The Sparrows

By Martha © 1999, Revised 2012
Book Eight of Nine

Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Eight Of Nine
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

291. On the heart . . . .What is a pure heart? The pure heart has only one will, GODís. That is a pure heart.

A pure heart has no desires of its own.
A pure heart has no interests of its own.
A pure heart has no interest in the flesh.
A pure heart has no interests in the world.
A pure heart has no interests in self.
A pure heart has no interests in profit and gain.
A pure heart has no interests in security.
A pure heart has no interests in possessions.
A pure heart has no interests in authority over others.

This is the heart that GOD enters into and will deny nothing to of Himself. This is the heart that can ask whatsoever it will and it is given. This is the heart that can trust and be trusted. This is the heart that GOD seeks to worship Him. For one cannot worship GOD with self-interests of the world or of the flesh or of life and the vanities of it in his heart. Those that pray according to self, for desires of the flesh, for desires of the world, have hearts that are far from GOD, and GOD gives them the desires of their hearts, only that they might be disciplined by them and come to understand the vanities of them.

292. On many are called . . .The scriptures say, Many are called and few are chosen, yet men would have you believe that any and all are not only called but chosen and that once one is saved, always saved, and that may be true, yet the controversy then would be over when exactly is one saved? For it is also written, make your calling and election sure! This warns us to tend diligently to our calling and make both the calling of GOD on earth sure and secure as well as the election of salvation from damnation.

GOD has to a door at a time close every door that satan has nothing in us. We must come to that place that Jesus walked in saying, satan has nothing in me. Every door, every entrance was closed. Therefore, for us to save ourselves and others, we must shut every door of the body, the soul and the spirit, that satan can come through, and that is the pruning process that GOD takes us through by the Holy Spirit a door at a time lest we have so many doors slamming shut on us all at once we plummet into darkness. The doors have to one by one be shut in order to retain the light within. If they shut before the light is secured, they put us back in darkness and without wisdom and understanding as to what is happening to us.

Once we are secured with every single door shut, then we no longer are doors for satan to walk through and come in or break into, to destroy us or someone else through us. Now these open doors that we acquire are our families, our loved ones, our husbands, our children, our mothers and fathers, our brethren, our ministries, our very lives every day presenting to us these open doors that if we walk through them seeing them not, either willingly or not willingly, we walk ourselves into satanís snares of destruction for ourselves and others, that the scriptures say, satan takes us captive at his own will, snaring us and in his own will to our destruction and the destruction of others.

In Christís ministry, Peter and the apostles were continual open doors that satan walked through to try and overthrow Christ. But Christ, having no open doors in his own self, was a shelter and a protection and a healer even of those open doors that came against Him for destruction. He in the same manner is our healer as well, satan stopping right there, coming against a closed door. Jesus was that door for all except Judas who refused to be sheltered in the perfect righteousness of Christ, not trusting His Word and trusting His Kingdom.

An open door was in Eve. An open door was in Adam. An open door was in Saul. An open door was in Judas. An open door was even in Peter, Jesus saying to Peter, Get behind me satan. And Peter denied Jesus, and repentance had to shut that door that satan could not enter through that door of fear again and overthrow Peterís faith. Jesus had no open doors through which satan could get to Him and destroy Him, so satan had to find doors to get through, and many doors to get through in men to slay Christ.

So we are commanded in Ephesians to put upon an armour that there are no open doors in our minds, in our flesh, in our bodies, in our souls or in our spirits for satan to enter into. We can be very secured and feel very secure, yet if we take a close look at every aspect of our body, soul and spirit, and flesh and mind as well, we are going to see a great many vulnerable, open, swinging, cracked, even some wide open doors of entrance every single day that satan walks through in circumstances, people, spiritual and carnal harassments, and through even our own weaknesses of the flesh and our fears of the heart and mind, and possibly our own arrogances of the mind and the will.

There is a lot we can do to close up doors and some doors must be actually closed up and be bound up by the Holy Spirit Himself, we being too weak, or even unaware of these open doors that satan walks through every single day to our own destruction.

