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. I myself am dead, so to speak, and I live only in Him. Now, the pathway or the process where and why and how this all happened, is that simple word of obedience, If you love Me, keep my commandments, and if you keep them, both my Father and I shall come and abide with you and shall manifest ourselves to you.

The Bible says those that are born again take the Word of GOD and through obedience to it, slay all their sin and preserve their own souls unto salvation. GOD has taken my life and sacrificed it. He has taken it. I had no choice in the matter of His taking it. He simply has taken it. He is not concerned with ‘quote’ blessing me. Was He concerned with blessing Christ Jesus with the goods of the world, with the things of this world, with lands, and houses, and marriage and children? Of course not! Yet men count these things as blessings. These are life. All men possess these things and pursue after these things. These are simply living a life in this world. GOD is only concerned with putting me up as a sacrifice to the world. He is not concerned with ‘quote’ Martha, but is concerned with His Son Jesus Christ. GOD is a selfish, jealous GOD, a very selfish GOD. He is concerned with only one thing, His own purity, His own righteousness, and His own Word. If I want a part of Him, I must sacrifice all of myself to attain to but a drop of Him. If I anger Him, He will turn away from me till I turn once again to Him. If I run into the world, He will not run after me but will go on without me and get someone else to fill my post if I do not do it. GOD is concerned with the sanctification of His name on this earth, and with mankind worshipping him. There shall be no other Gods before Him. He is mighty. He is fearful. He is vengeful. He is jealous. He is GOD, the I AM. He is not a bowl of jello, nor is He a soft pillow, nor is He a cool summer lake. He is as the lightning, as the hurricane, as the fiercest storm that you can imagine. When I went out into the universe in the Spirit, taken out of the body into the heavens, there were winds moving at thousands and thousands of miles an hour. With just a thought He can make extinct all that we see and know and man would not even be a memory or there be evidence he ever was, forever, a blank, a nothing, gone, poof!

The GOD I know is so fierce. He is so majestic, so untouchable, and so magnificent. And if I want one drop of Him, even a vapour of Him, I must be as He is, love what He loves, hate what He hates, and simply, be as He is in all things. I have to become one mind with Him. I even have to become as He to talk with Him and have conversation with him, with all the wisdom I can ever hope to have, and all the entreaty, and all the understanding, and be able to be as He in wisdom that He will listen and be moved by my requests. Prayer! What man knows how to pray? The only prayer that will even get GOD’s ear is forgive me. Be merciful to me, O LORD.

Men have rejected all the scriptures that bring forth the true image of GOD, right from the beginning GOD having damned and cursed all mankind and the world as well, because of one disobedience, one. Men have rejected this GOD of wrath that so long ago was lost in the wickednesses of men’s minds. You again say that GOD cries over mankind and with tears puts an ending to all things. How can you cry over a mad dog that is running wild down the street tearing the limbs from all the babies and drinking the blood of the old ones and that is gouging out the eyes of the maidens? You are not crying for that mad dog. You get angry. You are pursuing him with a weapon of death and war. You are not crying over that mad dog. You set yourself with an angry hatred toward his destruction. He may have been a puppy that laid in your bed while young. He may have eaten at your table. He may have laid for years in front of your fireplace. He may have been your companion for years and years and years and like even a child or a son. But when he turns to the slaughtering of drinking blood, do you cry as you slay him? After all your goodness toward him it would fill you with rage for him to turn to slaughtering for the taste alone of blood and death. There would be something wrong with you that that dog would have your love and tears and they not be for those it is slaying. When the sons of men turn into vampires, they are then to drink of their own deaths as they have done unto others.

