The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2012
Book Six of Nine

Excerpts From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Six Of Nine
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

A tidbit .. .. .. .. .. Are you thinking of judging GOD? Judge not lest ye be judged is also in effect downward from the heavens as it is earthward toward men.

248. On promises . . . . When our love of GOD fails us, then our love toward men also dies, and then our forgivenesses toward men also die, and so in the ending of our faith, so do our salvations die when we no longer love GOD, for we no longer keep His commandments, and those trespasses against us overthrow us.

So satan can overthrow us by having people sin against us time and time and time again until even those we love we come to hate because of the continual pains of their transgressions against us that so destroys our capacity of forgiving love. Now, love of GOD secures all our forgivenesses, and all our obediences to the Word of GOD, but when we cease to love GOD for whatever reasons that devastate that love, we also shall cease to love His promises. Promises . . . . .who can continually stand upon only promises?

And I believe GOD in His proving our faith, takes us to the point of saying, Why have you not kept your Word? As with Job and with Christ alike, there comes that why? Without the promises, we cannot endure, and without the promises we have no strength or caring to even try to endure.

When the children left Egyptís bondage, they left on but promises, following but promises, and for forty years wandered in those promises, and came up against the promised land and angered GOD by their unbelief, and GOD did not keep His Word to them because they angered Him or sinned against him. Now, GODís forgiving grace at that moment failed GOD Himself, because GOD had ceased to love His own people.

Israel from the beginning continually angered GOD and fell under His wrath. When they crucified Christ, He again rejected them for the promised Kingdom just as He did the promised land of Canaan, and the Kingdom was taken from them. Even Moses died not receiving the promised land. Even Jesus died, having no sin whatsoever, never also having received the promises. And to this day He has yet to receive the promise, the promise of receiving His Kingdom!

GOD rebuked the children of Israel in the wilderness, because He did not want the then known world to know what a GOD He was in severity, lest they hate Him. Now, we have a GOD that is purposely causing men to despise Him so He can destroy them without conscience. He does not hide his wrath but openly shows His hatred and His angers at iniquity. If He can make men hate Him and sin against Him, He can also destroy them without conscience. Because of conscience, GOD the Father sent Christ Jesus into the world as an innocent Lamb led to the slaughter, crucified on Golgotha.

For though GODís love flowed in blood on Calvary, I see His hatred and wrath from the beginning of time in the earth, and I see written in the scriptures His ending wrath and hatred towards men, those who have despised Him, His Son, His people, and His righteousness.

I have continually dealt with people in this ministry that put me in a place of rejecting them, casting them out, so that they could reject me and hate me in return and have no conscience toward me, just judgments and blame and name calling, they being only lovers of the loaves and fishes, hating both the burdens of the cross and the burdens of their own salvations, and one who despises their own crosses and their own burdens, care little for the saving of others. These want to eat, drink, and be merry and married, caring nothing for the Kingdom of GOD and its denials, crosses, burdens, and sufferings. The way is just too, too hard, straight, narrow and difficult. Yet, I always remain with my conscience toward them for it rests in my salvation, this conscience, and my salvation rests in Christ.

GOD yet has a conscience toward Christ, toward Golgotha, so His hatred, His wrath, and His destruction is tempered with mercy and with love. It will be a fearful day when GODís love so turns to hatred, all flesh will come up before Him for wrath. For hatred binds itself by no Word. So when GODís love has turned to hatred, hatred is no longer bound by its Word, seeing as it finds excuse or justification in hatred to break promises. For GOD says the days of vengeance shall be shortened or no flesh would be saved. All men would turn to despise Him, even His own elect if He did not shorten the days of wrath.

Promises are for us to continue on till we achieve the fruit or the promise come to pass. One cannot live on a promise, but must. For a promise of a drink of water or a loaf of bread will come to death if not given in time to provide life. So promises also that do not materialize also bring death, eventually. So when the apostles said to Christ, we have given all things, and forfeited all things, what is our reward, is still the cry of human flesh upward. For Christ made also many, many promises to His apostles, as GOD has promised many, many things through the Spirit. And we also cry, When are these promises coming to pass that we have a lifting of our afflictions? When the promises come to pass, I too can say, GOD is not slack in His promises.

