The Sparrows

By Martha © 1996, Revised 2012
Book Two of Nine
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

105. On love . . . . . . . . . . . When we think to do good, it is feelings. Love is feelings? No! Love is responsibility. And from responsibility we do not often feel good about it, for responsibility is a cross, and sometimes an unbearable cross, as was Golgotha, Christís love being a fearful responsibility. Passion is feelings. Sometimes or most of the time we reckon love to be feelings, good feelings, and we want to do good, and we feel this is love, why? Because we are Ďfeelingí. Responsibility does not feel anything but burden carrying. Responsibility feels the pain of love. Passion feels the joys of love, whereas responsibility feels the sorrows and the pains of love. Therefore do the scriptures tell us what feelings we shall have because of love. Love suffers long, and in the suffering is kind. Love does not envy nor does it exalt itself over others. Love does not lord it over others but guides others down the path of responsibility wherein lies all love. Love does not behave itself unseemly or sexually or immorally or with fondlings or gifts or with any form of the I being fed the sensual passions of the flesh from an act of love, love being a burden and not a joy. Love seeks not her own path. The needs of others determine the paths of responsibilities. Love is not easily wearied or angered nor does it turn away easily, but will do good unto the most vile and will forgive the most unforgivable and will lay down itself to the most hateful and will be abused rather than abuse and will take stripes rather than stripe. Love thinks no evil. It never thinks to do evil to any one or anything for anything whatsoever.

Love does not rejoice when someone is found in a fault. Love grieves. Love mourns. Love rescues. Love entreats. Love disciplines. Love rebukes. Love chastens. Love does not rejoice even in making a path open for iniquity by the not chastising and by the not correcting and by the not instructing. Love does not rejoice in iniquity. It does not allow the flesh to engage in its iniquitous activities nor does love of GOD allow the flesh to hate GOD. The love of GOD causes us to despise the flesh that so easily and constantly lusts for its own pleasures. Love will not cause another to sin or to follow after sin. Love does not rejoice in evil. It does not follow after evil. It does not desire evil. It does not seek after the things of this world that are so abundant on the broad way that leads unto death and destruction and wrath and judgment and damnation. It does not rejoice in getting by with things. It does not rejoice in getting away with sin and it does not rejoice in doing wrong that good might come of it. It does not seek endings at any cost and calling any cost or anything done to achieve even the greatest good, good if it is evil. Love seeks no evil path to gain for love does not rejoice in the doing of iniquity. Love finds no joy in iniquity. Love rejoices only in the truth.

Love bears all things. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things. Love endures all things. Now in view of these things, does that sound like love is pleasurable?

Yet, the flesh is always seeking the pleasures of love, and therefore when we seek to do good or seek to have pleasure in love and giving the gifts and acts of love to men or even to GOD, we are seeking after the sensual, the feelings of the flesh. Love is not felt in the flesh, passion is, lust is.

The last thing love does is never fail. It never fails in its responsibilities, love being a responsibility and a burden. Love does not rejoice in getting by with things or the getting away with things, but realizes that GOD must recompense every iniquity. So all of our iniquities that we think we have gotten by with shall be restored unto us through chastisements and through loss and suffering. For love chastens, love scourges, and no one loves more than GOD and no one scourges like GOD does. So those things that are so abundant in our daily lives and in our daily lukewarm works shall be scourged and rejected and every single sin shall be judged that we be not damned with the world. GODís love cannot, simply cannot allow one sin to go unpunished, unnoticed, or uncleansed.

GOD on that day cannot nor will have one soul say to Him, but so and so got by with it, and you did not judge so and so for the same thing. Therefore, there is no respect of persons with GOD, but the law is the law is the law and GODís law shall not be broken, but shall recompense for sin, and for every sin there is a judgment and for every judgment a time of that judgment.

In love there is no fear. Perfect love casts out fear of retribution. Therefore, it is in the bearing of responsibilities perfectly that all fear is done away with.

GOD is love and those born of GOD are also born of love, but love is not passion, love is responsibility. Those born of responsibility are born of GOD. Those born of perfection are born of GOD. Those born of bearing the cross are born of GOD.

