The Sparrows

By Martha © 1996, Revised 2012
Book Three of Nine

Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Three Of Nine
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144. On deceit . . . .The treacheries in human hearts, who can know them? We are surprised sometimes ourselves when we find out what lies in our own hearts by the things we say or do. We would swear on a mountain of Bibles that those things are not there that we do and say, and we excuse ourselves on all things and accuse others on all things. We say, I did not mean it. I was only fooling. I was only joking. Donít take things so seriously.

We have an excuse for every disobedience, and ten excuses for every failure to do what we should do, and twenty excuses for not listening to what we are told to do. We have a hundred reasons for not understanding and simply cast from ourselves any responsibility for our own salvations. The same cry now is as it was from the beginning, Itís not my fault. Itís her fault. Itís his fault. But it certainly is not mine! If we deceive others, the first fool we have deceived is our own selves.

When we were children, my younger brother and I were always scrapping, and fighting, and often I found myself on the side of defending myself for things I had not done. My brother was one that spoke with his fists, and his smitings, as well as with his mouth. Mother always believed my younger brother, always. And in our house, the tattler as well as the guilty one got a switching with the willow reed that always stood in the corner of the window seat in plain view. That never stopped me from tattling.

One particular occasion, my brother struck me hard in the stomach and I doubled over and cried, and went and told mother and she was angry at being disturbed, and said, Someday, youíll kill each other! My brother kept vehemently denying he had hit me, and as he stood behind me, he punched me in the back again, hard. I said, Mom see? He hit me again. My brother denied with anger that he had not. I said, You did so. Mom said, Jimmy, did you hit your sister? He said, No, Mom! I swear, I didnít. I didnít do it! Sheís lying. A couple of seconds went by and then he said, Why, Mom? Did you see me? With that remark Mom knew and we both still got our switchiní. I never understood why I got a switchiní when Jimmy got a switchiní, but I learned to only tattle on things that were real important and let all the nothings be forgotten. I also learned, brother or no brother, I returned smack for smack and punch for punch, except he could always run faster than I could and he always got in the last smack. We both decided nothing was worth getting switched for all the time and we simply learned to get along, reasonably anyway. I guess that is what Mom was switchiní us both for. It worked!

It is written that GOD will send a strong delusion to those that love unrighteousness, that they should believe a lie. For now, the Holy Spirit being poured out upon all flesh, deceives and undeceives, purifies and defiles, cleanses and dirties, washes and casts dust, heals and afflicts, wounds and makes well, curses and blesses, delivers and confines, uproots and plants, He being now both the blesser and the curser, the deliverer and the sealer, the yes and the no, and the coming and the going, and is the finality of the WORD come to pass. For it is the hour of sealing, and the holy will be holy still, and the wicked shall be wicked still.

For is it not so that all who go to the well drink of the water? All who go to meetings receive. All who enter into the outpouring of the Spirit get filled. And do not these feelings, these fillings, these deliverances, these healings, these joys, these dancings, these laughings, cause a great delusion and a great deception to enter into the hearts of the deceived and the deceiving? We are saved! We are healed! We are delivered! We are going up! We are safe! All and everyone, without honour or with honour, without righteousness or with righteousness, without purity or with purity, without deceit or with deceit, without guile or with guile, all guilty and innocent, receive, and none are cast aside. All receive.

So if all have received the Kingdom, all have received the power to become a son or daughter of GOD. Who shall enter into immortality and life? If the sinner and saint receive, where is the judge? If the unclean and the clean receive, where is there a justness to the judgments of the Almighty? He who has shall more be given, and he who has not, even what he has shall be taken from him. The Spirit shall depart those who divide to the left and the spirit shall remain upon and in those who divide to the right. Simplicity! Goats and sheep. Go to the left. Go to the right. He who receives the truth, more is given. He who rejects the truth at any given place in his salvation, shall have even what he has heard, even what he has believed, even what he has received, taken away from him. No lover and maker of lies shall inherit the Kingdom of GOD. The deceiving shall in no wise enter into the courts of salvation nor into the City of GOD.