One door we can close ourselves and violently and quickly and abruptly close to satan, is to obey the Word of GOD that says, Judge not. For if we judge, we are judged also. So we close that door and find a great breach closed up, for that open door of judgment brings us into great conflicts with men and the Word and with the Spirit and with GOD and a great warfare ensues till we come full circle into the court of forgiveness and find grace to overcome our judgments of others and calm the conflicts. If we are set in a place of judgment in the body of Christ, the church, then we are daily brought into open conflicts with satan and with those being rebuked and chastened.

The second door we can close abruptly upon satanís entrances to us is getting knowledge. For the scriptures say, unto knowledge, add virtue. And the scriptures say without knowledge, men perish. Salvation rests in knowledge. Righteousness rests in knowledge. Now when the LORD tells us knowledge, or quickens us, and we take that knowledge and do not add unto that knowledge virtue or obedience, we shall perish believing not in the quickening, obeying not the quickening, and those that are Christís both believe and obey the quickenings of the living Spirit of GOD that constantly quickens us unto life eternal, closing every door of the flesh to satanís barbs and lies and deceits toward disobediences. When we disobey those quickenings, we are perishing, not discerning the voice of Christ at all, but rather following after our own illusions and delusions of the mind, loving and making lies, which is the spirit of satan. The scriptures say that continual resistings of obedience, continual rejecting the quickenings of the Spirit, continual disobediences to the Spirit of GOD, will produce a hardening in the soul, the Spirit, the mind, and even the conscience, and that unto death. It will bring a death to the conscience. And when we slay our consciences, we shall slay the soul and the quickening power of GOD and we cannot come to repentance, and cannot come to a knowledge even of our own damnations, for the Holy Spirit will not quicken us, nor can He, He having not only been rebuked often, but disobeyed more often, till He departs, leaving that one to the destruction of his own willful and arrogant mind.

Without knowledge, men perish. So the Spirit of GOD will quicken us, and if we have to seek knowledge concerning the quickening He gives, we better get the knowledge we need and add virtue to it and obedience or we shall perish. The conscience, if slain, cannot produce salvation, cannot produce righteousness, cannot produce obedience, cannot produce love and forgiveness, and cannot produce Christ in us. That quickening that we deem it our right to obey or disobey, is really a door being opened or shut, whichever the case may be, for every door of satan we open, we shut also the same door of the Spirit. Every time we are quickened by the leading of the Spirit of GOD in that path of righteousness, and we shut that door on that quickening, we have opened the door also by the same action to satan and sin and disobedience and worse than all things, a hardening to the conscience, the sensitivity of the conscience. Now the conscience abides in love, and love is that abiding vine that if love is severed, sin then is revived. For only in love does sin perish. Therefore, if we love GOD, we shall obey His quickenings, His every small and great quickening. We deem it a small thing when the thing is small to disobey, and yet he who is faithful in the flesh shall also be faithful in the Spirit, and if we disobey righteous quickenings in the flesh, we also shall disobey those same obedient quickenings when it pertains to the Kingdom of GOD.

There is always, without exception, always knowledge to seek after for every single quickening of the Holy Spirit, and that knowledge rests in finding the knowledge and the truth, both being needed, both knowledge as well as it being a truthful and completed knowledge, no matter what the quickening. Every single quickening has a seeking and a following to find out the truth, the knowledge bound in that quickening that can only be found by the following and a seeking after the knowledge hidden in the quickening. Those that are Christís are therefore led by these quickenings of the Spirit of GOD, and if one is not led, or will not be led, he is not of nor in Christ nor Christ in him. We must be not only quickened but follow and not only follow but obey and not only obey but righteously obey, having added virtue to knowledge.

Those that retain their life and refuse these quickenings and even who object to them with an anger and those who continually grieve the Holy Spirit because of His Lordship over their life, a life that is to be sacrificed anyway, given anyway, they having no life policy anyway, are in danger of damnation all the days of their life, as Jesus said, angry without just cause.

We are saved from our sins to then be a sacrifice for Christ upon this earth, and an obedient servant to the Spirit of GOD that there is no charge against us for sin. For the last generation of men upon the earth at its transformation and regeneration shall be judged as dead men, every living soul being sealed in their righteousness or evil, and you know that dead men have no opportunity of restoration or repenting a second time, and are not given a second life to repent, whether they are living in the flesh or dead. So our only hope is to with fear and trembling follow every quickening of the Holy Spirit lest we perish, not allowing one thought of anger, rebellion, I wonít, or I canít to even enter into the conscious mind.