Love bears the responsibility of rebuking and chastising iniquity. For those that you must rebuke accuse you of iniquity toward them, of hating them.

Love suffers. Passion gets angry and feels justified. Love grows all the more intense through suffering and denials, but passions die. They are carnal. When your husband is angry at you, he shall not desire you. Love could not help but desire you all the more even in anger, for anger, being a power able to destroy, threatening that love, will all the more make passion flower and bloom and have to be restrained lest it hinder working out problems. So then, passion of the flesh will if love is present, the responsibility of love present, flame all the more in anger, for anger threatens the destruction of that love and love will rise to protect its interests and not lose its object of love. But passion and lust will get angry and cast aside its object of affection and just get another justifying itself.

GODís responsible love when threatened by division or strife will all the more humble itself and do whatever is necessary to endure the suffering and undo or do or whatever rather than be destroyed. GODís Spirit of love is a spirit of responsibility, and it will never forfeit the object of its love. GOD will not forfeit His children. We are His objects of responsibility and affection and love. His love towards us to have us love Him in return cannot allow Him to forsake us lest He also lose us.

Refuse to be depressed. Refuse to be unhappy. Refuse to abide in anger. For these things will cause love to be unfruitful.

106. On poverty . . . . .My heart is heavy for you as you seem to be so alone. We are all alone except for those of like faith, but we seem to have to compromise so much with the flesh of those even of like faiths, seeing as the flesh needs so much caring for in this world. Caring for the flesh is an all time daily extravagant use of our energies. Oh that it would take less energy to care for the body that we might do more for Christ. How we despise all the cares of this world and the flesh that would stand in the path of the ministry of the Word and the Spirit.

Our Mighty GOD must explode our circumstances and open up His windows of coins that His works might be established. For poverty can establish great things? Of course not! It cannot even establish little things but is as an unfilled hole.

Poverty is like trying to run to the stream for a bucket of water and getting it back to the tent when the bucket is full of holes. We start out with our bucket of water but before we are half way to where we need to go our bucket is empty, and we are ever running to the water hole to get water in our buckets but our buckets have holes in them. What are the holes?

The holes are rent and food and clothing and car and insurance and taxes and utilities and phone and these are ever widening holes in our bucket. We spend all our time running buckets full of holes from one place to another with never enough water to get from one place to the other. How can anything be built upon poverty? Everything runs out the holes and there is nothing left. These holes are not going to go away but are ever running the water out into the sand and it is lost.

The only hope is to have a big enough bucket to hold enough water that the holes cannot keep draining the bucket dry. The bucket has to be enlarged that it might hold more water. The holes remain the same but the bucket needs to be larger to hold more water.

There must be more labourers and more income to get the bucket bigger and the water greater all using the same holes that sends the money down into the sand of maintaining our lives in this world.

We as labourers in the vineyard and the harvest fields for souls found out decades ago that our only survival was living together and abiding together and sharing expenses all the way down to cars and baby sitters and food and shelters and utilities. What happened? Many wanted a bucket of their own with their own holes in it. It seems rather foolish to me that one would forsake the promises of the scriptures for GOD to add unto the righteous all those things necessary for life and survival if they would but seek the Kingdom of GOD and serve the Kingdom and seek righteousness.

Whereas we assumed we needed more labourers and more water and a bigger bucket, it is GODís bucket that is huge, and GODís supply that is flowing, and it is GODís water that re-fills the bucket over and over and over again though the water is running out the bottom through the holes of the cares of this life. When the water is all gone, the water is again supplied by the riches in glory by Christ Jesus and His loving care of His children. It comes in small cupfuls from unexpected sources and from living angels that love Christ. It comes from the labours of our own hands. And it comes >from GODís throne in heaven blessing the children of obedience.

We have watched this miracle at work in our lives for decades, that we stand, and the work stands, and the house stands, for it is built on the rock. Be encouraged, for GOD is the GOD of the poor. None of His children are found begging for bread. Though their faith is tested sore, and though their trials are without ending, and though their afflictions never cease, yet does their GOD in Christ supply every need that they are not sucked out of the holes in the bucket along with the water.

