The Sparrows

Book Two of Three
By Martha © 1996

Excerpts Taken From The Chastisement Of Our Peace
Book Two Of Three
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Chapter 20 The Mind, The Spirit’s Enemy

Sufficient every day are the battles that come against the horror chambers of a man’s fears. For if faith has any ability to sustain one at all, being but a myth and an unseen commodity of mystery, it is this, that it will cause a man to endure with strength and determinations, and will cause him to stand in Christ no matter what the unseen and unknown maladies of every day might bring. In that sense, faith is faith if allowed to flourish into endurance and strength added already unto an obedient mind, heart, flesh and soul. In that wise, faith is an asset, and not a hindrance, for many say they have faith and by their own backslidings prove themselves liars and by their disobedience’s prove themselves idolaters of great measure, and by their continual intemperance’s mock a God that says, Pick up your cross every day and deny the flesh.

But men covet the flesh and plan great intemperance’s and pleasures and times of lustings and times of letting down the armour to pleasure the flesh, and the mind, and sit when they ought to stand, and lie down when they ought to sit, and walk when they ought to run, and lie awake when they ought to sleep, and play when they ought to work, and there is no temperance in them, anywhere, they rather loving the sensuality’s of the mind and the flesh. They are in love with the idolatry of the flesh and the will of the mind.

So the inbuilt conscience accuses and the wickedness’ of the mind, then excuses, justifies, finds reasons and purposes to everything, conditioning and exercising the mind in personal idolatries, of which there is no escape from their terrible and disastrous reapings. For this is that hardening process of rebellion and anger and death that works in our members, that law of sin and death. Therefore, we are commanded to be renewed or converted or regenerated or sanctified in our very minds themselves, lest we perish in unbelief, calling it faith. For there is a rebellious hardening in the spirit to faith, working in us through knowledge alone, and not through the conscience that saves.

So then, if faith, if it be a faithful faith, causes endurance’s and persistent perfection’s and constant victories and continual overcomings, this is that faith that Christ said, Peter, I pray your faith fails you not. For if you truly are chosen, your salvation shall not fail you nor you it. For if a man’s salvation fails him, or his faith ceases to produce obedience unto righteousness’, and peace, and love, he has been rejected for salvation and will return the way of perdition, having only a knowledge and a hardening to his faith that produces no fruits unto eternal life of the which is temperance in all things, abiding upon the vine in perfected works, perfected truth, perfected obedience’s to the Word of God, and perfected love toward man and God, and perfected peace toward man and God, and perfected denials of the lusts of the flesh.

For a man filled with righteousness is no longer filled with faith, faith having died through obedience. For a man no longer believes in that which he has attained to and possesses. Faith, therefore, is simply the will of a man being possessed by a want, and it will want and want for it till it possesses its wantings. So Jesus was saying, Peter, I pray you will always desire the Kingdom of God and pursue it and not fail till you attain it and gain it, and then after the attaining can stand all the sorrow with the attaining and all the hatreds and rejections and sufferings in its boundaries and containment’s. Jesus said to Peter, When you are converted, strengthen your brethren.

For if a man loves God, he must also accept that new creation he has been made into by the Spirit of God, that newness, that new man, that man of the Spirit, that is so despised by everyone and hated always by all. He must love also that man he is molded into, that image of Christ. He must love that new image of righteousness and truth, no matter what the cost is to him.

For as Christ said, A man must come to hate his very self, his very life. For a man passes through that state of being separated from his flesh itself, after he has been separated from the world and all it contains. He is formed into the vengeance and wrath of God against all ungodliness and he hates that man he has been formed into that despises the wickedness’ of his own self as well as all men and hates the corruption’s of men’s minds and hearts with an intensity, and he becomes a hatred even to his own self, feeling he loves no man, nor God either, for this monster that he has been formed into. He is filled to overflowing with angers unnumbered. He judges himself as well as others, and discerns both the evil and the good, and there is no rest to his judgments, his angers, and the castings off that all men of flesh do unto him, he being formed into the Word of righteousness, and carnal men despise the Word of God and those who minister it and more so with hatred, despise those who are formed into it.

So therefore, a man must come to hate his own self knowing that this hatred of what he is even toward his own self is evidence of his very transformation into the living Word of God in flesh on this earth, and is a testimony in flesh of the Word and of Christ. A man comes to hate that he is no longer carnal but spiritual, having no fellowship anymore with any one. He feels separated from Christ through his own angers at what he has become and his righteousness feels wicked to the flesh, being a foreigner to that law of sin and rebellion that dwells in the flesh itself. He has been formed into the image of Christ and despises it, hating it, for it separates him from all men, and ostracizes him from all flesh. They abhor him and the sound of his voice and say, I cannot stand him. And they say, I hate you. This is a heavy burden to the flesh, and it is here that a man’s faith will fail if it is going to fail, this being hated by all men.

For even those who love you will abhor your presence at times, and those who love you will separate themselves from you at times, and even those you love and love you will at times resent you bitterly. For they want you to be carnal and not spiritual. When they are carnal they want you to be carnal and when they are spiritual they want you to be spiritual. When they are hungry they want fed and when they are not hungry, they want your silence. They want to pipe to you and you to dance for them. They will especially despise you because you are never out of the Spirit and give them no peace when they are in the flesh. So then, you must not only love this new creature you have been made into through the Spirit of Christ, but must all the more nurture and protect it, and abstain from every lust of the flesh that would war it to destroy it. Through temperance’s, denials, and disciplines, you must care for it. For after the loss of all things, comes the unmistakable denial of the flesh that must be lifted as a cross every day lest it live again and destroy the kingdom of righteousness that has been given. If a man hates his own life, his own righteousness, let him pass through this image quickly, lest it overthrow him in sorrow too great for him. Let not this image possess you but let it bring you upward into the power that is now appointed because this is that last faith necessary for the glory of God to cloak you. So then, learn wisely that that you must learn, and lose not what you gain, for gain is built upon gain.

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Book Two of Three
Written By Martha © 1996