For if we are told by GOD to do a thing, we better see it gets done if we have to buy a thousand mules to pull the plow that is strapped to us. Jesus says, any man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of GOD. So plowing for the Kingdom of GOD is backbreaking. There is hard soil, rocks in the soil, plowing in the rain and snow, in the sleet and ice, in the hot sun and in the night, plowing, night and day and day and night, never looking back even to see if the furrow is straight, or if there are others coming along, or even look to see how far we have come and how much we have done and how terribly big the field is. We keep plowing and do not leave our plow night and day, day and night, but ever keep that plow in front, getting cut feet, blisters on the hands, the back breaking, not stopping for rest or even a cup of water, but ever doing those things a pusher of a plow is supposed to do, plow the field that it might be sowed. We are the plowers of the field of the Kingdom of GOD, and we shall not receive the Kingdom till the whole of the field is plowed. For the fieldís ending is in front of us, so we must push that plow till its ending. We must. We simply must. If we leave our plow for a second, someone might take it or steal it, or we be replaced, and we have no place and no plow and no field, either.

We know what to do often and just do not do it. We look back or look the other way or left or right and refuse to plow and keep that plow moving through the great earth of the Kingdom of GOD. We must plow and plow and plow for the sake of the dead as well as the living, for we are moving ever closer to the day when all the redeemed shall sing the glorious song of the resurrection. Know ye not all the dead are waiting for the final furrow to be plowed and the final harvest to be seeded, and harvested?

So the doors of othersí are not our problem, although we need to be aware if they have open doors being used of satan against us. We need only to attend to our own salvations, our own doors, and get every door of our minds, and hearts, and flesh and souls and spirits shut that satan has no door to overthrow us or overcome us.

All we have to do is look into the scriptures to see the doors that satan walked through to overthrow even the mightiest. Moses had his anger. Sampson had his whoredoms. David had his lusts. Solomon in his later years had returned to his former lusts of youth. Eve had her discontentments. Saul had his cry baby spirit, too hard, too straight, too narrow, too difficult. Ananias and Sapphira had their greeds. Doors . . . .doors. . . .doors. . . . .

Jesus called Himself the door. If we walk through that door and close every other door, we shall save ourselves and others. We must not allow satan to use us to be a door of stumbling for others that they perish. Jesus had no doors of stumbling. Therefore is He also the Saviour of men. When we have no doors of stumbling, neither are we stumblers of salvation, stumbling ourselves and others who are open doors to our stumbling them, the blind stumbling the blind, but then we shall be saviours of menís souls, leading them through the door of Christ into salvation, for until a man is in the image of Christ and pure as Christ, he cannot walk through that door of Christ, for a man who walks through that door of Christ has no doors of the flesh or the world or the heart or the mind or the soul or the spirit, having closed all the doors of stumbling in his own self. Many find the straight and narrow way, but few enter into it.

The masses and millions find Christ, but few enter into Him.

I am my only enemy. Satan must come through me or a door in me to overcome or overthrow me. Therefore, all the paths that others take to me or doors that open satan upon me I have to see, discern, resist, overcome and refuse. Only I can overthrow me. There is no power in the universe that can overthrow me, except myself. I overthrow me if I am overthrown by having open doors of conquest.

How difficult it is to close doors we have opened, especially if we re-open doors that GOD has already closed, or that the very path of our salvations has already closed behind us.

So we need to purify ourselves and have no open doors that satan can take advantage of to overthrow us. GOD is busy closing all our doors to the flesh, the world, the spirit and the soul, causing us to grow up as calves in a stall, tied in the stall and unable to see outside of our stall, looking at just bare walls of a stall, seeing not the green pastures or the flowing stream just outside the barn, or the warm sun, or the fellowship of others in the pasture, or the running free. So then, GOD shall close every door and cause us to be worthy to receive the Kingdom when it appears.

