The Sparrows

Book Three of Three
By Martha © 1996

Excerpts Taken From The Chastisement Of Our Peace
Book Three of Three
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Chapter 37 God Is Love

Tidbit: If a man vows unto God a vow, and then breaks that vow, he shall find no resting place in all of the earth. His life shall be one of not only chastisement but of sorrows and of insanity’s. He shall find neither rest in his flesh, nor peace in his spirit.

Tidbit: God will save any man who calls upon Him. Yet when that man calls, that man must also then answer to God. God’s salvation is a salvation that requires much, that demands much, that insists on much, and without these things, it is denied. God’s salvation requires a life given for the life received.

The more God loves, the less He is loved. The more He loves, the more He is hated. So is it with His servants. The more they love, the less they are loved, and the more they love, the more they are hated. For their love shows forth others’ hatreds. Their love shows forth others’ envy. Their love shows forth others’ angers against righteousness. Their love shows forth others’ hatred for the truth. Their love shows forth others’ rebelliousness’ toward righteous works. Their love shows forth others’ lust for the flesh. Their love shows forth others’ sluggardliness’. Their love shows forth others’ damnation’s. Their love shows forth satan’s image upon those who use them, abuse them, revile them, mock them, and step upon them.

The elect shall not always be trodden under the foot of those that hate Christ. The elect shall not always be down under. The elect shall not always be as a biscuit on the bottom of the heap. The elect shall not always be the last one to the table when there is little left. The elect shall not always wear the castaways of those who appreciate not what they have. The elect shall not always be the servants of those abusers of mankind. The elect shall be sought out simply for the truth. The elect shall be sought out simply for kindness’. The elect shall be sought out simply for a cup of water or a slice of bread. The elect shall be sought out, a City on a hill, and a storm on the horizon in a parched, barren, dry land. The elect shall be sought out for but one thing unequaled in the history of the world, WISDOM. For those who are meek, tempered by the rod of God, molded by the scourging of the Word, caged by the Holy Spirit, scrubbed by the world, scarred by hell, shall inherit the all things.

Tidbit: Reconciling is simply asking for forgiveness, and forgiving when asked.

When we look at the world, God’s love seems to have been misplaced. And when we look at the destruction, and the decay, and the corruption of the earth itself, the pollution of the land, the sea, and the air, we wonder how long till the love of God is manifested in the earth. For all that we see, all that we hear, all that we know, every newspaper and every news cast being filled with murdering, and rapings, and bombings, and death and bloodshed around the world in every nation without exception, makes us hunger to see the face of God appear. We long to see peace. We long to see righteousness flourish. We long to see nations at peace, and nationalities at peace with one another, with honour, respect, and tolerance of all of the many differences. How is this to be seeing as men despise and hate one another, supposedly having in the beginning been created in the image of God? This is not God that we see. We may be seeing a god, but not God. For the god of this world, the power of evil, is not the God that created everything good.

For God is love, and this god that we see is not love, but is hatred. Where, therefore, is the love of God? And where can it be found? For vengeance have the courses of this world been deluded and misled and misinformed concerning the love of God. For God does not love evil. God does not love wickedness. God does not love iniquity. If God loved evil, He never would have cursed Adam and Eve for disobeying Him. God does not love sin. So all that we see in the world, all the bloodshed, all the hatred, all the iniquity, all the wickedness’, all the perversions, are fruits of sin. The world is reaping what it has sown for generations, and that reaping is destroying the earth as well as every soul in the world. Each generation reaps what the preceding generation has sown in the earth. And add generation to generation to generation of evil, and thousands and thousands of years of evil, it shall only increase and increase into more iniquity and more evil. What is going to stop the course of destruction for the world? Men are insane with power, and greed, and perversions, and sensuality’s. What is going to step in and change the course of events before iniquity destroys all and everything?

