The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2012
Book Seven of Nine

Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Seven Of Nine
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

264. On the word, trim . . . . .In the parable of the virgins, when they all slumbered and slept, they heard the Bridegroomís cry, and all of them rose up to trim their lamps, and that word trim, means to light their lamps. And five of them were foolish, and had no oil to re-light their lamps, for all of the lamps had gone out while the virgins waited, slept, and slumbered, waiting for the Bridegroom to again call them, as He had first called them out, and then after they had been called out, He tarried, and they remained called out, and simply waited. Now, five were foolish. They had no oil, no works, no finished preparations. And those that were prepared and did have oil, went forth with the LORD. All the virgins slept, and all their lamps burned out of oil, their remembrance in the earth, their works, their preparations, all coming down to the dust, lying in ashes and forgotten.

And then a voice was heard coming from the heavens, and from the Spirit, and from the Word, saying, Rise and trim your lamps! Rise and make ready. Rise and prepare for the Bridegroom comes! And the wise rose and lit their lamps for all of heaven to see, these lit lamps saying, yes, we are still here. Yes, we are still waiting. Yes, we are ready. Yes, we are prepared. Yes, we are abiding. Yes, we are occupying. Yes, come to the place prepared for you, for we are ready! And all of heaven shall follow those lit lamps brightly burning in the earth to light the pathway of the Kingdom of GOD to come, to a prepared Bride.

As I told you, I am trimming my lamp, and restoring all those things that can be restored, that we are found without fault in those things that the LORD had given us to do. Also, we are strengthening the things that need strengthening, that they do not perish, for so many works have perished and cannot be restored, ministries taken away, ministries lost, works destroyed, many that cannot be restored but are simply lost, because those labourers did not prepare their oil, and did not remain and do those things entrusted to them to do, and to prepare, and to finish, and in the doing and in the preparation, then just wait. They neither continued to abide nor did they occupy, but shall be found back in the world eating and drinking, surfeiting and playing, when the Bridegroom comes.

Satan always attacks a work after it is done in order to discredit it, to destroy it, to cause doubt, to cause failure. When Peter in faith stepped out of the boat onto the water, and stood on the water, then did satan stir the waters to cause Peter to doubt the very thing his faith had just accomplished. Had there been no testing of the faith, Peterís faith would not have doubted nor failed him that he sank, and if Jesus had not caught him somewhere in that distance between Peter and Jesus as they were walking to meet each other, Peter could have been in peril of drowning. Jesus was angry at Peter that his faith failed him after having already accomplished the miracle. Peter walked on the water, by faith. How is it he therefore doubted?

Satan had no power over Peter to cause him to doubt by his own self. Satan had the power over the waves, from an outside source, and that is how Peterís faith was tested, not by an inward doubting, but by an outward force of power against a weakness that satan knew that was in Peter. Peter had fear. And that same fear was tested and satan overthrew Peter again through fear, causing him to deny Christ.

If our doubting comes from within after we have worked a work of faith, and then if we doubt to such a degree we destroy what we have done, or not finish it, or undo it, or flee from it, or simply, allow it to not be used to glorify the LORD, then we have a serious problem with our own salvations, and we have not first purified our own selves and obeyed the Word that springs forth the tree of life, the tree of righteousness within. For where the sins of Judas were within, the sins of Peter were without, in the outer flesh. Peterís sins were not spiritual, but carnal. But Judasí sin was spiritual. Therefore, Peter was forgiven whereas Judas was damned. Judas is a sober warning to all of us as believers when we think we can sin or disobey the scriptures and still have a second chance at obedience or have an opportunity to straighten out or correct transgressions.

It angered GOD so when the children of Israel came to the promised land and sent in spies to spy out the land and they came back and said, there are giants in the land. Fear! The children of the LORD were angry at GOD that after all this time they had to now after such a horrendous time of testing, and afflictions, and chastenings, they now had come up to the promised land and it is not simply there? not simply given? not just taken? that now not only is it not there just to take, but blood must be shed to get it? They were angry at the LORD. And the LORD repaid their anger with anger. GOD was in such a fury at Israel that He did not allow them to inherit the land that was promised to them, those that were brought up out of Egypt, save for a faithful handful. They all were laid down in death in the wilderness, and their offspring inherited the promised land.

Now, we too, have come up to the promised land, the coming of the Kingdom of GOD, and through all of our testings and trials, having endured them and come through them, we stand at that very threshhold of the Kingdom of GOD that Israel stood before in the promised land, and right therefore before us is our battle, and whereas our strength ought to be strong for the battle, it is weak, worn, weary, and devastated. We as the Israelites feeling we have at last come to the ending when it is now not the ending, but the greatest battle we have ever engaged in with man and the powers of darkness, is yet before us. What if we faced this in the beginning and not in the ending? How could our faith have endured such a battle in the beginning when it is through those things we have suffered that we have come to this place of faith? We were not prepared in knowledge in the beginning. We were not prepared in faith in the beginning. We were not prepared in wisdom in the beginning. We were not prepared in anything in the beginning. Now we are prepared with all things in the ending to defeat the powers of darkness, and we have remaining a little faith, and have not denied His name.