My younger brother went to be with the LORD ten years ago, and we developed a deep love and respect for one another. He was only forty nine. What a marvelous thing to know that forever we shall scrap over who gets to ride down the milky way first. I am looking toward the day I get to finish the race and chase him all over heaven. Then I will be able to run as fast as he can, or fly as fast. That would be nice! What a glory is hidden in Christ in those who have come to know Him and His salvation that is eternal. What a hope! What a reality! And what a magnificent crowning to this life that is so filled with suffering. My mother went to be with the LORD just this past October, 1996. I honour her for beating sin and hell out of me as a child. She perfectly obeyed the scripture, Spare the rod and spoil the child! I was not spoiled! My Mother said she knew she was called of GOD to be a mother and a wife. That she was, faithful to her calling. She knew she would have to account to GOD Himself for her children. Her children shall rise up, even from death, and praise her!

145. On the narrow way . . . . .I was contemplating today the awesomeness of salvation, and how straight, how very narrow, and how almost impossible it is to endure to the ending oneís own purifications and santifications and scourgings unto salvation. For one must give it all, the life, every second, every word, every thought, every heartbeat, every desire, every hope, every dream, every fantasy, every penny, every inheritance, every kin, every offspring, every and all things that exist, into the life of Christ, His very life, His very purpose, His very being, His very blood and flesh, and His very death. How hard, very hard, and how narrow, very narrow, and how difficult, very difficult, and how very, very sorrowful and very, very painful, almost squeezing the blood out of the flesh a drop at a time.

For the gifts and callings of GOD are without repentance, and that includes the gift of salvation, and the calling of salvation, even firstly and mostly including them. He never changes His mind, but will require of every child of GOD that takes His name, those things that he entrusted to them to do in His Kingdom. Woe unto those who take His name in vain, in vanities, in deceits, in lies, in hypocrisies. Woe unto them! Those that forsake the cross have filled their shoes with the blood of Christ, and GOD will require it at their hands. It is impossible to understand the mind of GOD and His judgments of His anointed that have turned back to the world. I cannot even contemplate His mercy and grace, let alone His judgments against the iniquities of the lovers of the flesh and the lovers of this life and world.

146. On pruning . . . . . . .Prunings come to free you, and to set you free. You have cared for others for so very long, worthless souls that care nothing about the sacrifices of the redeemed for their sakes, that you know not how now to turn the umbrella upside down and crawl into its cradle and allow the rains of heaven to pour down upon you and fill the umbrella with good things, washing you and all of your clothing with a fresh new fragrance and a new life.

Just do it! Sit in the rain. Rest! Let the rains of the Spirit come. Sit in the cool water. And as the dirt begins to wash from your garment, take your weary hands and throw it from the umbrella over the side and let it wash away from you by the Spirit of the Living GOD that purifies those that are being purified and prunes those that are being fruitful. Do not run after the rotten fruit that falls from your branches, nor pursue after those things that are removed from your life.

Though your heart is right, it drifts into sorrows unbearable, and though your heart is pure, it troubles its own self with its own laws of purity, becoming discontented, striving with its own self unto exhaustions. And though your heart is holy, without fault, it accuses its own self with many failures which are not failures but prunings. When a vine has limbs that are not bearing fruit, they are pruned away. It is not the fault of the root, but the bud, the flower, the defective vine, the vine so filled with insects and disease. It must be pruned away and cut away lest it infect the whole of it, and destroy it all the way down to the roots that it dies.

Simply stand and allow GOD to work out your salvation. Do not strive so against Him. Just stand. You need not to go left or right, or back or forward, but simply, stand. Let all things come to you and fill your umbrella. You need not strive as though GOD withholds from you any good thing. You need not to wail, nor to cry, nor even to shout. GOD hears the whispers of the smallest grain of sand when it is dislodged from its place. How much more those who shall mother the Kingdom of Christ and stand in high places in the earth? The victory was Christís in Genesis, and the reward is Christís in Revelation. Be strong in the WORD and know that it stands and is an eternal Kingdom, for it was born in Christ and stands in Christ and lives in Christ and there is no end to Christ, He being eternal, nor shall His Kingdom die, or perish. It is not possible!