GOD is yet to fulfill the promises to John, and Daniel, and Ezekiel, and the prophets who are dead, dead, dead, needing no fulfillment of their promises, seeing as they are dead. We are living. We need the fulfilling of His living promises because we need the substance of those promises.

Parents need to be ashamed of themselves that allow the filths of their children, the make-up overly used, the hair overly standing on end which is against scripture, the music they listen to, the filths in their rooms, the habits of uncleannesses. All the sins of the children are laid upon the parents with shame. They should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these children to be formed into the molds of unclean habits, evil music, pride of the flesh, and dishonour in the Spirit.

GOD should be ashamed for those things he allows men to do. Parents need to be ashamed for the things they allow their children to do. It has everything to do with love. For in the old testament, GOD did not allow Israel to do those same things the Gentiles do, because He loved them. When GOD no longer loves men, He allows them to do those things of damnation that He might damn them without conscience.

When parents do not love their children, that shame of not loving their children is shown by their never disciplining them for their sins. GOD has now entered into wrath and judgment, not chastisement. One is love. One is hatred. I am hated and despised by men for being severe, whereas those that are ashamed to be severe, are loved. So the more I love the more I am hated, for love is shown in severity and scourging. Now, GOD no longer scourges the earth for the purpose of causing repentance, for man has become so corrupted, GOD does not want men to repent. He wants to damn them for He no longer loves them. For GOD so loved, He gave Christ, now what?

I cannot hurt GOD. I cannot overthrow GOD. I have no power against such a being. He could blink His eyes and I would be as though I never was. It is because I cannot war Him that I can contend with Him, knowing that fearfully He can spit me out as if He were spitting out a piece of rotted meat. When men call GOD wicked and no longer consider GOD a holy GOD, then GOD has the problem, not men. When the evil toward men becomes so severe from GOD, that men are more righteous in their evils than GOD in His righteousnesses, then GOD has a severe problem because He has allowed His own love and righteousness to be overthrown by wicked men till He has become as they and greater. Now that shall make GOD all the more intense toward man to do evil. For it does that to me. I am so weary and angry and depleted of love, forgiving grace, and strength toward the goats in my midst, that they have literally caused me to despise what they have made me become in my angers, and my intensities of judgments. And they are now judged not to cause repentances, but to confirm their iniquities and sins. Whereas before they were judged to cause repentance that they might change and be converted and saved, now they are judged to prove their damnations. And this makes me angry, angry and consumed with a violent anger at the knowledgeable transgressions that show their hatred of Christ and His righteousness.

Now, GOD can consume His enemies, and slay His enemies, yet He commands me to forgive and forgive and be consumed by my enemies. GOD can forgive His enemies and yet retains the power over their every breath. And what man can hold GOD in his hand or break GODís arm or poke out GODís eye? So GOD, being the power and the glory and the vengeance of wrath, causes men to despise Him for His angers and wraths.

Now, I am for intensities of judgments and wraths upon sin and disobediences and hatreds toward GOD. But when men love GOD, and there are many who worship GOD in truth and holiness, are chastened and scourged and treated as those GOD despises, I challenge my own understanding of why, GOD? What am I missing here? Could it be that He beats His own children because of His anger at Golgotha, and could it be that he scourges His children because of His attempt to make someone pay for Golgotha?

There are those formed into the image of His own Son that no longer deserve His hatred and His chastisements, but now deserve to be brought back into the Fatherís house and robed in splendour and jeweled and given the inheritance of the Kingdom of GOD. The heirs of the Kingdom are appearing on the earth and they have right, literal right, to His kept promises.

And of course where am I to go? For I could kill myself a thousand times and He raise me up a thousand times to life and then kill me Himself in anger and hatred. So as David, where can I go to hide from His presence? For in hell He is there and in the highest pinnacle of space is He there all the more. So where can I hide from the face of GOD that is larger than a thousand earths?