Those doors GOD opens no man can close and no man opens a door that God has shut. Therefore, I do not have to be in the business of doing anything except plowing the earth, sowing the seeds of the truth. It is time for the truth to be harvested in all the earth, as Jesus said, the news of the coming of the Kingdom of GOD will not come to all the nations of Israel before the ending of the world comes, and the second coming of Christ comes. First, comes the Kingdom of GOD and the judging of the nations. First comes the Manchild. First comes to pass Revelation, and then the ending. So all the hindrances of satan, all the open doors we must quickly close that we might be found to be worthy to walk through that final door, that door of Christ, into His Kingdom when it appears, and to appear before the Son of Man. We watch and we pray, lest we enter into temptation and open up a door of destruction.

293. On promises . . . . . .GOD Himself is subjected to all things as we are, we being in His image. If we are in His image, He is also in our image. Therefore GOD is subjected to hatred as well as love, and hatred blinds, and love blinds. Hatred causes one to destroy everything in its path, and love overlooks a multitude of sins. Love has the strength to make it whereas hatred will crush the very spirit and life out of a soul. And hatred blinds so terribly that it will destroy everything, even those things it once loved and cherished, losing even the good things, destroying even the lovely things. So Jesus said, the Fatherís hatred would be so intense that in that day if He did not shorten His wraths, He would destroy His very elect. All Jesus left us were promises. Although they are very real promises, the scriptures are also full of those that died Ďbelievingí the promises without Ďpossessioní of the promises, and even Jesus is waiting for His promises to be realized.

So I find also in my angers, pains, torments, and wraths, that my love of GOD is being challenged by both the Word of GOD and my own understandings of GOD Himself. For when and if the world ever comes to realize that GOD does not love them, that His love has turned to hatred because of the worldís corruptions as well as the Son of GOD being desecrated and His holy sacrifice blasphemed, we all are standing in the path now of His blinding hatred toward the earth. This grand delusion and lie that GOD loves the world, is that grand delusion sent by GOD to the earth to deceive the unrighteous and the lovers of unrighteousnesses. And it says, His wraths are literally storing up day by day, kindling against the earth, day by day by day, and that if GOD did not find cause to fulfill His Word in the earth, He would destroy it without remedy and destroy all of its inhabitants. When GOD was sorry He had flooded the earth, and grieved that He had flooded the earth, and repented He had flooded the earth, He now looks upon that fruit of His own sorrow and grieving and mourning, and is angry, and He now looks upon that holy blood that flowed down Golgothaís hill to forgive the world of sin, and He becomes even more angry, and He looks now upon the world eating sin and perversions and evils without restraint, and He is becoming wrathful.

Wrath is wrath is wrath and strikes at the innocent in order to also destroy the guilty. Wrath will smite his wife she being innocent. Hatred will smite oneís child and even slay oneís child, the child being innocent. Wrath and anger rooted in hatred will destroy everything and anyone without remorse or caring. We are living in the time when nationality is rising up against nationality, and nation will revenge nation, and the innocent are caught in the path of those who seek vengeance.

Now we all need to pray without ceasing, and with agony, and with bloody knees, and with broken hearts, that our GOD will continue to have His care and love upon the righteous, upon His children, those who are on their faces in agony over the evils that are in the world. For I see a GOD who has become as loveless as man. I see a GOD who has become filled with hatred as a man. GOD should not hate the righteous as He does the iniquitous. I want back under the laws of Abraham and David where faith was righteousness, and where obedience was honoured, and where repentance is a sure path to GODís grace. For when Christ was crucified, it was then the earthís judgment day. The earth does not seem to realize or understand that the crucifixion of Christ ushered in the time table of Revelation itself. We are not appointed unto wrath but are appointed unto salvation and shelter in the days of GODís judgment of the earth, because of the mercy and grace that is hidden in the blood of Christ for those who repent and are washed of their sins.

People die getting promised a loaf of bread and a cup of water. Those that leave the works of Christ and the ministries of Christ have that same kind of Ďfaithí which is Ďunbeliefí that Oh, GOD will take care of you. No, He will not, for His commandment is, Feed the hungry! Does that sound like He is taking responsibility to feed them? Ask those in Africa if GOD fed those babies that they put in that dry, dry soil. Ask GOD if He is going to feed them, and He shall tell you, No, and again, No! You go feed them, will be His reply. I have given that commission to you, will be His reply. GODís wraths are now in the earth, not His blessings. If blessings are to be found, they are found in being thankful for a crust of bread, a cup of water, and a bed to lay the weary body down upon when tired. Are we not commanded with food and raiment to be contented?