It is written that God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but should have everlasting life. It does not say that God so loves the world, but that God so loved the world. There was a time that God loved the world. Before sin entered into the world, God loved the world. Men are misguided. God does not love sin. Jesus said, If you love me, my Father will love you. Jesus, God’s Son, shed His blood on Calvary to cleanse the world of sin. Jesus said, Because love shall grow cold, shall iniquity abound. God loved the world in the beginning. Everything was good! God created everything good! Then God cursed man and the world, every plant, every animal, and everything in the world, did God curse. One does not curse what one loves. One blesses what one loves. So God, desiring to love the world again, and to remove its curse, sent His Son, Jesus Christ into this world, to cleanse it, that He might forgive all flesh every transgression, and that the fulness of His love could once again be showered on the world. Yet, the world crucified His Son, and slayed His Son, even after God took full responsibility for the sins of the world, granting pardon to the whole world for sin and iniquity. If God so cursed the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, what do you consider the course of events has been since the crucifying of His Son? Is the world blessed? Or has the world been cursed? Has Israel been blessed? Or has Israel been cursed?

The world crucified Christ, and God turned the world back over again to satan and all his forces, and what now can be said for its destined course? It is destined for diseases, plagues, wars, bloodshed, the courses of nature becoming more violent and more violent, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, heat blasts and cold unimaginable, as prophesied out of the mouth of Christ. Judgment! Wrath! All of these things come from the crucifying of Christ Jesus.

Israel turned Christ over to the Gentile to put Him to death, and what do Gentiles, corrupt men, do with virgins? Because of this atrocity, God despised Israel with a great despising, and to this day, has turned His back upon her. Israel has no God. Now God despises the Gentile, for the Gentile is corrupted above any corruption that Israel was corrupted with. She has become a spiritual whore, having become a merchandiser of the goods of this world, having become a harlot, unclean, and the house, the cage, the protector of every foul spirit of sin. Because love has grown cold, iniquity abounds.

Where is the love of God? It is still in the blood of Jesus Christ. And the blood of Jesus Christ is holy blood, shed for the sins of the world. God’s love is toward those that love Jesus Christ. It is written, If any man love not Jesus Christ, let him go to hell! Let him be damned!

All the wickedness is in the world because the world does not love Jesus Christ. It seems millions do love Jesus Christ, for the gospel is preached in every nation. Yet there are millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of people who do not love Jesus Christ, who love iniquity, and sin, and sensuality’s, and these are the millions that control the world, that bring curses upon curses and wrath’s upon wrath’s upon this world that God so loved. And for all the curses, and all the wrath’s, and all the earthquakes and tornadoes and winds and rain and floods and all the plagues and diseases, men will not repent!

God is love! He will redeem those born of His love and He will damn those born of hatred. God so loved the world He paid the ultimate price, the shed blood of His own Son. The earth is accountable for the slaying of God’s Son, and shall be brought before His throne of judgment. Jesus said, Repent or perish! We must pray, night and day pray, that God will have mercy, and pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, that they might repent. Without the Spirit, there is no repentance. And without repentance, there is no salvation. And without salvation, there is no love from God.

How is it that men deem God loves everyone? He opens up the earth and swallows up thousands! That is love? That is wrath! He sends the flood waters to destroy the crops and lives as well. That is love? That is wrath! He sends pestilence and plagues. That is love? That is wrath! God destroyed the earth with a flood, and saved from His wrath, but eight righteous souls, including Noah. God saved the righteous. He destroyed the wicked. And He so loved His world, He saved some of all of His creatures, to again fill the earth with all His animals that He so loved when He created them. The wrath’s of God are being poured out upon the world because of its iniquities, and because God does not love the world. God loves His own. God cares for His own. And God shall redeem His own, the because of His great love toward any who love Him. God does not love those who hate Him, who despise Him, those who break His commandments. Wrath is not appointed to the righteous, but the wicked, for God loves the righteous and despises the wicked. Repent or perish is the commandment from the beginning, and it is the commandment in the ending!

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Excerpts Taken From The Chastisement Of Our Peace
Book Three of Three, Written By Martha ©