When I see some brethren also, more wicked and more a liar than the world, then I am discontented also with the efforts at trying to save menís souls. When I see the brethren more wicked than the wicked, then I too become as angry as GOD and as hateful and as unforgiving. For GOD to allow men to do those things they do, I am judgmental and fear being struck by lightning in my travailing against such a mighty One. Why does GOD provoke such hatreds from men who would otherwise love Him? For I would love Him without all the anger from His mouth and all the chastisements. I love Him in spite of them, but not because of them. Maybe GOD is tired of being loved for the loaves and fishes alone. Maybe GOD is weary of being loved for gifts, and not for Himself. Maybe GOD is more weary than I am about everything and all things. And maybe GOD is just simply full of wrath toward a world that has rejected Him and not only rejected Him, but despises Him, and not only despises Him, but all the more loves iniquity, sin, lusts, and perversenesses.

For GOD took the burden and responsibility for sin because He was the author of the original law that said thou shalt not, and in the day you do, you shall die. And GOD gave Christ. GOD sacrificed Christ to say to all flesh, I am sorry! In conscience and for conscience sake, GOD gave us Christ, and in Christ, forgiveness. We eat of the tree of evil, and in Christ GOD gave us back the tree of life to eat of, that we perish not. But that sacrifice has been spurned, rejected, and despised in the earth, and now men are responsible for their own hatred, and their own disobediences, and their own rejections of salvation and we now have a GOD that is consumed with fury and that shall destroy all the universes unless there is found something to heal that hatred, that pain, and that anger.

Who can argue with GOD and say go? or come? or stand by me? How could the children of Israel accuse an Almighty GOD who put them in the ground in death? How can I accuse and win the battle? I cannot. It is still all up to GODís righteousness if man has not destroyed all of that, and whether GOD even cares anymore if He is esteemed in the earth by those creatures that He has made.

Seeing that GOD alone can give life, I shall serve Him dutifully and not fail Him all the days of my life. Through His hatreds toward me, His broken promises, His unworthy chastisements where there are no chastisements earned, through all of His scourgings for righteousness sake without sin, I shall serve Him and lay down my life to Him in hopes that I shall be given life eternal. What child would love his own father if that father beat him mercilessly for no cause? I can understand why a woman would continue to love a husband that beat her, out of fear, out of hoping that her love would cause him to cease beating her. I can understand it. For I am no child. As Job said, Though He slay me yet shall I trust in Him. And Job said, In my flesh in the latter day shall I stand upon the earth and behold Him. We live, and move and have our being in promises, and die in promises. And if we die in promises, we shall also live in those very same promises in which we die.

I shall selfishly pursue eternal life because I want to live. Our love for GOD can die and then what shall sustain our salvations? I am convinced that I must obey His Word even if I come to despise Him for He is life and there is no life without Him. And salvation is in obedience alone. For if Adam and Eve had obeyed His Word, none would have ever died. But they did not. GOD did not ask them then to love Him, only to obey Him. So then, GOD requires obedience that He might be obedient to return His promises that are earned by obedience. For it is written, After we obey, after we have done the will of GOD, we receive the promises and the fruits of them, and our rewards.

It is written, for GOD so loved the world that He gave His only Son. In Christ did GOD love the world. The world is not in Christ, and therefore it has forfeited GODís love toward it and brought not only His hatred upon it but His wrath. There is only hope in Christ. And GOD the Father will keep His promises to Christ, and those therefore that are in Christ are in the promises. We are inheritors of the promises through Christ and in Christ. It is Christ that is the promise keeper, and it is Christ that shall have the promises kept to Him by His Father. Therefore, hide yourselves in the blood of Christ that the Father in His wrath against all iniquity shall see the blood over you and have the angels of death pass over you in judgment. GOD the Father has a promise to keep to Christ Jesus, and we are covered in that promise to Christ if we continue, if we obey, and if we endure to the end. There is no life apart from Christ. There is no promise apart from Christ. Jesus said, I am the resurrection, and I am the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.