Yet we have all the money changers and the merchandisers of the Kingdom promising all kinds of blessings, all the blessings of GOD in the old testament, but we are not in the old testament times. We are in the new testament times, the times of Christ Jesus, and His words were, Be not anxious about what you shall eat, or drink, or what you shall wear, for after all these things do the lost seek after. Why would Jesus change these things? Because it is the ending of time, and what value all of these things? What value all those things that are being sought after by those who know not that things are finished, over, done, and shut up? And the very ones that are promising all the promises of the old testament when the earth had centuries and centuries to bring to pass all those promises, are those who are declaring we are living in the times of Revelation, and Revelation, my brethren, is the ending of all things, and it is the time to lay down all things, and prepare for the transformation of the world. It is time to put upon the white raiment of Christ and to stand before GOD in truth, in righteousness, without guile, without deceit, in humility, and in sackcloth, on our knees, praying that the angels of wrath see the blood of Christ upon us and pass over us in that evil day.

I am confident that no matter how much GOD despises the world, He shall and must allow the blood of Golgotha to be fulfilled in the earth and Christ to be given His Kingdom. Right now, the Father is more concerned with punishment than salvation, with vengeance than love, and with wrath more than forgiveness. But He shall remember Jesus. That is our cry, Father remember Jesus. Father, remember Jesus. And Father remember we have His blood over us and in your wrath, have mercy upon us.

The Father must be persuaded to remember Jesus. He did not leave Him to perish in corruption, but delivered Him out of death. GOD remembered Jesus in that hour. But now that He has Him at His side, and with Him and has Him to look upon, He has forgotten that there are also His images, His children, and His begotten to look upon, and it is in that petition that we must bombard heaven with GOD, remember Jesus. Father donít forget about Jesus. GOD remember me. GOD, donít forget about me.

Words & Music By Martha ©

I remember when the rains
The rains came down
Forty days and forty nights
The water, the water came down
Noah floated on the sea
Till GOD remembered him
Noah would still be floating there
If GOD had forgotten

I remember all the dead
Are lying in the ground
Since the world began
Theyíve been buried in the ground
The dead shall sleep in the ground
Till GOD remembers them
Forever theyíll sleep in the ground
If GOD donít remember
I neglect you sometimes
I heard GOD say
Sometimes I neglect you
But I shall remember you
I shall not forget you
I shall not forget you
It is still written
That I remembered Noah
And it is still written
That I remembered my SON!

I remember JESUS
When the blood came running down
I remember JESUS
When they laid Him in the ground
And I remember how itís written
Why did you forsake Me?
He would still be in the ground
If GOD had forgotten

I neglect you sometimes
I heard GOD say
Sometimes I neglect you
But I shall remember
I shall not forget you
I shall not forget you
For it is still written
That I remembered Noah
And it is still written
That I remembered my Son
I neglect you sometimes
I heard GOD say
Sometimes I neglect you
But it is still written
That I remembered my Son
Iíll remember you!

I know there have been times that I have been so tormented with angers, pains, sufferings, sorrows, and bitternesses, those I loved even and who loved me, I wanted none of their comfort, nor did I want to give them comfort, nor love, nor even receive love from them. For anger, wrath, pain, always wraps itself in its own self and cannot see anything else. It is consumed with its own sufferings. As the dead are dead and cannot lift a finger to help the living, when anger so consumes a man, or GOD even, they are as though dead without an ability to succour, help, love, forgive, or give to those who are also dying, who are also striving, who are also all facing death and destruction together.

We are all on a great vessel in a great, great, stormy sea with waves, violent waves and winds that in time break up the ship and cast us all down into the sea. We cannot do anything for each other. Nor can we sustain the vessel. Nor can we do anything for each other except die together without a way in the world to even help each other to survive. We are going down into the sea and there is no survival. The only way to survive is to calm the sea and the winds and entreat the angel of the waters to spare us. For we are without strength, substance, power and will, to care to survive. So then, we must entreat the angel of the waters that has the power of destruction or salvation, to care if we perish. For we say what the apostles honestly said to Christ. Donít you care that we perish? Jesus said, I care, and rebuked the seas and the winds. I need to hear also the Father say, I care! He must rebuke the winds of poverty, and rebuke the winds of wrath from us, and rebuke the devourer, and rebuke the enemies of our souls, and rebuke the powers of darkness that so enslave and every day try to overthrow us. GOD must not only rebuke the winds and the waves of destruction, but must also send the breeze to bring us to shore and to the point of our destination. It does no good for GOD to calm the waters and winds unless He also brings us to shore.