Tender hearts weep for the murderers and the rapists and not for the victims. This is spiritual harlotry. Vengeance is the Lord’s and He will repay, eye for eye and limb for limb and life for life. GOD does not forgive nor can forgive one who will not repent. His vengeance is stored up against those who will not repent but rather love iniquity and the shedding of blood. GOD’s anger has got to be kindled at such a world as this. How can His love be sustained? And for what is His love sustained? For what purpose? Why? Why should He sustain His wrath any longer? With every passing day iniquity abounds. With every passing night more blood is shed and more sinners enter into hell’s portals. Today there are millions of young virgins still saved and by morning light they will rest in damnation. Why should GOD’s wrath tarry while millions every day enter into hell’s portals and gates? Time will not save more men but shall damn them. Time will not cause men to repent but to harden. Time will not save but will cause millions more to perish. So then, what is your answer? Do you still think GOD is crying over this world? GOD stopped crying at Golgotha!

This is the scripture to examine. For GOD so loved (past tense) the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. GOD Himself took death and sin’s punishment and acquitted all flesh of sin. GOD is not as a man that weeps over failures. Failures are certainly never just losses. Failures bring great suffering.

What all men refuse to recognize is that the whole world was evangelized, and the commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel has been fulfilled. It was fulfilled in the establishing of the church in the world. The Apostles then evangelized the world and the whole world, every nation was given the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every nation in the world has already received the gospel. It is finished. The evangelizing has been proclaimed, and has been fulfilled. We are now in the judgment time of all nations. All the nations that do not now believe, had the gospel of Jesus Christ sowed in them. Many were not good soil. Many did not retain GOD in their knowledge. All the nations of the world have in their heritage, the sowing of the gospel by the Apostles. The Apostles as written of them, turned the world upside down. Many turned from the truth and to fables and imaginations of their own minds, creating idols, and gods, and worshipping of spirits and devils and demons, and the worshipping of stars and planets and moons and galaxies. They would not retain GOD in their knowledge. The Apostles of Christ fulfilled their commissions and their callings and commandments out of the mouth of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

The world is now in the hour of judgment, the hour of reaping, and the hour of harvesting both the evil and the good. For the scriptures say that in the ending of time did Christ come into the world. Heb. 9:26 But then must he (Jesus) often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.

Two thousand years ago was the ending of time, was the ending of the world. Two thousand years ago the gospel was sowed into every nation of the world. Rom. 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 18 But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.

It is now harvest time. It is all now ending. The thousand year reign of the gospel of Jesus Christ is finished, satan is loosed, and all things are now coming to an ending. Evil shall be taken away and righteousness remain!

What we are seeing in the world is that recompense of GOD that says He shall turn every nation that forgets Him into hell! What we are seeing in the world is the judgment of all nations. What we are seeing is GOD harvesting the earth. And what we need to see is that GOD is getting ready to vomit out His vengeance upon America for her iniquities, and even now is turning the forces of nature against her, as well as turning her over to her corruptions that those same corruptions shall fill her streets with blood and death. GOD is bringing His church before His Word for judgment. The households of GOD are now under judgment as well as the world and all flesh. To preach and teach believers that they shall not be judged is in direct violation to the word of GOD that says, Judgment first begins at the household of faith! And it is written, We shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. In life and in death, all flesh stands and shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Regardless of what the false apostles and prophets preach, I choose to obey the scriptures that command me to fear GOD, that command me to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling, and that command me to pass my sojourning here with fear. It is written, Fear GOD, and give glory to Him! If a man does not fear GOD, he will not depart from iniquity, nor shall he be saved from his sins, nor shall he be given eternal life, but he shall perish. Only those who fear GOD can be perfected into the love of GOD. It is written that the Father heard Jesus in that Jesus feared! Those that have Christ, fear GOD and their prayers are heard! Christ does not remove the fear of GOD. He establishes it. I count it not only my duty to die for His Word, but my only salvation to do so.

325. On sacrifices . . . . .In the beginning, GOD spoke one commandment, no sacrifice, simply a word to do and not do. He did not want sacrifice. He wanted obedience. There is no other righteousness except obedience. GOD will accept nothing else.

There were no tithes. There were no sacrifices. There were no offerings. None of these things existed until sin. So as long as we walk in any portion of these images, we are yet in sin, uncleansed, somewhere in our body, soul, spirit, heart or mind. That is what the searching eye of the Word and Spirit does, searches for sin and heals it, simply by hearing the Word of GOD and obeying it, for the Word of GOD does both our thinking for us and our sanctification unto salvation, through simply hearing and obeying. If we demand to understand, we have not heard. For we simply hear and obey. In obediences comes understanding. GOD would have obedience and not sacrifice.