147. On rebellion . . . . . How badly we need the WORD of the LORD, though itís like ugly tasting medicine, sometimes. Jesus said we cannot live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD, daily, and which one of us has the WORD of the LORD daily ministered to us? And when we do have it ministered daily, who wants it? Who is not offended at it? Who is not tired of it? Who is not tired and weary of the LORDís requirements that are so strict, so hard, so crucifying, and so painful? Who is not offended at daily being pursued by righteousness and confronted by its commandments? We just want Him to shut up, to shut His mouth. Weíve had enough. Lay off a little, LORD. Lay off just today, LORD. Hush, LORD, just for a little while, till I recover from the last whipping. Quiet, LORD. Canít you see Iím busy and my load is heavy and there is so much to do that I canít do what I have to do and take your stripings too. Itís too much, so just hush! Iím sick. I feel awful. I need to rest and sleep. Iím just worn out. Wait till I feel better, LORD. Letís talk tomorrow.

How Jesus warned us about being anxious or angry about the cares of this life, and this world, and the terrible fruits that come from it. How can we as believers follow Christ and bear the sufferings of the Kingdom of GOD when we so rebel against the burdens of life and limb? How can we lift the cross of salvation to the world if we are lifting our bodies every day, dragging them through the cares of this world? If we are the cross, letís lay that one down and pick up Christ! If we are the cross we are carrying, lets cast ourselves away and pick up Christ! Just do it! And the cares of this life and this world will fall away as ashes scattered by the wind.

150. On knowledge . . . . .Knowledge only puffs up the head. Knowledge in and of itself is not life, but is a sowing of the seeds of life. They will grow, and mature, and bear fruit, if tended to properly. We can put knowledge and more knowledge and more knowledge into our heads and hearts, but if we do not patiently tend to it, and properly, it does not produce life, but will die as seeds, unwatered, untended to, choked out. The knowledge of truth will not carry us into the promised land without obedience to the truth, obedience to knowledge. What can be said of the price of submissive obedience? Itís value can only be measured in the souls of men saved because of it.

151. On overcoming . . . . .If you touch the wounds of the transgressed, and bind up the broken hearted who have been forsaken, and capture the weapons of war of the wicked against the holy, it is called, ultimate victory. If you consider all the ways of Christ, and forsake none of the least of them, it is called overcoming to inherit all things. And, if you consider to contemplate for the thousandth of a second that you cannot endure, you have already written your name down upon a sepulcher.

Now, if you are strong of mind, there is no power that can stand against you. And if you are weak of mind, there is no weapon you can find that can help you.

If you are holy in heart, there is no power that can overthrow your eternal salvation. And if there is one speck of a millionth of a grain of sand of sin in you, it will rub and rub and rub and irritate till it defiles your whole being into one huge unhealable running sore.

There is no where to run in this hour of eternity, for every soul is now being required of by GOD. Time is ended and eternity begun, and only the foolish desire gain and the wise demand to forfeit all because there is no gain and no forfeiting, seeing that all is now forfeited and nothing to gain. One cannot forfeit what is already lost and one cannot gain what is already gone.

Therefore, why give one thought to the next second? And why give even a half a thought to that which is a half second past? Or why give any concern for those things that are eternal? heavenly? spiritual? The Kingdom is not to be received, but to be given. And the Kingdom is not to be taken but to be acknowledged as already being. Nor is the Kingdom far from you as though it is something in the past, present or the future.

If you look for it in the past, it will bring only sorrow that it is not in the now. And if you look for it in the future, you will doubt that it even exists. But, if you look for it in the now, you shall find it already formed in you, as a seed that shall root, take form, grow and bring forth fruit. Therefore, is it acknowledged as already being, being as though it is but is not.