107. On the spirit of passion . . . . .Now, what is to be said for this passion that dwells in the flesh? It simply dwells and is a part of us from birth. I get hungry too, but I do not steal my neighborís loaf of bread, nor do I steal it from the grocer, nor do I kill to get it, nor sin to get it in any fashion. I lawfully gain my daily bread. So likewise, the passion of the flesh, the loins, must be taken lawfully or it is sin. And the lawful taking of the passion of the flesh is marriage, and that between male and female.

The unclean spirit of the world continually torments the unmarried and the virgins with seductions of lies. 1. You would convert your spouse and save a soul. 2. Your spouse will allow your faith even if she or he does not believe. 3. Your children need a father. 4. You need to marry to quiet your passions. 5. You have a right to a marriage. 8. It is a shame in the earth to be unmarried. 9. You need someone to care for you. 10. You need someone to love you. 11. You need to love someone and fulfill your life. 12. You need someone to help you bear the cares of life. 13. Marriage will save your soul.

Living without passion to some is living without air. They are tormented. They are depressed. They are unhappy. They feel empty and unloved and unwanted and useless and these are all lies of the unclean spirit of passion.

If you fall prey to the unclean spirit of passion, he only moves on to other lies. 1. You are being used. 2. All your mate desires is passion. 3. Your mate does not love you. The lies never cease, for the very same unclean spirit of passion that seduced you, shall now attempt to destroy your marriage. Why? To cause you to commit sins and yet perish.

If we neglect to pay attention to our salvations in Christ Jesus, satan ever wears us out in wearinesses and in daily battles in a thousand places in our lives, and he will overthrow us, and our salvations as well.

We feel we are exalted and loved and wanted and needed when we are married. To many a woman, she measures her capacity as a woman and as a successful woman in this life, by being married successfully. When she is not married, she feels shamed in the world. She feels she is less of a woman and not whole. She feels reproached. Now, somewhat this is Godly and somewhat this is righteous. But we must come back to the Word, marriage and passion must be gained in our lives, firstly, by the directed will of GOD, secondly, with the directed person of GOD, and thirdly, in the LORD Christ and His perfect will, and fourthly, it must be lawful.

The torment of passion is endless. If a womanís husband is tired and unaffectionate, her heart pitters and pats and gets anxious and wonders is he up to something? has she done something? why is he not caring? why is he not affectionate? is he having an affair? he is growing cold . . .and on and on the torments because, passion is of this flesh and this world and is subjected to all of its weaknesses, its demands, and its torments. For the spirit of passion is a jealous spirit, always striving for pre-eminence. The spirit of passion is a fearful spirit. The spirit of passion is a mis-trusting spirit. The spirit of passion is a demanding spirit. The spirit of passion becomes addicted to its own pleasures.

How can we be healed of this passion? Firstly, we must come face to face with the reality of its power of damnation. If we walk in the Spirit, we shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, as written. We must walk daily in the righteousness of the Spirit of Christ. We pursue after works, labours, love of the brethren, seeking to exalt Christ in the earth, and His righteousness, trusting even our passions into His care.

We cannot serve two masters, therefore do the scriptures even say concerning marriage, Be as though you are not married. In other words, get this thing in its proper perspective, it being of this world, and the lusts of this world and this life, all of the which shall be done away with. Wake up to righteousness! Christ first, marriage second! Passion does not become god and lord of the righteous.

Therefore, we must marry only in the LORD, only to one who has Christ as his LORD, righteousness as his LORD, truth as his LORD, the marriage itself growing in grace and in knowledge every day of the righteousness and love of Christ.