249. On the image of GOD . . . . .Concerning the love of GOD, or GODís love, John said, If a man walks in hatred, he is blinded and knows not where he is going. So we see that that is an irrefutable spiritual law, of the which GOD Himself is subjected to and now that he is consumed with His anger, and consumed with His hatred, He is blinded, and does not know any longer that He is absent of love and has none for the earth, nor man, nor anything of it. For Revelation should shatter the hearts of all the living to see and read and understand the hatred, the wrath, and the anguish stored up in the heart of GOD. Pain and sorrow and continually having to forgive sin and transgression can cause one to become so filled with bitterness they themselves become totally collapsed and empty of mercy and love and forgiveness. So the laws GOD has laid down for us, not pertaining to those laws Himself, He being GOD, being without sin, has become injured and brought under the curse of His own Word that has filled Him with hatred and anger and wrath out of control. This would make Him all the more be filled with wraths and hatreds when He is in pain now not from manís sins toward Him, but from His own angers, His own wraths, and the pains of His own hatreds. GOD Himself cannot escape the destiny of His own Word which says, A man who hates His brother walks in darkness and knows not where he is going.

Man being made in GODís image also likens GOD to man, subject to all the pains, anguishes, angers, hatreds, sorrows, sufferings, and agonies of soul. If men received no recompense for their sins, they would continue in them, forever. If a man is not confronted with his sins, he will not repent. If a man is full of his own self and his own self-will and his own self-righteousness and his own self-rules of judgment, he is also made prey to his own nature that can cause him to transgress through his own will being not governed by any one elseís will, he being a god unto his own self.

Somehow, those on earth who love GOD and worship Him and understand His anguish and His sorrow and His pain, must reach into His heart with a balm of healing that He might turn His hatred from the earth and His vengeance and wrath from her destruction. GOD must be reached somehow in his tower of pain and hatred and darkness and blindness, that His Word established on the earth in the blood of His own Son, is inescapable for even His own self, it being divine and because He is divine does not mean He cannot fail to obey His own Word. We as men put down words and laws all the time and command others to obey what we do not, and the Word of GOD says, we shall be judged for judging those things others do and we do the same things ourselves, and we shall be judged ourselves for those things we judge others for. So GOD, when GOD finds Himself doing the very same things He is going to eternally damn all that do the very same things, GOD must either forgive all men because He is the same as they, or change Himself and be filled once again with a forgiving love toward men and this world and save it.

Since I am born of His love and born of love, I love, and I forgive all men their trespasses, for that is what love does. Now, when GOD no longer forgives trespasses, He therefore no longer loves, and has come to hate all men. John prophesied this hatred, this GOD that would come face to face with earthís iniquities, and the fires of hell that burn so hot against heaven. Though Christ be preached, men remain uncleansed. Though the name of Christ is shouted from every mountain, yet do men remain in sin. Though the name of Christ is taught unto every living soul, men do not cleanse themselves. Why?

GOD repented of the law and the curse of the law and death, and sent Christ to be an atonement unto men, He reconciling not only men to Himself but Himself to men, and now He finds that that agony of His soul that was forfeited up on Golgotha for the sins of the world, is as before Christ and more, He being in agony of soul, in sackcloth of sorrow, and filled with explosive wrath. How is GOD to be entreated to turn from His wraths and His hatreds?

John said, GOD is love and in GOD is no darkness. GOD is only light. Yet, we see in the Scriptures another Word that says in the days of the ending, it would be neither light nor darkness, in other words, a lukewarm state, even in the heavenlies, that all things are lukewarm, neither being hot nor being cold. So it is no wonder we sit in our houses of flesh so tormented by a GOD who has His face turned away from us. Of course in Johnís day, there was only light, for the power descended to lay down the church in the earth, and was full of power, full of light, and in GOD there was only love when He sowed in the earth His church that was supposed to ransom souls from the pit and was supposed to cause men to heal the heart of GOD by their love towards Him.

So in the sacrifice of Christ was the heart of the Father healed from His own sufferings and condemnations, charged unto Him by His own self, and not from mankind, and the Father poured forth this love unto men in the outpouring of the Spirit, and the gifts in the churches to this day even that we have from GOD are because His gifts and callings are without repentance.

