The Sparrows

By Martha © 1995, Revised 2012
Book One of Nine

Excerpts Taken From Fruits From The Tree Of Life, Book One Of Nine
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1. The Spirit Of Prophecy - If the Spirit of Prophecy is a spiritual weapon of war that will give us the victory. Only fools mock it, and the damned disobey it, and the iniquitous tempt it. For the Spirit of Prophecy is the testimony of Christ Jesus.

2. Concerning the harlot churches, they are helplessly bound in the WORD. They are giving their power to the beast until the words of the scriptures are fulfilled. They therefore, are in the will of GOD for them, bound up in the WORD by the WORD and by GOD. These scriptures must all be fulfilled perfectly, even to these brethren who are in the old wine, waiting for the new to appear. The new has appeared to us and we drink the new wine and have let go of the old. They do not yet have the new wine. When they are given the new wine, then will they be accountable for receiving or rejecting the new wine. Until then, they are captives of the WORD just as we are captives of the WORD.

4. PATIENCE. . . .The angel of patience is greatly to be desired. Patience is threatened by nothing. Patience is desirous of nothing. Patience is the acceptance of the things not seen as though they already are. Patience is seeing the invisible. Patience is not seeing the visible, but patience is seeing the invisible. Patience does not ignore obstacles, but eliminates them. Patience does not pursue after vanities of the flesh or the spirit. Patience does not resist change. Patience does not hunger or thirst for the flesh. Patience is temperate in all things. Patience is contented. Patience is a healthy mind. Patience is a fearless mind. Patience is a quieted heart. Patience is an energetic hope. Patience is forgetful of trespasses. Patience is a regarder of good, doing perfect works. Patience is blind to evil. Patience is not apathy; whereas apathy is death, patience is life. Patience pursues after life in the carnal, and in the spiritual. Apathy tempts GOD in all things, dying at a young age from intemperance's and indulgences. Patience is the pathway to perfectness. Patience when perfected, is perfect.

5. On understanding . . . Not all things can be understood, but all things can be believed.

9. On spiritual oppression . . . . . Some husbands demand a ‘serf’ instead of submission. This is very destructive, for no matter how hard the woman tries, she cannot please this type of a man, and she will always be treated as a ‘failure’ and feel like a ‘failure’ till she actually becomes the ‘failure’ being blamed in everything for being the cause of the marriage's collapse. This type will simply move on into new territories and new situations to demand his ‘serf’ to submit to all things. This type does not want a help mete. He wants his wife to kneel, to follow, to serve, and to labour. He is not interested in gaining a new part of himself to care for. He wants this new part to care for him in everything and all things, she being only an asset to him in all things. He wants to praise himself for all successes and blame her for all the failures.

10. On righteousness . . . . Believers deem being a Christian is casting all their righteousnesses on Christ to perfect. Christ is casting all things on us and taking nothing on Himself, He having already borne His cross of righteousness in this world, suffering for it even unto death. We are the ones who must bear His righteousness in ourselves. He does not bear ours, but we bear His. He has shown us the way. Now we must pick up His cross of righteousness and bear it ourselves. We must work out our own salvations.

12. On the Church . . .The men of the world do not understand nor give honour to their wives who without them they would not be what they are, have what they have, nor become what they become. Harlot church that she is, Christ would not become what He shall become if He did not have His church, even with all her disobediences, her uncleannesses, her harlotries, and her waywardnesses, and her usurpings.

That is why Christ yet loves His church, because she even in all of her sins has sustained Him on this earth, where-as without her He could not sustain Himself on this earth, for a wife is the life giver, the mother of children, and without her, there are no children. And so she bears her children to Him and then He takes the children and cares for them and disciplines them and brings them up under the nurturing of the rod.

It is a glorious hour for Christ. It is a glorious hour for the church. It is a glorious hour for the gospel. It is a glorious hour even for the world so enslaved by satan, for her salvation is also upon her, as corrupted and as diseased and war torn that she is, she is ripe unto harvest for the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords.