The trinity of self is a body, a soul, and a spirit, and the body has desires only of this world, and the spirit only of the heavenlies, but the soul has desires of both the world and the heavenlies, and so it is continually torn between these two desires. And if you are seeking to find joy, peace, security and happiness in others, you shall be miserable and fail in all things. And if you are seeking to be the source of joy, peace and security to others, you shall also fail in all things. For there is only peace and joy in righteousness, righteousness being found only in obedience.

This is the age of the prayer of thy Kingdom come, and whose Kingdom is that to come? It is the Fatherís Kingdom that is to come, and it shall come to those who have overcome, the righteous seeds of Christ, formed in Him before the foundation of the world. For if you take away sin, satan and death, what remains? That which was formed in the beginning in righteousness remains. For in Christ are we created into that which was lost in the beginning, righteousness. The Kingdom of GOD abode in the earth in the beginning and departed the earth, and it shall return in the ending and inhabit the earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, same righteousness, same truth, same image. Those worthy to inherit the earth eternally are in Christ, having overcome as He overcame.

152. On spiritual downfall . . . . .When the LORD tells us not to do something, it is because the results are as disastrous as the garden of Eden. When the LORD warns us to not do something, the warning is concerned with the ensnarements of the devil and his kingdom to do us harm in the spiritual as well as in the carnal. There is reaping in both the carnal and in the spiritual when we sin. We cannot escape either reaping, and shall reap both carnally and spiritually for the same disobedience. There is not a spiritual reaping for one sin and a carnal for another, but all sin and all disobedience reaps in both. If one sins even without knowledge, there is the same reaping, both in the spiritual and in the carnal.

To cite an example of reaping in both the carnal and in the spiritual, when I was a young woman in my early twenties, I was searching for GOD, and in ignorance went to a church with my husbandís parents called the First Church of Science, and behind the pastor was a picture of Jesus, and there the woman from the pulpit was prophesying and preaching the scriptures, and after the service, I had questions and went into the study with the pastor, and there she prayed for me, and laid hands on me to pray for me. The moment she put her hands upon my head, power struck my head and literally knocked me off of the chair with a violent spinning. When she helped me up from the floor, I thought, I have just experienced the power of GOD.

I began experiencing violent headaches, nausea, sudden attacks of vertigo, and these attacks would drop me to the floor. It did not matter where I was, they would come without warning, and I would be terribly ill, have to crawl to the bathroom, being unable to stand on my feet without my head reeling in vertigo. As I sought medical attention, it was called an inner ear disease, which I suffered from for fifteen years, going from one physician to another, one medication to another, never finding any relief from this horrible disease. The ear was operated on, to no avail. Medications gave no relief. It was an insanity. It was destroying my life.

I became saved, was baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit, and suffered and prayed, and prayed and suffered. There seemed to me no medical help or spiritual help. I was ministering at the time in a mission, and one afternoon sitting in my bedroom reading the scriptures, a woman whom I had met at a Holy Ghost meeting came to visit me and told me the LORD told her to come pray for me that I might be healed. She seemed like an angel from GOD. When she laid her hands on my head and rebuked a spirit in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus, commanding it to depart, instantly the same manifestation that had happened fifteen years earlier happened again, power hitting my head with a violent force, knocking me off of the chair, spinning me off of the chair and throwing my head into the edge of the table, giving me a terrible knot on my head as well as a black and blue eye and forehead. The demon exited my head in the same manner it entered into my head, entering by a spiritualist minister and cast out by a Holy Ghost filled minister of Christ. The spiritualist minister also preached the scriptures, fluently, even a great picture of Jesus all the way across the wall behind her on the podium. You see, the ministers of the powers of darkness are filled with the powers of darkness, and by the laying on of hands will transfer those demons to those they pray for. Likewise, those filled with the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost transfer the Spirit of GOD the very same way, by the laying on of hands. Beware who lays hands upon you for prayer. Beware of wolves in sheepís clothing that are really wolves that will devour your life and your soul. These powers are real. Do not trifle with them. For even in ignorance shall you reap deadly consequences.