Seeing as GOD therefore disciplined His own self concerning His own self, charging Himself with transgression, righted that transgression, sending Christ from heaven, heaven needing to fulfill the sacrifice for GOD, seeing that the earth could not sacrifice for GOD, that GOD had to provide from heaven His own sacrifice for transgression, He included in that sacrifice also the forgiveness of men, seeing that if so great a sacrifice cleansed the Almighty, cleansed heaven, who is man that he could not receive also cleansing from sin and satan seeing as Christ delivered GOD the Father even from the hatred of satan that caused such evil in the earth? So the price was paid for the Almighty and for all of mankind for all sin, in Christ. Christ not only was the sacrifice for sin, was not only the atonement for the sins of the world, but in Christ was the broken heart of the Father in heaven unburdened and set free from His own condemnation of both the law, and of the flooding of the earth that slayed all but eight souls. He could pay no greater a cost than the life of His own dear Son to say to the world how much He loved the world and how much He desired to be reconciled to all men.

Now, once was Christ laid down as a sacrifice for sin, for GODís judgment of His own self and for mankind. Therefore, in the old testament, mankind was forgiven through the sacrifice of animals for GOD could not sacrifice or condemn men seeing as He needed Himself His own court of justification, which was Christ Jesus. Now . . . . . .now . . . .since Christ, the Father being innocent, He having paid the price dearly for His own judgment of His own self, He taking the responsibility of the law upon His own self, and the fall, and the sins of the world, though He was innocent, is now filled up with righteous wraths toward man, having done no sin that was not already washed away in Christ. The garden was washed away. The flood was washed away. In Christ was the Father throned again in judgment against men, and all the more so in Christ seeing as Christ was the atonement also for the sins of the world. So Christ prayed, Father let this cup pass, but if it cannot pass, thy will be done, Father, not mine. So the Father had to give the Son that He Himself would stand before a world and a universe, innocent in His own eyes, He paying His own ransom. And now His righteous cup of wrath is full, and His heart is empty.

Now what, seeing as the earth is filled with death from sin? Seeing as Christ was sacrificed for sin, why is the world more filled with sin and wickedness than hell itself? For in Christ is the Father sitting back in judgment of men and menís sins, whereas before it was in the hands of the prophets, and in the hands of men, and the priests of the law. That was the law of sin and judgment that was done away with in Christ, that law of the priestís judgments. Now, the judgment for sin is GODís in Christ. Now is the earth back under the Mighty ruling and judgmental hand of GOD the Father.

Now, when it says that GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, GOD so loved His own healing from His own pains of condemnation that caused Him to sacrifice such a great sacrifice to heal His own self of His own pains and condemnations for the sins of the world, taking the blame upon His own self for all of its transgression, He Himself coming to the earth in the form of Christ Jesus. He Himself suffered every suffering with Christ, and in Christ. Christ came and died, not only for you and me, but also for His Father, that the Father in Him would be reconciled to men. So then, all who believe in Christ, the Father loves, for those who receive that sacrifice of sin that so crucified even the Father, His anger having caused Him to destroy every living thing in the flood, that same sin that the flood did not wash away for sin remained in Noah still passing down to every generation, neither the sacrifice of Christ wash away, sin and death still remaining in the earth to this day, what is to cleanse this world of death, of sin, of sickness, of disease, and of satan?

Are we to come to all of these understandings of the pains and torments of GOD before He will listen, before He will hear us, before He will deliver the earth from its bondages? Christ came and died to heal His own Father, that in Golgotha mercy could pour itself into the world through the Son. It is a hard truth. Who would believe it? Christ was a sacrifice therefore, not only for your sins and my sins, but for GOD Himself, that GOD would forgive His own self, and that man would forgive Him also. Now, woe unto any man who does not forgive GOD, for the sacrifice was paid, paving the way for man to also be forgiven without wrath in Christ.

So Christ died in bloodshed on Golgotha, to deliver His Father from hatred of mankind. Christ died to impart to us His divine nature of forgiving love that GOD might also then love us and forgive us and not lay His wrath upon us.