13. On forgiveness . . . .Forgiveness does not make right another’s sins toward us. It makes us right towards them. If one does not repent for their own sins, they cannot forgive another for their trespasses. Therefore, if one forgives, they are first forgiven. For only the forgiven, forgive. You will know if a soul is saved because that soul forgives all others all trespasses. You will know if you yourself are saved, and are passing from death into life, when you forgive trespasses, returning love for hatred, good for evil, taking no revenge, nor even justification. That is the fruit of salvation.

14. On weeping . . .The disobedient and rebellious are crying about material things and the obedient and faithful are weeping about spiritual things. GOD prunes away the material things to make way for the spiritual. For the same cup cannot hold both oil and water.

15. On trials . . .First, comes the calling of following. Then comes the trials of faith, trials of endurance, trials of love, trials of losses. And at the ending of these things stands the altar of sacrifice. Here, one lifts himself upon it, or he returns to the flesh and the world. It is at the altar of sacrifice that the testing of faith has its finality.

16. On sin . . . GOD having never sinned, shed His own blood to rectify it, to remove it, to cleanse it, and to forgive it.

17. On discernment . . . . Thereby know ye the lost and the redeemed, and those of Christ and those of satan. Convict the evil? They shall not be convicted. Convict the righteous. They shall praise Me, and thank thee.

The righteous will praise conviction and the evil will revile it. The righteous will praise repentance and the evil will despise it. The righteous will honour the lords and kings in the kingdom and the evil will castrate them from themselves as a diseased cancerous member. The righteous will sing joyful repentances to GOD for the servants of righteousness sent across their paths of salvation. But the iniquitous will despise every servant of Christ that judges iniquity. The iniquitous will accuse the righteous of being filled with judgeful hatred and will accuse the righteous of vengeance and unforgivenesses. The righteous have a petition that is heard and it is this. Grant me, O LORD, the petition of my salvation. And this petition is, forgive me my transgressions; grant me my daily bread; lead me in the paths of righteousness, and grant me righteous merciful judgment for my transgressions lest I perish.

20. On the Harlot Church . . .Jesus says, Come ye out of her lest ye partake of her plagues and judgments. That coming out of the harlot is tenfold. We have ten comings out. The first is coming out of the harlot. The second is coming out of the paths of judgments. The third is coming out of doomed vocations. The fourth is coming out of doomed relationships. The fifth is coming out of all carnal desires. The sixth is coming out of all trust in the brethren. The seventh is coming out of desiring even a pillow for the head. And the eighth is coming out of all thoughts or cares of this life. The ninth is coming out of the fear of death. These things are the ten essential spiritual oils in the lamps of the wise virgins, the tenth being coming out of the fear of men.

21. On Love . . .Love can do no harm to anyone. Love is not faith, nor is faith love. It does not matter if one has faith in GOD, for faith will not save. One must love GOD. The love of GOD is what saves and brings forth righteousness. Love far surpasses faith, having come through faith. Love trusts. Faith is always fearful, doubtful, anxious, cowardly, nervous, and fails. Peter’s faith failed him. Yet, love never fails. So then, Jesus did not ask Peter if he believed in him. Jesus said, Peter do you love me? Love alone is eternal, is eternal life.

It is not a question of faith. It is a question of love. Do you love Christ? Then you cannot sin against Him.

Love will not nor can sin against GOD or man. Staying in a state only of faith will not save anyone. Faith shall fail. Love shall not. Millions believe and in their believing shall perish because they will not move from faith to love and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisons, heal the sick. They do all manners of works, by faith, yet shall perish. They do not love. Though they believe, faith will not save them, for they are yet filled with the world, with self, with the flesh. That is why the demons and devils believe, yet shall perish, for they are filled with hatreds, angers, revilings, justifyings, and their true father is the devil, though they believe.

Therefore, if a man retains his life, he shall lose it no matter how much faith he has, for the requirement is, one must lay down the life to the brethren. One must! That is the requirement. Faith alone saves no man.

We are not saved by faith, but by love. Jesus said to the scribes and pharisees, You say you believe in Abraham? and in Moses? and in the scriptures? How could you, Jesus said? For if you did, you would love me.