153. On a watch . . . . .It is the hour when judgment first begins at the house of GOD. Up and out? Impossible! First comes judgment, as written, of the household of faith. It is an hour when judgment shall fall upon the anointed firstly, on those who walk the way of the flesh and the way of the world, loving its pleasures, and loving its abundances, and loving its delicacies. For Jesus said, His joy is not of this world, yet that is the joy and clapping and dancing and singing and musical rioting that is ascending upward into the heavens, the sins of the harlot reaching heavenís gates.

Those that laugh now shall weep, and those that weep now shall joy. For the hour is finished that was to be finished, and the saints that guard hellís fiery walls are weary of waiting till the rising of the Son. They are weary of the smell of brimstone, and weary of the wailing of the damned, and weary of the fulness of the caverns, and more than weary of the crown of suffering that they bear for the sake of the Son of Man to appear. For these guard the spirits of the damned that they cannot be called up to infiltrate those mediums and astrologers, and betrayers of the truth that seek to unite themselves with the spirits of the dead. For these wicked liars against the truth that await their trials and then their judgments and then their damnations, seek with vengeances to come forth but one more time to have their pleasures in earthly flesh and to consort with the living damned that love sorceries.

For it was hoped even amongst the living dead that the Son would appear in an early watch, in the first, or maybe the second, or surely the third, but certainly not that times would continue on until yet a fourth watch, and even then, the fourth watch has been striving to survive without forfeiting the world over to destruction for its slowness to believe and receive the truth. For when the called and the anointed forsake the hallowed walls of truth, who is there to tend the garden that it not be overtaken by the brambles? And if there is no fruit in the fourth watch, who is there to bring forth another, seeing as the election itself shall perish in a fiery furnace of burning and no flesh be saved unless those days be shortened?

For if the truth is not the truth, then our very existences are perished, and we are not, and are as though we never were at all. If the cross is the truth, and the blood of Christ is the truth, the story yet is to be told and the truth yet to be manifested that is now unseen.

Sometimes it is hard to hold the life in the flesh, and harder still to hold the soul in the shallow grave of righteous truth, and harder still than hard to hold the spirit in the body that it not escape the sufferings of the flesh, it desiring to depart this world and go to be with Christ. For death surrounds the truth, on the left and on the right, and underneath and overhead. Like butterflies falling from the air in flight shall death become a cloak upon the houses of GOD, and there shall be funeral upon funeral, and the smell of death shall all but bring up the inward stomachs of those who remain, and every day shall be tormented with the burying of the children of the LORD. Do not be troubled, for blessed are they who die in the LORD from this day forward, for the victory of death is life, and the victory of the grave is rest. For there is an appointed watch that shall bear the fruits of the Kingdom of GOD.

156. To the daughters of wantonness. . . . . .Why do you punish Christ? Why do you despise Christ? And why are you searching still for Christ in the earth as though he can be found in the eyes of flesh?

You hate Christ in your impatience. You despise Christ in your demandings. You search for Christ as though He has not already been found. Is He not to your liking so you seek another? Is He not a pleasure to you so you seek another? Is He not to your pleasing so you desire Him no longer? He is not to your desire so you seek to be desired?

How is it you are empty when you have so been filled? Is it that you have a hole in your vessel that the water cannot be retained? Or is it that you pour it out because it is bitter? and is not sweet? and is not tasteful?

You ought to be able to sit yourself down in a corner and therein abide till the LORD comes, contented, without anxiety, without fear, filled with peace as a mighty flowing river, neither hungering nor thirsting, neither weary nor sorrowful.

The most subtle of satanís lures is that lure of being discontented in the will of GOD and being led out of the will of GOD and knowing it not. The will of the Father is not a swinging gate that can be left and entered back into again and out and in and in and out. The will of the Father is standing on the head of a pin, forever if necessary, and not taking one step left or right, or forward or backward. It is a standing still, an abiding, and as a nail nailed into a deep hole in thick wood. It cannot be removed.