GOD has tried from the beginning of time to love man. But there is nothing good in man to love, literally nothing. When GOD therefore entered into flesh in Christ Jesus, He saw the creation that He had made from the inside out, and despised what the will of man is. For from the heart comes all kinds of wicked thoughts, adulteries, hatreds, murders, lyings, thieveries, covetousnesses, perversenesses, so GOD destroyed even the flesh of Christ, even His own self, and the same flesh shall not inherit the Kingdom of GOD, for the flesh of men, the flesh of all mankind, GOD despises. Flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of GOD. Those that inherit the Kingdom shall have a changed flesh, a changed body. The corrupted must put upon incorruption.

So GOD and all flesh have come to the ending of this world as it now is, with the Lamb having been slain and all the sins yet remain, and GOD is faced with increased wraths and hatreds far beyond that which destroyed the earth with the flood, of the which in that anguish and sorrow caused GOD to sacrifice Christ to cleanse from His own self His own judgment, with the hope that lay in Christ to deliver the earth from the curses of sin, and from sin itself. Though Christ was raised from the dead, the tomb of Golgotha still abides in death, for sin and death rules all flesh and all flesh dies.

Now, if GOD still has a spark of that divine love within His painful soul and broken heart and tormented mind, He will want to save men and want to save the world and it is this want that we must appeal to. For His hatred we cannot begin to accuse. His anger we know is justified. And His love being dead we cannot bring back to life. But we can, because GOD is as a man, and man as GOD, entreat His wants. GOD wants to become what He once was. GOD wants to Himself be saved from His own wraths and angers and the hatreds and the pains of His own nature that has been transformed from love to hatred by this wicked earth and all of its inhabitants. How the dead must fear and tremble as they see an eternity before them and the fires coming down. How the graves must tremble with the waking dead only to awaken to a GOD that shall damn them after once telling them they were stored up for salvation. For hatred cannot save anything. Hatred destroys everything in its path, and GODís mind is now filled with a tormented grief and hatred. That hatred has come from His harlot church that so disgraces His righteousness in the earth.

For if GOD decided to make all things null and void and with just the snap of His fingers caused the earth to disintegrate into a vapour, who is there to argue with Him? How is GOD to escape all the vows he has made unto the living and the dead? Are the living and the dead saints that believe going to suffer as though Christ never died? It is GOD now who has it in His hatred to make the cross of Christ and the blood of Golgotha just a worthless gesture of little meaning. For even the love of the Father toward Christ must fail that Christ will not receive either the promises to Him of His Kingdom, and His seed, and His children that He came and purchased with His own blood. And GOD is sovereign. The earth does not know the meaning of that word, sovereign. Christ shall forever sit at His Fatherís right hand of power, seated in eternal life. Yet, He Himself said while in the flesh, Will I find any faith on earth when I return?

GOD so hated and despised satan, He placed him in the garden of Eden as a lovely creature, supposing that Adam and Eve would make a mockery of satan and declare their righteousness and obedience toward their creator. They did not and sinned. Then along comes Job, and satan tempted GOD with Job until GOD tested Job, though Job was found to be without sin. GOD laid on Job all things horrible, even taking him to the door of death, he sitting on the ground scraping his sores and the boils that covered him from head to foot. Yet what failed in the garden of Eden did not fail in Job. Yet in the flood sin was not washed away and satan still ruled in the hearts and minds of men. And then came Jesus, tempted by satan, tried by satan, tested by satan, even crucified by satan, all to show the Father that flesh and blood can overcome, and can become formed in His very own image of righteousness, love and truth. Yet, iniquity abounds, does it not? And love is cold, is it not?

And Christ Himself being lesser than the Father has one petition, for what can our Lord Jesus say? Father look at this servant who is faithful. Father, here is one. Father, there is another. Father there are some in the earth. Must you hate them all? Cannot you love whom is to be loved and hate whom is to be hated? So that is Christís petition and that is mine also. Father hate whom you will hate and love whom you will love, but make the difference, for there are those to hate and intensely hate and with wrath destroy, and there are those to love and intensely love, and save.