Faith then, only brings us to believe in GOD, that He is. That is the beginning and also the ending of faith. Then love picks up that faith, doing away with it, and produces salvation. A man who walks all his lifetime in faith only, is fearful, anxious, doubtful, double-hearted, and in danger of damnation. Jesus did not have faith in GOD. He had love. He did not need faith. Those that do not love GOD need faith.

Now, through the door of faith must all men come. Yet, it is but a door once walked through that must close. To stand in the doorway of faith will eventually make even the strongest of legs give way and fall. Love follows. Love leaves the childhood of faith and moves on into sacrificial love. Faith is always taking and taking and demanding and demanding and love is always giving and giving and giving. Faith is always fleecing and testing and demanding to be given to. Love then is the testimony of salvation. Those born of God are born of love, and those born of God love those born of God.

22. The Hidden Life . . . . . .Our lives are hidden in Christ, having always to be sought out and followed after and more than anything else, never turning from that path that leads to life, that life that He has hidden, that in the ending we shall find also Him and our eternal life waiting. How can one walking the broad path of the world find Christ upon it? They will not! How can one following their own heart and flesh find Christ on that pathway? They cannot! They will not find the life Christ has for them by following after the world or the flesh, for Christ is not on that pathway. They miss Him. They have to get upon the pathway that has Christ on it, and that narrow path to life is the life that Christ has hidden for us in this world. That is the life we must find and few find that hidden life offered by Christ.

23. Being in place . . . Being in place is always looking to the good that is in our lives every day and dealing with the bad with wisdom, and with humility. I recall with that statement that when Mrs. Nixon died, Billy Graham said at her coffin, This woman was a gracious lady, bearing in her lifetime great humiliation and bearing it with dignity and honour most excellent. That is what the Word of the Lord said to her when it was written to her and recorded in The Little Book so many years ago, speaking of the tremendous suffering and sacrificing she had done with such honour and dignity. Another thing Billy Graham gave her honour for was her righteous silence and dignity when her life fell apart, she handling her sorrows with great grace.

30. WORKS . . . .We must come to hate our very lives, and that hating is realizing that futility of trying and striving to be accepted, to be approved of, to be exalted, to be worth something, for these things are idolatry. We must strive to have our comfort in works. We must strive to have our worth in works. We must joy in works. It is the work that is important. We are as a plow that plows a field. The field needs plowed. The farmer does not care if he has a jack-ass to pull a plow or is given a tractor to plow the field or even a shovel. Getting the field plowed, the work of plowing the field, is what is important. The plow is only important if it plows the field. The tractor is only important if it plows the field. The jack-ass is only important, if it pulls the plow that plows the field. We are unimportant to GOD, except we be faithful plows. The works that He has called us to do, that is what is important. That is what he is coming for, our works. He has given us all works, certain works to do. And He is coming to collect those works. The works are what is important. How blinded can we be? It is works alone that earn us rewards and crowns and even everlasting life. It is by works alone that a man is saved. For even works are the fruit of faith. If a man believes, he also has works.

31. THE MIRROR . . . .We look into the mirror and see what we are and see the truth and realize the truth, or so we say we realize it, and go away and immediately forget all about it, till the same strife comes into our lives again and we recall and look backward and see where we already realized that or came to know it, and then did nothing about it. How many sins are in our lives that GOD brings us face to face with day in and day out in the mirror of the Word or the Spirit, or in the mirror of the prophet, or in the mirror of rebuke, or in the mirror of chastisement, or strife, or contentions and we say, we realized it or should realize it and do something about it. Did we ever realize it at all to keep having to be realizing it? Or did we not accept it then, and do not now, and so it comes up again and again and again and keeps one in the first grade, never getting out of the first grade of salvation, never progressing any further than kindergarten even, getting set back a grade, never getting out of one and one are two, and getting on into higher learning's? Or is it we have been warring that mirror since our conversions, and warring truth since then, and warring against discipline, and warring against righteousness? For these are they that the scriptures say are ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth. In other words, they have never obeyed the truth and have never become one with it and learned it and went on into higher learning's and higher and higher elevations with the LORD. Where two or more are gathered together in His name, there is He in the midst of them. Gathering together in His name means gathering together in peace. He does not gather with two or more who are divided and squabbling and contending every day as to who is the greater one. Gathered together in His name is gathering in one Spirit, one faith, and one LORD.

