The Sparrows Nest


For the seafood lover we prepare Scalloped Oysters! What a meal!  You  begin with a bowl of Beef Vegetable Soup. Then you'll enjoy a  pineapple/cheddar salad with special dip.  Then you will be ready to get  going on a plate of Escalloped Oysters, Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Hard Boiled  Eggs and Seasoned Stewed Fresh Broccoli. couple of biscuits keeps your  palate just looking for something more and we have something  more.

Here are our famous fresh fried doughnut holes, rolled in powdered  sugar, and an alternate choice is rolling them in cinnamon-sugar.

The  choices are yours to make from our daily menu of vegetables, drink  and dessert, and bread. You can mix up your bread basket with rolls,  biscuits, corn muffins, and yeast rolls. Our menu states the dinner price and how many vegetable choices come with each dinner, and then you do the  choosing. Of course you may choose any number of extra vegetables you desire, and soups and desserts are considered choices for vegetables.

Fried Ocean Perch is a popular mild tasting fish and we serve it up with Hush  Puppies, and 3 vegetable choices, but you can order extra vegetables also a  la cart. Our Soups and Desserts are considered vegetable choices. In this  favorite you see Cole Slaw, French Fries, Mixed Garden Vegetables, Corn  Muffins, and to finish this lovely meal is our famous stuffed Dutch Style  Sugarbread with Apples, topped with our warm home-made vanilla pudding. A  cool glass of refreshing iced tea is so good to wash down our hot salsa or cocktail sauce.  We also have other condiments for your fish that are not  hot. We have a Dutch-French, a Tartar Sauce, and a Casino Sauce all made  right in our kitchen....

This dish is comprised of just popcorn Shrimp, but for the Seafood Lovers, we  also have a Seafood Platter that has Popcorn Shrimp, Flounder, Perch,  and Fried Oysters, Hush Puppies, and your choices of vegetables, a drink,  and bread.  However, this dish in the photo has Popcorn Shrimp, Hush  Puppies, Cole Slaw, French Fries, Tartar Sauce, Seasoned Fresh Yellow  Squash, and our luscious Dutch Style Sugarbread Stuffed With Apples. Apples  always go very well with a fish dish.  A couple of corn muffins round out  this lovely meal along with a glass of iced tea. And of course any of the  Seafoods can be purchased as a single meal as well as four varieties on the  Seafood Lovers platter. We also grille shrimp, barbecue them, or prepare them  in a number of creamed dishes, and these creamed dishes are served over your  choice of rice, pasta, or noodles. 

One of my favorites is our stir fry shrimp with  fresh vegetables, and with it we serve up a stir fry rice with seasonings. If  you like it with an oriental flavour, we serve it with oriental seasonings along  with a side cup of oriental noodles and soy sauce. This dish is served in this  photo with our warm famous apple pie with a scoop of ice cream. A side dish of  sliced tomatoes and onions with lettuce and a special sweet & sour  vinaigrette just pleases the most picky diners without any complaints. A couple  of warm corn muffins with a cool glass of iced tea just makes this meal perfect  in every way.          

So many people love salmon, but salmon being a rather strong tasting  fish, turns many people from it and it is one of the most healthy foods we  can eat, recommended by doctors the world over for a necessity to good  health. We make salmon into a cutlet, and grille it to a golden brown.  We  have several sauces we use, a plain white cream sauce, a vegetable english pea sauce, a vegetable white sauce, a white meat tuna sauce, and several  others, or none if you prefer.  We serve our cutlets with a hard boiled egg  and sauce, which seems to be the most popular way. The cutlet can also  be served on a grilled bun with lettuce, tomato, mayo or tartar sauce.  Makes  a delightful sandwich.

Here it is served with a grilled potato cake  with melted cheese, and some glazed fresh carrots, and baby lima beans.  A  side order of sliced fresh tomatoes is excellent, along with a mayo based  topping.  Iced tea goes with about everything, and is the usual choice of  drink.

A couple of our yeast rolls makes this whole meal melt in the  mouth.  To start this meal is a bowl of cream of fresh broccoli soup, which  could also be used as a sauce on the cutlet, and to finish this meal is a  slice of our pound cake topped with apples and whipped cream. This is  a full meal, and more than ample, and we have just shown as much as we can to  show the varieties we have as side dishes to our dishes.

A delight for Shrimp Lovers is Shrimp prepared in a Newburg Sauce and  served over buttered seasoned Noodles. A side dish of peas and carrots, a  lovely crisp garden salad, served with a tangy Thousand Island Dressing  and crackers, tantalizes the taste buds as they enjoy the combination of  these foods that not only delight the taste but sit so, so lightly on the  stomach. The warm corn muffins complete the meal, but not yet totally as that  little sweet tooth has to have a slice of Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream.  This is a meal that sits like a feather on the tummy and though the drink is  Iced Tea, a cup of coffee will say ah! nice!

It is difficult sometimes as a chef to constantly create some new dishes for  those who always come back to see what's new on the menu.  This dish was an  instant hit with everyone, and in fact just today it traveled out to the  dining room for that one who wanted something special, a new taste. Now, a  plain fried perch and hush puppy dish went out to the same table for another  diner, but this gentleman wanted the stuffed ocean perch.

First we  fry golden brown an ocean perch fillet, and divide it, and then stuff it  with steamed fresh broccoli. Then we top it with melted cheddar, (real  cheddar). Then comes the fresh bacon (real bacon) crackles and chopped  fresh tomato.  As a side dish he chose fried fresh green tomatoes, and a  boiled potato with sour cream and chives.  A couple of biscuits and some  iced tea was his meal.

We stuff other fried OR grilled fillets as well,  and we also stuff them with a steamed fresh vegetable such as broccoli, or  zucchini or yellow squash.  We also have many kinds of sauces to top this  lovely dish instead of bacon crackles and chopped tomatoes. Now, just take  a real good look at that blackberry pie and ice cream!

I learned to  make pies from my brother who learned from my Mother how to make good pie  crusts, she passing down a family secret for a good pie with a crunchy  crust.. My Dutch cooking skills come from my Mother of course, but she got  them from her Mother who raised 9 children on a farm in Ohio all by herself,  and her name was Van Winkle, as Dutch as you can get. Mama's mother was 49  when my Mom was born the youngest of the nine 9 children and she weighed  only 2 pounds at birth and was not expected to live.  Now, a thought to  think upon.  All the abortions that never lived to bear their own children,  breaks the heart of many and makes heaven cry real tears at the murdering of  the unborn.  Thank GOD Mama's Mother bore her children, and thank GOD that  my Mama bore her children. You who read these pages, you are living  because a Mother chose to give you life when she could have chosen to give  you death.  Thanks Mom! Bear in mind that someone said, Man shall not  live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of  GOD.  So on our site and in our restaurant even where scripture plaques line  the very  walls, you are fed both kinds of bread of life, both kinds of  manna, heavenly  and earthly........