For even the angel when contending with satan over the body of Moses, did not rebuke satan, but said, the LORD rebuke thee, satan! I cry to my GOD and my Father, and say, Father, rebuke satan. Lord, rebuke satan. For it is written that we wrestle not with men but with principalities and powers and spirits of the air that we cannot see! We cannot see these powers that so assail us day in and day out! We are like little children that must always seek to our Father to take care of the bullies, for He has the power, and the strength, and the authority, and the gavel of judgment. And more than all of these things, He alone can see the truth. We are often blinded to the truth, and even in all of our seeking could not find out the truth about everything and all things, even if we sought it with every ounce of strength we possess. We must trust GOD to work all things to our good, and not to our evil. And we must accept the truth, that in this life, we shall not see all of the wrongs against us righted, nor all our enemies be cast down, nor all the promises come to pass. For as the day is appointed unto birth, it is also appointed unto death. It is in the eternal halls of justice that all things are made right, and that everything small and great shall be revealed, and the righteous be given life and the iniquitous be given damnation. So let us know that in this temporal life alone is sorrow appointed, and that as this life ends, sorrow likewise ends, and time shall lose the battle, and the promise of eternal life shall be realized.

Words & Music By Martha ©

Minutes are like seconds
Years are like days
The older I get
The faster they all fly away
Time is like a thief
That steals everything away
Thereís a bend in the road
Up ahead for me

Thereís a bend in the road up ahead
And Iíll be born again
Into a life that never ends, never ends
The things that matter here
Will never matter there
For time has lost a battle
I have won
The battle at the end
At the bend in the road for me

For years I looked ahead
My hopes and dreams where high
And now Iím looking back
To all the happy years gone by
Time has stolen loved ones
Time has stolen friends
Thereís a bend in the road
Up ahead for me

Thereís a bend in the road up ahead
And Iíll be born again
Into a life that never ends, never ends
The things that matter here
Will never matter there
For time has lost a battle
I have won
The battle at the end
At the bend in the road for me

Time shall lose the battle for the earth, and for the souls of men, for in the living and in the dead is a great Kingdom stored up, for the earth shall be given to the redeemed, and the promise come to pass, and the wicked shall perish from its memory. All the whole earth shall be filled with joy and praise and honour and thanksgiving to GOD the Father who gave the Son. Let all the living know assuredly that Jesus sits upon the right hand of the Father, understanding that all power and authority rests in the Father. For it shall be in the ending as in the beginning, a Word being heard, Let us make man in our image. And behold, all things shall be made new. Let the living be reminded that the power of the resurrection rests in Christ as Christ rests in the Father. For the Father shall send once again into the earth the Kingdom, the delivering power of the Kingdom. For Jesus said, Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed is thy name. It is the name of the Father that is hallowed. As Jesus hallowed the name of the FATHER, so likewise must all hallow the name of the Father, as Jesus hallowed His Fatherís name, shaming Him in nothing!

It is the Father that Jesus glorified, and it is the Father that all those washed in the blood of Jesus must also acknowledge as both GOD, and as the great I AM, the Almighty One. The FATHER glorified Jesus, and all those who believe and receive shall be likewise glorified in the Son who is in the Father and the Father in Him, they being one, yet consider this. Look upon your own body, and it is one, is it not, one body? Yet does it have many parts, and yet has it but one head. And so, GOD the Father sent the Son into the world, the Son being His body sent into flesh. The head, or the Father, abided in heaven and the Son was His body on this earth. Therefore did Jesus say, My Father is greater than I! I am but His body! And as the Father created Himself in Jesus, He will create His own self in us, but then if we remain as our own head, will this be done? No! Only if His will is done in us is this possible. This promise of the righteousness of Christ can only be developed in one who is in Christ as Christ is in the Father. We are born again, born from the Adam nature into the nature of Christ only by the will of GOD, not by the will of flesh, nor by the will of man, but by the will of GOD.