Itís easy to stand. It is not so easy to get up once one has fallen. Christ cannot be substituted for wantonness. Wantonness is a wandering, a desire, a looking for something. When you found the truth, the living water, an overflowing peace should have entered into your inward being that there should be no desires of this flesh or world in you greater than the love of Christ, if in truth, the living water has entered into you. You should not be thirsting or hungering any longer. You ought not to be restless any longer. If you are restless, or hungering or thirsting, there is something somewhere that needs uncovered and forsaken and healed that you might not be a reprobate to the truth in the ending of it all.

157. On truth . . . .Love speaks the truth. Hatred hides in the darkness and does not speak the truth under any circumstances. It is written, speak the truth in love, meaning love alone speaks the truth. Those that speak the truth are born of love, and those that speak it not, are not born of love. And the truth does not always come forth gently. For it is also written, Despise not prophesyings. Why is that written? Because prophesyings are not always gentle, but sometimes are wrathful, and we are commanded to take that which is good for us, like bitter medicine, and bad tasting medicine. We are told to realize that prophesying is for edification, for growing in righteousness and for the destroying of evil. Prophesying is not puffing up nor building up the flesh, but is for building and purifying the spirit that the soul in that day might be saved. We are commanded therefore, to despise not prophesyings, but accept them, knowing that they work to our good and not to our detriment. Just speak the truth always, and let the truth do the washing of the dirty garments

The bottom line of truth is that we are neither bound by men nor freed by men. We are bound only by our own sins and our own hatreds and our own wills. We are bound to whichever lord we choose in this life, whether it be the lord of this earth, or He who sits at the right hand of His own Father in heaven.

Jesus said, beware of wolves in sheepís clothing, those who are inwardly ravening wolves, angry, bitter, worldly, lustful, whorish, and devilish. Beware of them. Watch out for them. Guard yourself against them. Beware of those who hate the narrow road that leads to life, those who walk the broad path of destruction and carnality and love the world.

159. On poverty and suffering . . . . How is it you determine because this ministry suffers, it is not of GOD? And how do you determine that GOD is greater than the failures of people? Where did that incredible untruth come from? In Isaiah 53 it says concerning Christ, We esteemed Him stricken by GOD, or cursed by GOD.

Job was an upright man, turning from evil, being a Godly and righteous man, and they all said, Job, What have you done to have GOD treat you this way? Repent Job. You have sinned. Just acknowledge your sin and GOD will cease cursing and afflicting you. Even his wife said, Job, curse GOD and die. You know the story of Job. I have come to understand only the righteous go through the testings of Job, because the unrighteous could not bear them and come through them as gold tried in the fire. They would curse GOD and advise Him where to go!

And what about Lazarus who died at the rich manís gate? He was carried by the angels into Abrahamís bosom and the rich man was held accountable. Where was GOD? Was GOD not greater than Lazarusí sores? and poverty? and all the evil that had been done unto Lazarus? And was not GOD greater than the rich manís sinful neglect? Even the dogs had more compassion on Lazarus than any living human being, they licking his sores to comfort him. And men are not accountable?

Where on earth did you ever get the idea that Christians do not get sick? or do not suffer? or are not poor? or never fail? or never have loss? Were all the farmers that lost their farms but sinners? or were some Christians? Where was GOD? Is He not greater? How can you believe such lies? What you believe is not even scriptural. It is satan that persecutes, and afflicts, and casts into prisonhouses, and murders, and cheats, and lies, and lusts. These things do not come forth from GOD. They come from satan. It is satan who comes to afflict, and to destroy, and to kill. We are all, every believer, supposed to be opposing satanís kingdom in the earth, not supporting it, all of us standing against satan, together! You will not find a refuge from satan and his attacks and his treacheries in the church. That is where you shall meet him face to face, for where-ever the Word is, is where satan is opposing it.

GOD forbid you to say or even think that the poor are in sin, and the rich right with GOD, and the sick are in sin and the well are right with GOD. If a man fails to plant a corn field when GOD tells him to plant a cornfield, GOD is going to make corn grow where man did not plant it simply because He is greater than the disobedience of man? Wisdom is known of her children and ignorance is known of his children.


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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book Three Of Nine
Written By Martha ©