Looking back upon all those who have left us, their battles were lost to them right in the course of the battles that had increased and increased with severities, and if they stood not in the least, how could they have stood in the greatest? It did not mattter that with each battle they stood on the water by faith, and then when sinking were yet and continually saved by the mercy and strength and the hand of Christ lifting them and us up out of the water to stand that we drown not. Jesus did not rebuke the winds and the waves that disturbed Peterís faith that he sank just to increase Peterís faith. Jesus caught Peterís hand and they walked together back to the boat and got into the boat. Peter still walked upon the water with Jesus, back to the boat. It did not matter then about the waves and the storm and winds. When satan attacks the works we have done by faith, we ought to sink in the water if we fear what may or may not come. If we allow the forces of darkness to overcome our works and cause us to doubt our LORD, we ought to sink in the water.

If we do something the LORD has told us to do and there are no blessings, and in truth, we receive nothing but hardship and suffering, we say, I surely did not hear rightly! Or we say, What happened LORD? We judge our obedience by fruits? Do not do it! We judge our obedience by blessings or cursings? Do not do it! For the children of Israel did just that to GOD and suffered dire consequences. They blamed Moses for their hardships. And then Moses burned out GODís ears with complaints. Do not cry in the ears of Jesus when His way is straight, hard, narrow, and difficult! He is only leading you in the path He has walked Himself. And you will find that the comforters of Job are alive and well by the multitudes. They say, if you are not blessed you are displeasing GOD somehow. And if you are afflicted you have sinned somewhere. And if you are not prospering you are not being obedient. The words of doubters and tongues of satan never cease to trouble the obedient, the faithful, the believing, and the warriors of the faith that are destroying the works of the devil.

So doubts against the truth come when the truth has manifested itself, and the testings and angers of satan appear at the time of the revelations of GOD. For when the woman appears in the heavens, immediately also appears the dragon, the harlot church, she in the clutches of the devil and his delusions. We are always confused when we are searching out the will of GOD and the purposes of GOD and the understandings of His purposes in us and through us. Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane fought a great battle of understanding and misunderstanding. So then, who are we to escape those very same battles? What faith gains, also doubt can destroy. Doubt can cause us to turn away, and simply, quit, give up, and refuse to do the will of GOD after coming to know it.

So we always stand on the cornerstone, the foundation, which is Christ Jesus. There is no other name, no other foundation, no other truth to stand upon, Jesus Christ being the resurrected one and the one who now sits in glory at the right hand of the Father. There is a prepared people that the LORD shall come to, as written, To them that look for Him shall He appear a second time without sin unto salvation. What exactly is that salvation that we are all believing for? all looking for? all preparing for? being married unto? that Bridegroom? that marriage? IMMORTALITY, THE CLOAKING OF IMMORTALITY! THE KINGDOM COME! THE POWER AND GLORY COME! LOVE COME! PEACE COME! SIN DESTROYED, SATAN DESTROYED, WICKEDNESS DESTROYED! RIGHTEOUSNESS REIGNS, AND DEATH IS GONE, AND WITH IT ALL OF ITS SORROWS, PAINS, FEARS, AFFLICTIONS, TEARS, PLAGUES, DISEASES, CRIPPLINGS, MAIMINGS, AND SUFFERINGS.

265. On the word, free . . . . . .Jesus said, He who the son sets free is free indeed. What is this free? One who is free from the world is free to follow Christ. One who is free from the flesh is free to follow Christ. One who is free from sin is free to follow Christ. One who is free from his own will, is free to follow Christ. One who is bound to the world is not free. One who is bound to the flesh is not free. One who is bound to sin is not free. One who is bound to his own will is not free.

Seeing as every believer has been set free from all of these things, why are so many still under the cruel hand of scourging and chastening and have such difficulties? Because even though they are free, they are yet disobedient and follow after disobedience as though they are now of privilege and not of the burden of perfect righteousness that comes only from obedience. And that brings them under a cruel rod and a continual anger from GOD that they would remain bound in the world, in sin, and in disobedience, when they are now free, now having been given the power to cleanse every sin.

The scriptures say in Romans, while we were yet in bondage to sin, we were free from righteousness, and now that we are free from sin, we are bound to righteousness and now that we are unbound we are also yet bound, but as before we were slaves to sin, now are we slaves to righteousness and before the evil we could not stop doing, now we cannot do it, and before the good that we would do, we could not do. So now we cannot do evil and now we cannot not do good. That is salvation. That is being set free from evil and bound to righteousness.