So then, GOD hated Adam and Eve from the beginning, and said, If they turn to him whom I hate, them shall I hate also. So GOD pre-determined to hate man whom He had made if they turned to satan. GOD saw Jacob and Esau in the womb, yet while in the womb, hated the one and loved the other. While they were yet forming in the womb, GOD loved one and hated the other. For GOD could see in the womb Esau hating Jacob, and when they were born, they both fought for the birth canal, from birth one hating and the other loving.

GOD hides in shame His face from His people. GOD hides in shame His hindside that causes Him to smell the decay of His own love. GOD hides His own shame within His own glory as new worlds explode in works so that He says, I am great. So GOD as man in sorrow and darkness, and hatreds, consumes Himself with those things He creates that He does not feel His shames and his darknesses. But at the ending of each day, there is still the earth spinning off in the distance and the remembrance of her crying dead and her seeping caverns of crying spirits, for cries drift up to the heavenlies on the winds of life. But GODís heart longs for those He has loved. GODís heart longs for His Word to be exalted in the earth. GOD longs for the victory to be His. GOD longs for the earth to become that which it was in the garden. GOD longs with a painful frustration to touch down upon the leaves so new with dew, His foot, His Manchild, His portion of hope for His own self to be renewed in love for the world and for men. So GOD shall send the Manchild into this earth that so intensifies His pains with every thought, for the place that has been prepared for Him His own heart could not bear to disallow. For when He determined to dig and dung and prune and water, coming once again seeking fruit, He determined in Himself there would be no fruit, and now when there is fruit found, He knows not what to do in His own anguish. For an honest man will grit his teeth and say, I am sorry. An honest man will clench the fist and say, forgive me. But a proud GOD does not come down easy to do what He despises to do, give yet another Son to the world. For He deemed He would never have to give another Son, seeing as there would be no fruit. But there is fruit. There is abiding fruit, abundant fruit, holy fruit, surprising fruit. And so, now, what to do with the fruit? Hide it in death? Disgrace it in the earth that it perishes and bears nothing? Tarry so long the fruit perishes? Now what? For GOD has found the fruit. Now what?

For there were three watches, three outpourings, three preparations that bore no fruit, and into each watch did the angels descend and found no fruit, did the Father Himself descend and found no fruit, and yet He consented in the blackest of hopes deep within His own love of His Son, Jesus, to pour forth a fourth watch into the world, one more time reaching into the earth to ransom it from its destined destruction. For He said, there is no fruit, cut it down. And then in the fourth watch a woman surprises heaven, and surprises hell and all its powers, and surprises the earth itself, and surprises most of all, the church. And now there is fruit, and He cannot now say, cut it down! For GOD has found seeds scattered near and far, and GOD has heard a name in the earth, His name, and now what seeing as GOD Himself is sought out by name?

Now a seed on one coast, and now a seed on another coast, and now a plant in Russia, and now a plant in Canada, and now a seed coming up in Africa, and many seeds coming up, and now what seeing as the seeds are coming up everywhere and the tree has spread her branches around the earth for the birds of the air to nest in, those who had no resting place before nor any nest in which to seek shelter?

So now that a voice has reached into the heavens, and a Woman has appeared in the heavens who death itself could not hold, how can GOD not now have hope Himself in Golgotha? For what man looks at the world and says, Christ saves? And if Christ saves, why sin from corner to corner and from pole to pole? And why does sin wrap the earth in a death vise?

GOD Himself must come to desire to save the world, desire to save men, desire to forgive men. Have you not been so angry at men that you could not nor did desire them to repent? that you could not nor did desire to forgive them? You do not want them to say they are sorry for you do not want them to repent and you do not want to forgive them either. That is GOD. He no longer wants men to repent whereas He would have to forgive them. So Christ, the name of Christ shall be removed from the earth, his reign finished, and yet up come Saviours upon the earth that are still saving men, that are still preaching righteousness, that are still causing the times of GODís wrath to be abated, hindered, halted, stayed, the winds of wrath being held in the hands of a few seeds popping their heads up from the soils of menís hearts all over the earth. What to do with these seeds...... water them? let them die? pull them up? trample them? destroy them? what?

