The Sparrows

Received In 1997 By Martha ©
Found In How To Cope Books Section, The Book Title, CULTS, Chapter 8


The scriptures say, The nation that forgets God, God shall turn into hell.

America voted into the highest office of this land an immoral man, a deceitful man, a man corrupted, a man filled to overflowing with lies in his mouth and sin in his hands. When this nation forgot God, God turned her over to judgment, tornadoes, floods, rains, cold, mildew, frosts, blights, rioting in her streets, fear in her workplaces, murderings, molestings, rapings, and again was she given a chance to put into the highest office of the land, a godly man, that her judgment would cease, and she again revived her judgment that shall increase upon her, bringing now earthquakes added to her judgments and plagues and pestilences, and war. God is not mocked, a nation shall reap whatsoever she sows. If she sows to corruption, she shall reap corruption.

The government of America has opened itself up to corruption, and by corruption shall she bring down her own household, bringing the nation to poverty and lack, and pollutions of her streams and rivers and lakes shall slay many, and fires and rioting and bloodshed shall fill her streets with blood. Insurrection shall inhabit her countryside, and terror her cities, and militia groups shall overthrow her highest places. Her sorrows have just begun, and her children and her women are at the mercy of wickedness and wicked men. God is not finished with America. He shall bring her down to her knees and bring down her lofty high places, and crime and murder and destruction shall erode and corrode her high places with shame and with imprisonment. Her ventures into space shall cease when catastrophic elements collide. Her poor shall rise up with violences. Her hungry shall steal to survive. And her rich shall hide in fear for their lives.

God shall cleanse America through judgment, and shall set her high on the earth as the saviour of the world. For in her borders are sheltered the election of God and they shall come forth in an hour of devastation and horror, and with power and anointing open up the gates of deliverance. Many cities shall be given to the flame, and many cities shall come down to rubble in the hour of God’s intense anger. America’s glory shall fade into forgetfulness and she shall go down and again rise up to perform the will of God. Let no man be deceived. At this day and this time, America is under the judgment and wrath of God for her iniquities.

Shelter yourselves in this hour of judgment, and be not highminded concerning position. Sudden destruction is the appointment of judgment in the ending of the world. Judgment comes that men might repent and be healed, and their land saved, renewed, and cleansed of iniquity. God has given her time to repent, and she would not, and time again to repent, and she has not. Therefore, shall America’s judgments increase and increase until she repents or perishes.

I do not want to speak these things, but I cannot be silent concerning those things I have seen and heard from the Holy Spirit. America shall grow weary of burying her dead, and she shall commit her ways back unto the LORD and He shall hear in that day her cry for mercy. For the sake of the elect within her borders, shall she be given mercy.

If you are too fearful to oppose iniquity, then stand with righteousness. This alone will give you the mercy of God under such a bombardment of judgments, that shall increase and with every passing day, springing forth another before healing has come for the former. As a nation, America must repent. She simply, must!

She has a destiny according to the scriptures to fulfill, with the statue of Liberty standing with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea, one arm raised up to the heavens with a torch in it of light, and the other clutching a book. The generation that has beheld this great wonder of the scriptures according to Revelation, knows that time is no more and that the world is fast approaching its cleansing and purification process, where all inquity shall be destroyed and righteousness remain. Pray for America! Pray for her repentance that judgment might be lifted from her.

For America has an appointment with the world to keep for the LORD Jesus Christ. For within her borders is every nationality of the world, every tongue, and every people. America has an appointment with the scriptures, and has an appointment with the destiny of the whole world, and America has a grave and severe responsibility to every soul on the face of the earth, she being the last hope for the redemption of the world, she having both the power and the resources to take the gospel to the world, as well as feed the starving masses. America is filled with sin from coast to coast, filled with greed from the least to the greatest, and filled with immoralities and perversenesses and devil worship. God shall cleanse her garments through judgment, and shall then bring her again to power that she might be obedient unto the book of life, and send forth her righteousness that men might be saved. God bless America!