Now, those born again cannot sin, as written, and those born not again cannot stop sinning. Those born again cannot follow after sin and those that are not born again do not nor can follow after righteousness. In other words, the conversion takes. The baptism takes. The vaccination for sin takes. It is like a man taking a vaccination and not getting the disease that he would surely die from without being vaccinated. If it takes it takes and if it does not take, it does not take.

When one follows freely, they are then set free from the law, from the binding authority and are free indeed. If the Word of GOD going into you Ďtakesí, you will follow and if not, you will not follow. Those that do not follow are yet under the hard taskmaster of discipline, scourging and the anger of GOD against their rebellions and disobediences. Your earthly father corrects your disobediences and rebellions, and make no mistake about it, your heavenly Father will all the more correct, chastise, judge, discipline, scourge and smite those who are rebellious and disobedient. If they do not follow after the Word, the Word will follow after them with scourging and chastisements.

We either love GOD or we do not love GOD. The only way to become born again is to follow after the Word and this word follow means, simply obey. For only in the obedience of the Word do we bear fruit of that obedience, as well as if we do not obey it, we shall bear the fruits of disobedience. The Word of GOD itself will either anger you and you commit sin in disobeying it, or it will cause you to want to obey it and save yourself and be set free from your own rebellions and sins. If it angers you, you are perishing in your sins and rebellions, and if the Word to you is as water to a man dying of thirst, you are being saved from sin and death and damnation.

Jesus always knew those who were perishing. They immediately became angry at the Word and at the truth. They were of their father, the devil because they were always angry, angry at obedience, angry at righteousness, angry. Anger cannot work righteousness. Jesus said, Blessed are those who are not offended at me. Those who are not angry at the Word shall be blessed by it. And those who are angry at the Word shall not be blessed.

Jesus was angry all the time and at many, many things. So we are not talking about Ďangerí as a sin, for all things can become sin no matter how holy all things are in the beginning, they can become defiled. It is where the anger is rooted that determines if it is sin or not. Jesus called it an unjustifiable anger, that anger that damns, and a man angry at obeying the Word of GOD is unjustifiably angry at GOD and despises Him and His Word.

Men were angry at Christís righteousness, angry at His works, angry at His power, angry at His following, angry at Him, jealously angry. Men were angry that men listened to Him. Men were angry at the anointing. Men are angry that people listen to those who are anointed and have followers, because of jealousy. People left the scribes and pharisees and followed after Christ. So the scribes and pharisees had to call Christ false in order to discredit Him and honour their own selves. People were following after Christ to try and determine if He were true or not. Yet Jesus was called a false prophet by the scribes and pharisees because He did not follow after them and submit to them. And yet Jesus first went to the temple, first presented Himself to the scribes and pharisees, and they knew Him not. They cast Him out. Jesus said, Follow Me as I follow after my Father. And likewise, do the anointed say, Follow me as I follow Christ. Yet men are consumed with a jealous anger at those who are possessors of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, calling them false. Those of flesh persecute those of the Spirit, as written.

The scribes and pharisees said to Jesus, Look at this temple. Look at what we have. Look at our works. Look at what we can offer to the people. Today, the church does the same thing, offering to the world, Look and see what we have done. Look at this building. Look at this ministry. Look at all of this following. And so people follow after that so that they do not have a responsibility to build it. It is already built. It is already paid for. It is already done. So the weak and the fearful flock to that great strong structure that is already done and paid for and they can just be a partaker therefore of everyone elseís sacrifices and dollars that have already paid for the great structures and faiths all around the world. They are not going to follow or build again. They do not want to have to do that. The Kingdom of GOD is spiritual, not carnal like these great structures that men flood to for safety.

As long as men keep preaching to people they are sinners, sinners, sinners, even long after they are no longer sinners but free men, free from sin and bondage, washed and purified and sanctified in the blood of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, they will keep coming and submitting under the bondages of having to work, work, work, somehow, to make right their being sinners. Seeing therefore that we are free and no longer bound, we come and go and find pasture, as written. We are now no longer sinners, but are free from sin, and one freed from sin no longer follows after sin but eschews it and casts it from him with every single thought. We now no longer go to church to be set free or because we are a sinner, but now we go as a member of GODís very body and Spirit, and we go to worship, not to be freed and sit there and wail and wail and wail to be delivered. GOD can trust a man that is free from sin with all things. A man who is not free from sin cannot be trusted with anything either carnal or spiritual.

Until our own will itself is destroyed and we have only GODís will in our hearts, we shall follow after sin and the world and the flesh. We can want to have GODís will with all our hearts and yet remain walking in the flesh because we are following after some other personís will rather than GODís will. It is this security thing. We want the security thing of life itself, a peace and safety net.

