The Sparrows Nest

All of our soups are made from fresh ingredients, with fresh stock and meats,  and in this photo you are seeing one of the favorites, Vegetable Beef Soup  With Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes. The dessert is also a favorite which we  cannot make, so we buy the Oreo Cookies and serve them with Ice Cream.   With all of our soups and chowders you have the choice of biscuits, corn  muffins, crackers or home-made yeast rolls.  The side dish shown here is hard  boiled eggs and sliced fresh tomatoes, and a condiment made from a base of  mayo.  Iced tea goes super with hot soup.  We also have a choice of soft  drinks, orange juice, milk, coffee and of course, great water!   Not everyone  has great tasting water. You may substitute a cup of soup or chowder as a  vegetable choice to go along with any entree meal. Soup is a meal is our  motto!

Wanted to show you a few of our fantastic soups.  From front to back  you'll see right front, a cup of Chicken Soup With Fresh Vegetables &  Potatoes, front middle is a cup of Cream Of Potato Soup and we make this soup  with Baked Ham.  Front left is a cup of our Beef & Bean Chili, made with  Ground Sirloin.

Starting with the back right is a cup of our Beef  Vegetable Soup made with  Roast Beef, Vegetables & Potatoes, and the  middle soup is a cup of Seafood Chowder, with 3 kinds of Seafood. Back left is a cup of Dutch Style Chicken Corn Soup.

You will notice several  kinds of toppings for our soups. Some toppings are not even shown. A cup  of soup can be a choice of a vegetable.

Other soups on our menus are: Oyster Chowder, Oyster Stew, Butter Bean & Ham, Black Eye Pea & Ham,  Baked Ham with Cabbage & Potatoes, Pinto Bean & Ham, Cream Of  Chicken, Beef Noodle, Chicken Noodle, Chicken & Rice, Cream of Chunky  Tomato, Fresh Vegetable In Clear Broth,  South Carolina 4 Meat & Fresh  Vegetable, Southern Chicken Gumbo, Cream Of Shrimp, Shrimp Chowder, and these  are but a few of our soups.