GOD shall build a high, high, high wall around these few precious seeds, and shall encase them in gold, and cause them to be covered in jewels, and power, and glory and wealth, that men everywhere in the world might one more time have cause to say, GOD, I love you. GOD, I am sorry. GOD, forgive me my sins and my trespasses. GOD shall once again restore blessing in the earth, and in doing so shall reap unto His own self millions and millions of souls that would have been lost forever. For Revelation is a prophecy about a woman that stays the hands of wrath, that stays the sickles of violence, that stays the winds of fire and judgment, till GOD could one more time visit the earth with His power and His glory and His Kingdom. Revelation is all about a woman who touches the heart of GOD for an anointing, a spiritual anointing that was never upon man since the beginning of time. Revelation is all about a woman who touches the heart of GOD for an anointing, a spiritual anointing that was never upon man since the beginning of time. Revelation is all about a woman who moved the heart of GOD to again come down in flesh unto men.

Men have never won battles with GOD, not even Jesus, but a woman, a woman has so broken GODís heart with the greatness that He Himself is, He must be what she declares Him to be for He desires above all things to be that that she has declared Him to be in the earth. GOD wants to be what the woman declares Him to be, not what He is. Therefore, shall GOD Himself change from what He is to what He has seen that is far greater than He is. GOD Himself shall reach up above His own self and down unto men, that He might become more like they are in something He has missed.

GOD is like a flower that never bloomed. GOD is like a man who never came to know His children through absence, being too busy with other things. GOD is like a man who never could get beyond His own authority to love the wife who was His very own body. GOD is like the child who picks up a stick and hits his neighbour because he took his train. GOD is like the cloud that covered the sun to hide the earth from the rays of the sun because the cloud was jealous of the earth, and the sun warming it. GOD is like the fish that swims in the ocean that sees a pretty underwater plant and eats all the leaves from it and vomits it out, eating it only to destroy it because it was doing nothing of profit. GOD is like a man who created a great invention and put it in the barn unwilling to market it that others might partake of its necessity. GOD would let every man plow his field with a teaspoon rather than give them a horse and a mule, deeming it well that men learn to work hard and build muscle. GOD is like a tree that stands high upon the mountain top dropping its leaves all the way down the hillside, cursing every leaf that falls from his branches though He could not retain them anyway seeing as he gains new leaves every single year.

GOD so came to despise every living thing in the earth he caused violence to be the rule, and death and destruction and decay, and thistles and thorns, and rottenness everywhere from the core out to consume the earth, that in its ending He will have had His revenge on satan, and as you recall, Revelation too is all about the destruction of satan.

So GOD so filled with hatred, will be filled with love, having even a serpent crawl the ground and across the hand of a child and bite not and every ferocious animal that shed blood now lie down and eat the grass. For GOD shall put an ending to all of His hatred and when He does, every living thing will respect the life of every other living thing, and all death will cease, from the smallest animal to the greatest beast. For hatred, GODís hatred that sent violences into all living things, shall come to a healing, and her leaves shall not only heal all the nations, but the heavens as well. For GOD so hated Eve and shall turn to love that which He has hated from the beginning to the ending of the world.

And all the creatures in the heavens and the earth shall offer up praises and loud cries and singing. Now, what is GOD to do with this one? And how is He now going to ignore the fragile seeds blowing in the winds of the Spirit that come up to His tears and wipes them away, and that ascend up to His throne and will not be silenced knocking upon the doors even of His most hidden chambers to have audience? And what is GOD supposed to do now that He is bombarded with His unfulfilled contract with the earth that is written in blood?

So if men love GOD in the face of His hatred of them, now what? And when a handful of maidens worship Him, though He hate, what then? We shall see what we shall see that we have not worshipped our Creator and our GOD in vain, nor believed upon the blood of His only begotten Son, Jesus, in vain.

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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Six Of Nine
Written By Martha ©