So if we want life, we will not nor can follow after GODís will which will destroy the life. We cannot take upon the new nature of Christ until we first shed the old nature of the flesh. We must first shed that old man of sin to take upon the new man of righteousness. One cannot put two shoes upon the same foot. People that try to do so literally take a dog and cat into the stomach with each one fighting to kill the other. They are a little miserable.

I know that Jesus lived and ministered too in the winter times as well as in the summer times, and that in the winter times He was not sitting on a mountain top in the snow preaching while the flakes were falling. He was in houses. Much of the gospel is written where Jesus was in peopleís houses. It may be that when Jesus sent out the apostles to go from house to house it was when it was cold and in the wintertime and they had to seeing as the gospel had no warm open fields to bring the people to, to minister to them.

People did not follow after Jesus because of this malady to them that He had no house, no temple, no place for them to come and find Him or worship anywhere, and no comforts from the cold, no house of GOD to enter into. They saw no earthly house of GOD in Christ Jesus. People were leaving the temple by the thousands to follow after this freedom Jesus preached, and the scribes and the pharisees saw their money, their influence, their following, their positions, all being dismantled by this sandaled, unclean preacher that was leading the people as a pied piper to leave the temple, hypnotizing them, spooking them, making them afraid of the church or temple at that time, Jesus calling the scribes and pharisees of the devil, snakes and scorpions, causing a rebellion against the temple. Jesus said concerning the scribes and pharisees, Do what they say, but not what they do. Jesus said, The only pure thing in the temple is the Word, the scriptures. Obey them but not the men who preach the Word, for they are unclean. They are bound. They are full of hypocrisy. They are the blind leading the blind.

You can trust the Holy Spirit to guard your salvation and to guide you into all righteousness. David said, He leadeth me in paths of righteousness for His nameís sake. Jesus when He washed the feet of the apostles said, You must every day allow me to cleanse your feet, to lead you into paths of righteousness. It is Jesus therefore whose voice you must heed, that washing of the feet. You must every day become a part of Him and He a part of you, by allowing Him to wash the sin from your feet. At the ending of every day, you go to Him in prayer and find out what needs to be washed off of your feet, the dirt, the sin that collected there. Now, tomorrow He should not have to wash off the same dirt. If every day you go to the LORD, every single day, and find what sin is there and what sin needs cleansed and by being cleansed, how can it remain or be there even on the second day? It cannot!

GOD cleanses you, and Christ cleanses you with the Word. That Word that you learn every day cleanses the inside as well as the outside of the body. If it is within why is it not obeyed? Now, we must never forget that we daily sin and can sin, for if we do, we shall sin and backslide and count the flesh righteous as having no need of daily obedience, daily washing. When we think the flesh is no longer a sinner, we walk in it deeming it righteous and we shall always sin, every day, without conscience and without guilt. Those that walk in the flesh cannot please GOD for the flesh is not righteous unless we make it obey righteousness.

To follow after the GOD of the flesh to make it feel good, is a serious capital offense against our souls. It says, those who cease from sin, suffer. So the flesh, it comes to a place in our salvation that it can become an idol, a righteous idol, and we give control back to the flesh because it has been purged or cleansed. But its tendency is always towards greeds and needs and jealousies. So every day we must even deny the righteous purged flesh its will back lest it enslave us all over again, and bring us again into bondage. When we are children, we are hungry and so we take what we want to eat because to us being hungry is righteous it being no sin to be hungry. So we are not aware we can sin in eating or being hungry by intemperances and gluttony and selfishnesses. When we are young we are passionate and do not deem sexual passion as sin so we partake of passion because we do not deem the flesh as evil or its desires as wicked.

Or we deceive ourselves that we intended to get married and did it for Ďloveí and the sake of Ďloveí and so under that guise the flesh did not do anything wrong. Or we deem it is a natural passion. Or we deem everyone does it. Or we deem it that GOD made us this way, so it is His fault. GOD made dogs get hungry too, but if that dog kills my chickens to eat, I am going to kill that dog.

Now, like GOD or GODís image, we are created with a conscience. The conscience is that capacity to love others. We are created freely to love or to hate, being of a created free-will. It is that conscience or love or that capacity to love others that causes us to therefore do what is right, and sin against no man nor GOD either. That is that conscience. Dogs do not have consciences. They are hungry and that hunger makes them angry, so they eat what they want or find to eat, having no conscience if they kill something to eat it.

A wolf does not hate a lamb to kill it and eat it. He is hungry. His hunger has made him angry so he has to kill the lamb to get rid of his hunger.

Now, Christ leads us into four paths, that first path being the love of His Father. After this, He will lead us into a path of works because of that love of the Father, if we have come to love the Father. Otherwise we shall forsake the works. Then He will lead us into the path of ministry, because of the love of the Father. Then He will lead us unto the path of righteousness. This is that path then, or that leading of Christ, or paths, as spoken of in David, not path but paths: love of the Father which leads to works, which leads to ministries, which leads to righteousness, in that order.