Sacrifices came with sin. Offerings came with sin. Tithes came with sin. The scriptures say we are to reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to righteousness. We cannot walk the path of seeking to please GOD even, whereas that path continues to cause us to be as sinners and not as sons and daughters of GOD, cleansed, purified, forgiven, and sanctified. We are no longer required to tithe, sacrifice, or to offer offerings of any kind in order to be forgiven our sins. All these things were before Christ, for sin was alive before Christ, and all these things were because of sin, but now in Christ, sin is dead, and these things are now done away with. We are now sons and daughters of Christ. Therefore, we reckon all our sins dead and receive the righteousness of Christ which is obedience unto death in all righteousness, love, peace, and forgivenesses that are granted unto all flesh.

You must perfectly and purposely take your eyes off of your sins and squarely place them on the glorified righteousness of Christ, forgetting your past, forgetting your fallen nature, and straightway receive, accept, and pursue the risen Christ and His glorified nature of power, strength, and love, with compassions and forgivenesses your daily attitude toward all, not excluding your own self.

GOD delivered up Christ in the earth to sacrifice, not by His sacrifice, but allowing Christ to be once and for all sacrificed to end all sacrificing for sin. Seeing then that works, offerings and sacrificings purge no sin but allow a purposed pathway of sin, GOD removed that right of man to sacrifice for sin and go on in his sins, sacrificing then sinning, sacrificing then sinning.

Why we walk the path of sacrificing and offerings and works and doing good is because it gives us joy, gives us strength, gives us purpose, makes us feel ‘righteous’ whereas obedience is pure boredom, pure sackcloth, total joylessness, and pure tedious and burdensome through and through. Therefore, we shun obedience and offer up to GOD works, and sacrifices, and praises and thank yous all the while seeking out a path of joy and trying to please Him by false offerings of the which He rejects. A path of works and praise and sacrificing and doing good causes us to always seek to please men and of course then from men shall come the rewards and praises and not from GOD, neither does it produce any form of righteousness in us. Gifts and praises and sacrifices and works and favours and tithes and offerings are a form of bribery. The Son of GOD offered no briberies. His righteous obedience could be excelled by nothing.

Men demand of us, all forms of men, family, brethren, employers, friends, husbands, children, all flesh demands of us to do things and to give things to prove we love them and if we do not, to them we do not love them. This is carnal man’s measurement for love, gifts and works.

We are forever offering up carnal things even to GOD and think this will satisfy the blood of Calvary. Nothing satisfies the blood of Calvary except obedience, of the which there is nothing greater, nothing. We can do all manner of good unto each other, but the moment sin enters, it wipes away all that righteousness and works that were before, and brings a death and a destruction to that relationship.

As long as we walk that path of doing good, and tithing and offering offerings and oblations up to GOD, we are still offering up to GOD an atonement for sin of the which disallows the death of His Son. GOD receives no such gifts. Offering up sacrifices and works and tithes and offerings to GOD displeases Him because we substitute these things for obedience to His Word. In Hebrews it says Christ is the Saviour of those who obey Him.

GOD in the beginning laid down the Word, the death penalty for disobedience, saying, In the day you eat of it, you shall die. So then, in the beginning was death laid down for disobedience. Therefore, a death comes from all sin, some form of a death.

The Kingdom of GOD shall appear and abolish the death penalty that now overshadows all flesh. GOD shall abolish and take away all disease, sickness, pain, tears, sorrow and death. And then shall the curse of the garden be removed from flesh. When the Kingdom of GOD enters into the world and throws open its gates of deliverance, all who will may freely enter into it and drink of its healing waters. For we now live under still the dispensation of death, it being appointed unto all flesh to die once, and then the judgment. Death, therefore, is not the judgment. After death, comes the judgment.


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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Nine Of Nine
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