294. On the flesh . . . . .The flesh is like a stinking, squalling, dirty, angry baby that we have to put up with as long as we live. Every day we have to slap it in the mouth, knock it on the head, and kick its behind. And it will grumble back, get angry, revile and justify, and get a head-ache and pout! How the flesh pouts! But it is going to do what I want it to do not what it wants to do. Everyday, we must make it behave. It will not do it on its own. As for freedom, I am free. It is not. I am the free one. The flesh is now bound to me, and not me to it, a slave to me, and not me a slave to it. If I let it have its way, it will take itself and me to hell!

The flesh is like a little child that does evil to get attention and rebels to get attention and GOD has no intention of giving attention to the tantrums of a child, except to chasten and scourge it.

The flesh is always angry at something, always excusing its anger, always pinning it on some poor Ďgoatí, always blaming everyone else, or some circumstance, or someone, or anything but its own hatred and impure body parts, anger and sin mixing very, very well.

The flesh is very shallow, and its love very shallow, and it has no deep root of love that can be depended upon, it being fickle according to its own passions and lusts. The flesh loves quickly and then grows bored quickly and finds fault quickly in order to change loves and find something or someone else to love for a time, and then again grows tired and bored, and again moves on.

When we remain as children, and refuse to be disciplined that we might mature in Christ, GOD Himself will turn us over to the powers of darkness and the sins of the flesh for discipline. When the Word of GOD fails and the authorities over us fail, and the leading of the Spirit fails, GOD always has the rod of iron, oneís own flesh. Every single day we are commanded by the Word of GOD itself to not let the sun go down on our angers, and we are commanded to bring out into the light these things that peace and reconciliations might be kept strong and secure. If we do not, anger goes into the inward man and simply, seeds! We get many days of this disobedience under our skin and we will damn our own selves and render our own souls helpless of flight to the freedom of righteousness.

Adam and Eve, created into the image of GOD, righteous and immortal, were damned by their own flesh, their very own passions, and brought sin and damnation to all who have ever been born into this world. So even when we come into the maturity of Christ, coming even to the full stature of the righteousness of Christ, there remains this angry, pouting, demanding little immature child in the flesh that must be reckoned with every single day. For the flesh is not righteous, nor indeed can it work righteousness. It is always intemperant and always demanding, and is always self-seeking and selfish, just like a little child. The flesh does not have a will or a mind that can be taught to obey. It is full of energy, passion, desires, and wants. The flesh therefore must be bridled, be restrained, and be made to follow, for its own good. The flesh must be cared for as the vessel of life, the bottle of life, and must be treated with respect by the will and with honour, that it be given those things necessary for life, protecting it from those things that bring upon it death. Seeing as it is the bottle of life, it must be cared for that it also cares for the life it contains. For left to its own, it will destruct its own self and the life within as well.

295. On the spirit of Cain . . . .It does not matter what other offers are made to the LORD, whether tithes, whether oblations, whether sacrifices, whether works, without first righteousness being offered up, all else brings one up before the LORD for judgment and not for grace.

Whereas GOD has tarried with the rebellious, even their times are ended, they having no oil in their lamps, their spiritual gifts having dried up without fruits and without oil, their lamps having gone out, and now they offer up carnal works and carnal sacrifices and they shall be unacceptable and rejected as Cains and Esaus that sold their inheritances for the things of the flesh.

Cain had lust in his heart for his brother Abel lusting for his brotherís flesh, making even his offering unclean before the LORD. And when Cainís desire was toward his brother, he became all the more unclean through jealousy and GOD would not receive him. When Abel resisted him in the field, Cain slew his brother, adding sin unto sin. And we likewise are commanded in the taking of the LORDís table, Let no man take of this table unworthily or he will bring judgment upon his own self. And those that do take of the LORDís table with sin upon their garments, within and without, are chastened and judged of the LORD, and many are sick because of these judgments, and many die ahead of their times, because of these judgments, as written. So let every man examine himself before partaking of the body of the LORD, lest they be found to be unclean as Cain, and as rebellious as Esau. Be not ignorant concerning the righteousness of Christ lest you damn your own soul in neglecting to be obedient to His commandments.

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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Eight Of Nine
Written By Martha ©