Love of the Father brings the love of works, the love of works brings the love of ministries, the love of ministries brings the love of righteousness. It all begins at the beginning in the love of the Father. If that beginning is not there, the love of the Father, any man strives after all or any of the other three in vain, for he will never achieve them. He will forsake his own soul and its salvation somewhere in the process. Those who do not love the Father fail at all things and overcome in nothing. Jesus kept stressing the love of His Father. All the apostles declared, Glory to the Father who gave the Son.

I have been trying for nine years to get three windows painted. GOD has given us the entirety of the building, and I have painting and odds and ends in every single area of the building that needs finished up. GOD does not mind our resting from our works, but He abhors a forsaking of them, a not returning to complete things we have been given to do. The hardest thing to do is stay on something till it is entirely finished, and harder yet to return to it once we go on to something else.

When we moved into the building we all tackled so many things, it being just a dirty old school house, all the ceilings and plumbing and wiring coming out a section at a time and re-studded and re-walled, insulated, and on and on and on. It did not even have a water heater let alone a shower. It had no heating, no cooling, and was filthy from top to bottom, it having been empty for years. It is one thing to keep all things moving and quite another to just not do or finish up a task once it has been assigned. Back to the windows, a sister was given three windows to do, to scrape them and paint them. She did not even do one. Another sister a few years later was given the very same three windows, already angry she was picking up someone elseís neglected work, and she did two of the three windows, angry all the time, angry the first sister did not help her and then simply in her anger left one to do for the sister who did none. The third one still undone, nine years later, given to a brother, and it is still also undone. Now we have three servants that love GOD? No! Else the first would have done it and then had helped the second labourer and then also helped the third. Also the second would have done also the three windows and the third labourer would have at least completed the one window. So we have three windows that accuse the labourers assigned to scrape and paint three lousy windows. And GOD can assign them other things? No! All the other tasks as well have been done through rebukes and angers and proddings and resentments, and finally, all three of these labourers have left the work. Too hard! Too difficult! Too menial! Two servants were given three windows to do. One did none. One did two. One servant was given but one, and he did it not. If one feels they are too good to do something, they are not good enough!

All those called to this ministry and work, hid in the excuse they did not know what was needed to be done. So I made lists of every single work and every single room and what was needing done. The list laid around for six months or so in full sight and a few things were done and crossed off of the list and the paper gathered dust and was finally thrown away, for every time I looked at it my anger had no where to go but eat up my insides and torment me with an unforgiving spirit. Without exception, this work stands in even the half hearted completion that it is because I have continually beaten every mule here and forced the yoke and the plow upon their very backs. Hirelings! The vineyard is full of hirelings that tire quickly and that sit down and that eat and drink and make merry, and then eventually leave the grapes to fall from the vines and perish.

An expensive exterior door is now being replaced because the sister that was given the work to paint it and water proof it did not do it, and the door rotted. A very expensive door simply rotted away. A hireling! She too is out in the world, and in the flesh, and as Paul lamented, all had left him because of their love of the world and the flesh, and he stood alone!

Those that do not love GOD, do not love the Father, never perfect works, or ministries, or righteousness either. Neither do they endure. They are not free. They never continued in the Word till they were free. Everyone is so very quick to say I am sorry and to voice all the things they have not done that they ought to have done, and all the while those same things, sit undone. They say, I love you. Forgive me. And go on their ways.

It is my love for the Father all these faithless servants hide in, for their own works are works of force, not willingly at all, but by force. They are here not because they believe, but because they hope to believe. They hope against hope that they will believe what they do not believe. If they truly believed in Christ, they would not have to be beaten to make them love Him through works. The scriptures say we are to provoke one another to good works. There are some mules that would let you beat them to death in the field before they will pull the plow. And then there are some that will plow and bide their time till they can kick you and put you down in the field. Jesus spoke about swine, and wolves, and goats, and hirelings, but not about mules. Unless He was speaking about all those idle workers in the market places standing behind their tables of merchandise hoping to sell some, eating, drinking, making merry, talking, prattling away with idleness their days. Or unless He was speaking about those whose love would grow cold.

I am trying to teach you how perfect is the will of GOD, and how perfectly perfect must those be who are called to fulfill it. GOD will not hold a man guiltless that takes His name in vain, a liar to his vow to the LORD. The will of GOD must be done on earth as it is in heaven, or spoken in heaven, or fulfilled on earth as it is spoken of in heaven, and then shall the Kingdom of GOD come. Those the Son sets free are free indeed!