32. Down come the merchandisers. . . . .How is it the church is not praying for the earths deliverance? its healing? its life? They are not praying for the healing of the nations because they have followed after a lying divination that says, up and out we shall go. Never shall the allusions and fantasies of the minds of men become reality. Their fears shall become reality. Their doubts shall become truth. Their unbelief's shall become a fire in the bosom of destruction. And their lies shall be their own downfall. Never has so great a kingdom risen so high to come down so swiftly from so far with such a great breaking in the earth, taking down with it merchants and great companies with the wealth's of the world.

33. From His Voice . . . . .I do not require you to love what I give you to bear, but I call you to bear it. I do not judge your hating what I have given you to bear, but I call you to suffer it. I do not demand you love or hate what you are given to do. I do command you to do what you are given to do, reluctantly, hatefully, lovingly, I care not. I do not care how much you make yourself suffer to do what I have given you to do. The suffering and the intensities of it are all in your own hands. You can diminish the pain or increase it. You can war what you need to do and hate it or you can quickly do those things you despise and get them out of the way and move on up to higher ground. Come up where I am and loose yourself from the cares and anxieties of this life and this flesh. It is up where I am that power dwells and the strength to say peace to the storm and it subside. Come up above the storms of life where the sun always shines and never sets. Ride the circle of the earth where the winds are ever blowing aside the doubts and fears that assail on every hand. Loose yourself from caring about caring about yourself.

1. The Spirit of Prophecy
2. Concerning the harlot churches
3. Faith
4. Patience
5. On understanding
6. On forsaking
7. On coveting
8. On prophesying
9. On spiritual oppression
10. On righteousness
11. On the love of Christ
12. On the Church
13. On Forgiveness
14. On weeping
15. On trials
16. On sin
17. On discernment
18. On looking back
19. On the judgment of wickedness
20. On the Harlot Church
21. On love
22. The Hidden Life
23. Being in place
24. Obedience
25. Survival
26. Today is the day
27. Forgiveness
28. Faith without works is dead
29 The WORD is not carnal
30. Works
31. The mirror
32. Down come the merchandisers
33. From His Voice
34. Insanity
35. Wisdom
36. Trust
37. The inside of the cup
38. Concerning passion
39. In defense of GOD
40. On offenses
41. On truth
42. On hope
43. On marriage
44. On pride
45. satan’s promise
46. On obedience
47. On sin
48. On change
49. On power
50. Love, the fruit of salvation
51. The plan of GOD
52. On praying
53. On commandments
54. Past but not forgotten
55. The fallen nature
56. The strength of hatred
57. Rights
58. The Ten Commandments of enduring faith
59. On cares of this life
60. On the LORD’s image
61. On eternal salvation
62. On restlessness
63. On contentment
64. On the WORD
65. On wantonness
66. On joy
67. To the daughters of GOD
68. On covenants
69. On the seeds
70. On the mind
71. Daughters, know yourself
72. A good tree
73. On trusting
74. On enduring to the ending
75. To endure
76. On reviling
77. On fear
78. Spiritual welfare
79. On lifting the cross
80. On feelings
81. On faith and trust
82. From the Spirit of Prophecy, Jesus, to a backslidden
83. On the tribulation
84. On the enemies of Christ
85. On intemperences
86. On inordinate affection
87. On cross bearing
88. On preparation
89. On repentance
90. On one mind
91. On the flesh
92. On depression
93. On the church
94. Some more thoughts on depression
95. And then there is anger
96. On meddling
97. On salvation
98. On the molestation
99. On the Spirit of Prophecy
100. On submission
101. On faith
102. Another word on depression

Excerpts Taken From Fruits Of The Tree Of Life, Book One Of Nine
Written By Martha ©