We are supposed to grow daily in righteousness. We are to grow daily in righteousness from image to image in Christ Jesus. Our image changes as we grow in righteousness, our hair, our makeup, our dress, our jewelry, our outward and our inward countenances, all changing from image to image. What you see on the outside is on the inside! Cleanse the inside of the cup for the outside will take on its image, clean or unclean, holy or unholy. As we behold the righteousness of Christ in the Word, in the Spirit, and by the leading of His Spirit, we follow and are changed into His image in the earth. His image is not whorish. His image is not flirtatious. His image is modest dress. His image is meekness. His image is clean, not unclean. We are not what we were nor what we shall be, we being changed day by day >from the image of being unclean to being clean.

I cannot speak enough of holy dress. I cannot speak enough of women having a holy mouth and a mouth without unclean jestings and foolishnesses. I cannot speak enough about the cleannesses of the Spirit of Christ who is holy and pure. Satan uses passion to seduce the strongest, bringing them down to weakness, and then bringing that soul to utter destruction.

Now, it is with the mind that we worship GOD and through and in the mind gain the righteousness of Christ which brings our whole entire being into the subjection of the Spirit of holiness. How can any man think to rid himself of the unclean passions of this world and the lusts of the flesh if he does not first put upon the mind of Christ Jesus? The scriptures admonish every believer, be not deceived, GOD Himself shall judge the immoral. Fear GOD and be faithful to the righteousness of Christ.

110. On children . . . . . Children are little angels of light that walk in the spirit of the my. Children say I love you to get. They have little hearts of the my and the I and every word out of their mouths will be I donít want and I donít like or no, I wonít, or yes, I want. They learn what words will get them what they want. They learn what to do and what not to do to get what they want. They learn how to act to appear to be loving and kind and generous.

We all being born into sin, are programmed to seek out the my and the I wants and the I shall gets. Children are not self disciplined, knowing not what right is, knowing not what wrong is. So children must always be instructed into the ways of righteousness, and to abstain from the evil things. We are speaking not only of carnal children, but children when they come into the Kingdom of GOD, we in the beginning of our salvations being but children, knowing nothing.

As GOD disciplines us to form us into the image of Christ, righteousness, we as parents must discipline our children into the paths of righteousness and not fail them by leading them into the paths of carnal unrighteousnesses, of the which they shall become in bondage and never break free from but shall have their whole lifetimes affected by what they learn as children, every relationship, every employment, every marriage, and every body of Christ they join themselves unto to worship the LORD, all things being affected by those things learned as but children. Just like children of the flesh that say and do those things that will get them what they want, children of the faith are no different, they being immature children of the faith seeking to gain, to get, and to receive. Children of the faith do not discipline themselves any more than children of the flesh do. Therefore, they are scourged and disciplined by a heavenly Father that they perish not. We can willingly obey the Word of GOD or we can be made to obey it by the hand of GOD who knows how to scourge His own children unto obedience.

Children will even hide in deceits of love to gain what they want. Children learn to hug and say, I love you, and look at you with a look that melts your heart and makes it like butter. And a little tear falling down the cheek, who can bear? GOD in His wisdom does not allow us as children of the LORD to walk the broad path of destruction, but scourges us sorely to cause us to be obedient, and we as parents cannot allow our children to walk the paths of unbridled rights to do whatever pleases them.

There is no condemnation to one who is in Christ, for one who is in Christ is righteous, and He has become righteous through discipline and through instruction, chastisement and scourging by a heavenly Father who does not desire to damn any of His children who believe in Him. You will condemn your own child to a life of sin and bondage and corruption, if you do not judge his transgressions and discipline his sins. The scriptures tell us that GOD judges us so that He does not have to condemn us with the world, or damn us with the wicked.

The scriptures stand in the paths of our sin that we sin not through obediences to their commandments. There are the commandments, as GOD Himself, right in our faces, to cause us to do righteousness if we obey them. If we disobey them, we shall suffer the consequences.

If you love your children, you will not allow them to walk that broad path of self and self-will and selfishness and disobedience, for when they mature, they shall likewise walk into the greater sins of the flesh being undisciplined, and untaught in the ways of obedience, and perish in them. For the scriptures say that those who are born again keep themselves and sin touches them not. In others words, they themselves are self-taught, and are self-disciplined, and are obedient unto righteousness. They have learned to be obedient.