When any cease to follow after the Son, they return to bondage and their freedom evaporates into nothing! Neither are those that escaped the yoke, yoked anywhere else, either. For Jesus said, Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of Me, for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. He did not say there was no yoke. He did not say there was no burden. The yoke of righteousness is easy and its burden light. The bondage of sin is heavy, and its yoke unbreakable!

And Jesus broke the unbreakable and freed those that were in bondage and they took that forgiveness, and took that mercy, and took that grace, and took that salvation, and then simply went back to living their lives, now living unburdened lives, yet they did not take the yoke nor did they take the burden! They lost the labour and the heavy laden spirit, and received freedom, and then spit in the eye of the GOD who delivered them. They would not be yoked to follow nor lift the burden He bore. Jesus said another thing. He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of GOD. If those who but look back do not receive the Kingdom of GOD, what of those who turn back, those who return back to their former lives, and more? These cannot again be brought to repentance as written. After having clean escaped the corruptions that are in the world, after having been set free, they themselves returned to bondage, unwilling to forfeit the life.

For GOD told Jonah to go to a specific town to preach a specific message! Jonah rebelled and would not do it. The calling of GOD was without repentance. GOD required it! You know the story! Jonah had to do what GOD told him to do, or die! GOD changes not. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! We obey, or we die!

266. On grapes and thistles . . . . . . It is not possible to gather grapes from thistle trees nor thistles from grape vines. A good tree, a tree of love bears fruits of love, and a tree of hatred bears thistles and thorns. Jesus said, It is not possible to gather love from a tree of hatred nor is it possible for a tree of love to do anything except continue to love and sacrifice itself until death.

A tree of hatred will not learn the discipline of lacking, and that will cause waste as well as buying unnecessary things. A tree of hatred is covetous and envious and jealous and is irritated by the smallest matters if overloaded by works and unattended praise. A tree of hatred is unhappy and unjoyful in poverty and in plenty, in sickness and in health, in rest or at work, sleeping or awake, always striving for phantoms in the darkness and illusions of greatness, nothing ever being perfect or adequate, and all things being worthless. All things are valued at first, and then unappreciated and counted as nothing or of little value. A tree of hatred is untruthful being unable to be responsible for decisions, unable to affirm or deny, to speak yes or no, and simply abide by the truth.

A tree of love understands that all things are purposed, all things are perfect, and all things are of GOD, and all things come from and return to Him, that love needs to make nothing perfect, nor re-make anything that GOD has already made perfect, nor change anything which He has made, nor seek to change anything or make it better, nor desire to be creating anything that GOD has already made perfect, for love finds peace in those things that it does, seeking not to excel but to do well, seeking not to be praised but to be abased, seeking not to be sought after but to be as a shadow of the Almighty passing over the souls of men that they might desire to be saved from the wraths of sin and destruction.

It is for certain that the Word of the LORD says that salvation will profit a man only if it brings the joy of eternal life into the soul, only if it brings the joy of the presences of the Father and the Son into the life, and only if it brings the fruits of righteousness and peace and joy that fruits off of the love of the Word itself in its fulness and complete humility of purpose. For it is written that one will either hate righteousness and love evil or love righteousness and hate evil, or he will come to hate righteousness and despise evil or hate evil and despise righteousness.

And it is written that the bitterness of salvation can defile the soul. And it is written, Be ye angry and sin not. And it is written, Be ye holy for I am holy. And it is written, without hesitation or thought, if a man loves GOD whom he sees not, let him also love his brother whom he sees.

For if the Word that comes unto men causes a man to hate both evil and good, despising even righteousness and all the while hating evil, being filled with nothing but hatred, he is good for nothing, but to be cast out onto the dung-hill having no savour of love. For a man filled with a hatred of all things and a despising of others, how can it profit the souls of men or save even a pig from the slop pen? For this man hating good even questions the good in others, despising even their goodnesses and their good works, always looking to find the evil, hating even the good, despising even the good, and coming to hate all things, being filled with nothing but hatred. If a man hates all things, even good and evil, why is it that he has come to this state and is filled with nothing but hatred? For in the beginning he loved iniquity, but in the ending not only despises righteousness but iniquity as well. What then does this one love? And what is the seeking of the heart seeing that it has no more a capacity to seek after love, there being no love to seek after?

And seeing as this soul judges everything after the flesh, what is the intent of the heart, the loves of the heart and the hates of the heart? And the mind, where does the mind dwell and what is the seeking of the flesh? For it is written, Happy is the man who trusts in the LORD. And it is written, Happy is the man who keeps the commandments of GOD that he may have right to eat of the tree of life. So if a man who keeps the commandments is happy and if the man who trusts in the LORD is happy, and one filled with hatred is unhappy and miserable and caught in the cares of the flesh and this life and this world, and despises the servancy of his life unto the truth and the gospel of peace, and is miserable beyond words and unhappy beyond words and finds no joy and no place or work in which to joy, is filled to overflowing with sorrows and miseries, he must not trust in the LORD nor does he obey the commandments of the LORD.

Now one cannot separate trust from obedience, for if one trusts he also obeys and if one obeys he is also trusting in that which he obeys. So if you find one who cannot trust, you also find one who will not obey or often disobeys because of having no trust. If one does not trust nor obeys, how then can he be filled with joy, or with the presence of the LORDS of heaven seeing as through trusting obedience do they come and abide and bring their joy and peace and understanding even in the midst of the grave and death itself?

The Word of the LORD is trustworthy, for that which was spoken in the beginning when broken, brought to pass the trustworthiness of GOD in that which GOD spoke. In the day ye eat of it, ye shall die! In disobedience is retribution, and if in disobedience is retribution, also rewards are in obedience. Trust in retribution and trust in rewards is the same trusting, for one cannot be separated from the other, for He who said, In the day ye eat of it ye shall die, also said, He who liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.

Now, we come back to the question why does a man become filled with hatred and despising both evil and good, righteousness and iniquity, that he loves no one and what is the reason in this life why he has come to this place? Because the commandment is to love, not to be loved! And those that are filled with hatreds and despisings only, despise the only commandment that saves, love GOD with all your heart, mind and soul, and your neighbour as yourself. Therefore, if a man is filled with hatreds, has he obeyed this commandment or not, to simply, love? A soul filled with demandings to be loved is that soul that is filled also with hatreds and despisings and loves no one, nothing, no purpose, and certainly, no GOD. The soul that trusts GOD and obeys GOD, is filled with love for GOD.

So then a soul that is filled with miseries and untold hatreds and despisings, of good and evil alike, is filled to overflowing with a lust of life and the lust of the flesh that demands to be loved. In all manners it demands to be appreciated, to be loved, to be served, to be exalted, to be received, to be pampered, all rooted in the demanding to be loved. Now, one cannot serve two masters. They must serve the master to love, or the master to be loved. One master will not bow to the other master. You cannot serve the GOD of the Spirit, to love, and the god of the flesh, to be loved. You will come to hate the one and love the other or come to despise the one and hate the other. But you cannot love both. You can despise and hate both, but you cannot love both.

This fearfulness and this necessity to be loved, how it enslaves those who despise the hard, narrow way of life. To be loved is not being in possession of life. To love, that is being in possession of life. For it is written, We have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren.

One cannot outrun their own self. Facing retribution for sin does not convert anyone, else Adam and Eve could not have disobeyed GOD seeing as the consequences were so grave. The love of GOD converts and the fear of GOD opens up the spirit to see the truth. Retribution hardens, and does not convert. If you spank a righteous child, he will become all the more righteous. If you spank an unrighteous child, he will become all the more evil. The same retribution in one created righteousness and the same retribution for the same offense created in the other more hardening and more evil.

The same rain water waters a tare that waters a wheat. The same sun warms the tare that warms the wheat. The same righteousness and goodness and love of GOD gives life to the tare as well as the wheat, yet the tares shall be gathered and burned and the wheat taken into His garner. A wheat cannot become a tare and a tare cannot become a wheat. It is all in the seeding, the rooting. A virgin is a wheat at birth and will root into herself a tare if she commits whoredoms. A tare, born a tare, is not likely to root into herself a wheat stalk, rather loving being a tare. But a virgin, born a wheat, knows when she has lost her soul and has a door of repentance opened to her in her life-line or inheritance of being born a wheat in the beginning. But the tare, rather taking advantage of her life-line or her heritage to blame others for her condition, will not likely desire to become a wheat or in other words, be celibate all her lifetime unless she marries in the LORD, or in the will of the LORD. For when we take upon a calling in Christ, even salvation, which is a calling, we wed that calling for life. It is not a try and see salvation, or a try and see if we do not like it depart salvation, or a maybe Iíll stay or come back if I desire to salvation, but right from the beginning it is a commitment unto death salvation, and a calling unto death calling, and a calling unto death righteousness.

We must endure to the ending of our lives, in the life that Christ has appointed to us, in the calling, the anointing, the life, the labours, the works, the all things, the perfect will of GOD for us, being salvation. The heirs of salvation may fail a thousand times, but they shall rise up a thousand and one times and shall make it through their salvations. But the wicked, the tares, will fail but once, and delight in the failing and remain in the falling and shall not rise up, they rather loving iniquity.

And from the trees of unrighteousness, you will gather thorns and thistles, pain, sorrows, bickerings, jealousies, disobediences, envies, backbitings, troubles, divisions, and rebellions. There will be no peace in the house that holds both thistles and grapes, and where there is division and strife and thistles and thorns, and no peace, love cannot abide nor grow nor flourish nor even fruit. Its branch is continually being cut off at the ground where it cannot survive but will itself perish. Even those that abide in love midst the thorns and thistles shall be divided by strifes. Therefore, abide in the vineyard, where there are no thistles and no thorns. Cast from you the discord sowers and let the house come back to peace that love might flourish, and those that are born of love might be knit into the full stature of Christ. Let the thistles and thorns come to their senses in the pig pen!