In our immaturity both carnally and spiritually, we become offended at being corrected and say correction is hatred, anger is hatred, and we accuse the one who stands on the straight and narrow path of life as being born of hatred and not love and as being an enemy and not a friend. A child both carnally and spiritually has no measure of love. They do not know what love is. Children cannot be excused for being children in the sense that they are allowed to be children. That is their judgment and not their defense. Because they are children they must be corrected and disciplined. Because they are children they must be honed to discipline and a respect for authority. Being children does not excuse disobedience because they are children. It all the more requires the continual attention of discipline.

It does not matter where we go. All of our lives we must be subjected to discipline and restrictions and abide in a meek and submissive manner. We cannot go anywhere in the world and not have to submit to authorities, whether it is into the churches, or the work place, or the schools, or in our marriages and in fact, the scriptures call and command us all to submit one to another in the fear of GOD, that if we do not, we shall be judged and chastened. And children are commanded to obey their parents.

The prisons are full and overfull of grown children who have never been taught to submit to righteous authority, and who have never learned to submit to righteous authority, and who have refused to submit to righteous authority. And after this life is over, these same souls shall inhabit the lake of fire forever, and ever, because they never learned to submit to righteous authority.

Babies are so lovable, and cute, and enjoyable. And children are so cute, and lovable, and enjoyable, and simply adorable. But babies grow into children and children grow into adults, and what was lovable becomes hateful, and what was cute becomes ugly, and what was enjoyable becomes painful, and what was adorable becomes obnoxious. It is important for lovable babies to grow up into lovable adults, and it is important for cute babies to grow up into lovable adults. It is important to teach babies to love, and it is important to teach children to love. For those taught to love, shall love, and those taught to hate, shall hate. We teach our children to be loved. We teach our children to be selfish. We teach our children to be aggressive. We teach our children to be angry. We teach our children to smite with the fist instead of turn the other cheek. We teach our children to get even instead of forgive. And we teach our children to be arrogant, and high-minded, and self-important. And then along comes our heavenly Father who must discipline our children where we failed, and scourge our children where we did not care to, and teach our children with severities of judgments the penalties of sin and unrighteousness, because He loves them. Perhaps GODís love will undo what we have done and will do what we have not done.

111. On yes is yes, and no is no . . . . The simplicity of the commandment of Jesus to let our yes be yes and our no be no and anything else is of evil, can only be understood by those who obey this commandment. There is always a yes, or always a no, and yes or no dwells in the arena of truth alone which must be captured and found out in order to answer yes or no. Sluggards of knowledge will not answer but will be evasive. We always want to become friends with all sides, and that is not possible. We always want to leave an exit for ourselves, or an escape for ourselves, always abiding in the maybe or maybe not. We do not say yes or no because of the exactness of its straight and narrow way that will make us a liar if we answer wrongly and then do not fulfill that which we speak, or what we speak manifests itself as a lie in our mouth.

One is truly set free when it is understood how much deliverance is wrought by learning to answer yes or no. One must make a decision with every single controversy. And that forces us to pursue the truth to the point of knowledge that we can say yes or no. Without the truth of course, our yes is always a maybe and our no is always a maybe, being neither a yes nor no, but always uncertain, or uncaring, or unknown. A lover of the truth is also a hater of lies. If we pursue the truth and get the truth in all things even to the point of discords and divisions which come when we seek after the truth, we will be equipped in all things to know the truth and to speak the truth.

Answering yes or no is a straight and narrow walk of obedience that snares spiritual sluggards and slovenly workers of righteousness. It is the root of righteousness. It gets us off the fence. It gets us out of the middle. It puts us up on the higher ground of understanding. Where we fail our own salvations is not paying enough attention to the truth of every single matter, even the truth of the Word of GOD that says what it says. We are always playing house with the house of GOD with our dolls and little furniture and spanking our dolls and simply being lukewarm about the responsibility of obedience to the little things of scripture. Those who will not answer yes or no will not commit, have no desire to commit, lest they have to keep their word. That is why their hearts are in the bondage of iniquity still.


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Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Live, Book Two Of Nine
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