271. On the enemies of GOD . . . . .I am not ignorant of menís hatred toward me for the gospelís sake, nor ignorant of their devices, nor ignorant of their pits to snare me, and my words, and all those who believe, for those closest to me have taught me well, and those near and far have opened my eyes to understand the treacheries of the human heart. It is the robe of the suffering of Christ that all believers must wear. Yet shall the earth bow to that name of Christ Jesus and to all who are cloaked with His white raiment. The enemies of GOD shall in our generation put their knees into the dust, and eat the dung they have fed to others. Goliaths standing upon great mountains fall with but a single stone. And GOD shall have His Davids, and His Kingdom, and His prophets, and His servants, and His saviours come upon the world that shall save all nations from the destruction of the great Goliath and all his armies. He shall still be slain with but a single stone, and his head be wounded unto death, as written. Gen. 3:14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, (the devil, the beast) Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Certainly GOD is not speaking of Eve, nor of Eveís seed. GOD is speaking of a woman, the Woman, and her seed, that One who is to appear in the ending of the world, she bringing forth a Manchild that shall crush satanís head. And so we watch for Her, and for Her Manchild, and for Her seed. We watch for the female fig. And we watch for her river of life! And we watch and pray as commanded. Now we would not be commanded to watch if we were not going to see something, and see someone, and see come to pass Revelation 12, would we? And so we are a watch, and we may be the fourth watch, not the first, nor the second, nor the third, for those watches did not see the fruit, as written, the fruit, the coming to pass of Revelation, but we may be living in the fourth watch in which the Manchild shall come and Goliath shall be given to the fire. And so we watch, and we pray, as commanded!

275. On the pillars of fire . . . .Those that overcome shall be pillars in the temple, as written, anointed pillars of fire. GOD visits His children with visions and dreams, and some of the amazing things that literally happen carnally to those who are called into the Kingdom of GOD, stagger the mind and make one stand in awe. If men stand in awe of the moon and a man walking on the moon, what of those things that are spiritual? those awesome and incomprehensible things? those incredible things?

For my thoughts go to my childhood memories of there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And as I grew up, and came to a knowledge of the scriptures, the LORD says He will not destroy the earth again by flood, that as long as the earth remains there shall be sowing and harvesting and seedtime and harvest times, and summer, and springtime and winter and fall, and He set the rainbow in the clouds for us to know that He shall keep His promise. And we must remember that he said, As long as the earth remains. Yet GOD has declared also in His Word that on a certain day time would end and its travail with man and the rains cease to fall, and that the heavens would close up and cease to rain, that in the days of the ending, judgment would close the heavens that they rain not. And when it rains not, there is no rainbow in the clouds to remind GOD of His promise. GOD declared the earth would cease to spring forth its seeds of life and that men would become as the dust of the earth. And man has always said, at the ending of the rainbow sits a great unclaimed pot of gold.

Now we are coming to the ending of the rainbow covenant in the clouds that declared GOD would not destroy again the earth and every living thing by a flood. He shall purify it with fire, and purge it of all iniquity with fire. And the drying up of the earth readies it for kindling, here and there, and in divers places. And in Revelation we see that this great angel has around His head, a rainbow. And out of this purifying of the earth by fire, and during this time of the fires, fires burning out of control, fires everywhere, fires here, and fires there, works being burned up, churches being burned down, fires, everywhere, man-made and GOD made, we hear the words, I counsel of you to buy of me gold tried in the fire.

During this time there shall be a great dividing, and separating, and sorting, and sifting, and the truth shall emerge and flow forth in the earth from the falling of the Holy Spirit all over the earth to purify the souls of men and to judge the earth and to set one here for saving and one here for burning, one here for salvation and one here for damnation. A great reaping is going on during the fires, and the purifying of the earth by fire, both the wicked harvest being prepared and the righteous harvest being prepared, and during this great outpouring of GODís Spirit, the holy will be holy and the wicked shall be wicked and there shall be a great division between the evil and the good, the holy and the wicked, for the same pouring forth of the Holy Spirit will not only wash the righteous that they become more righteous, but it will encite the wicked that they do wickedness still and even more wickedness, the powers of the heavens being shaken.

What powers are in the heavens but the powers of darkness that enslave the world? They shall be shaken! So we know that the gold is in the earth because of the purifying fires that are everywhere in the earth, in every nation, and country and tongue and people, fires, everywhere, and everywhere there is judgment, and bundles of the wicked tied together for burning, and gatherings of the righteous in barns.


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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Seven Of Nine
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