The Sparrows

Book One of Three
By Martha © 1996

Excerpts Taken From The Chastisement Of Our Peace
Book  One Of Three
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Chapter 1 How Shall We Escape?

After we repent, after we believe, after we become baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ, after we become molded into His image, after we become conformed to His mind, after we become righteous, after we become scourged unto salvation, after we become bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh, then comes the chastisement of our peace upon us. For our Saviour, Jesus Christ, suffered the chastisement for us, and this chastisement passes on down unto us as it was laid upon Him.

To show forth how iniquitous flesh is, the righteousness of GOD appeared in the flesh in the form of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And the chastisement of our peace, the chastisement of our salvation, was heaped upon this blessed hope, this eternal life, this immortality, He that descended down from heaven into this world through the virgin womb of Mary. Jesus being birthed through a woman, conceived by the Holy Spirit, brought up on the WORD and the Spirit, being circumcised a Jew, coming to manhood and appearing unto Israel, the lost sheep, and being despised, hated, betrayed and crucified, the grave being unable to hold his body, death being powerless to retain Him, this same Jesus is our chastisement of peace. What He suffered, we suffer. What He endured, we endure. What He accomplished, we accomplish. What He did, we do. What He spoke, we speak. We are seeds of His chastisement in this world, sown into the world through Him, we being receivers of the same covenant of life, we being receivers of the same covenant of death, and the same covenant of the resurrection.

Chapter 2 The Pity Of Self

Self-pity. . . .the anatomy of a child. What is to be said for it that could possibly be good? Self-pity first comes from an unthankful heart, an ungrateful mind, a rebellious mouth, and a flesh full of sins’ lusts that are denied, bringing forth endless angers towards the laws of righteousness.

Self-pity comes forth from a lover of this world and all it contains, first beginning with esteem, then pride, then exaltation, then unbrokenness, then lust, then inordinate affections, then fondlings, and then every form of anger, small and great, till the flesh is consumed in its outward shell with hatreds, angers, tears, frustrations, pains, sicknesses, the flesh bearing the fruits of the inward corruption’s of continued hardenings to obedience’s that alone can save and deliver from sin, creating righteousness. If a man deceives himself that he is obedient, he shall enter continually into the outer man, the inward man being so corrupted he cannot stand to abide in it, so he seeks the lesser of the two evils he must live with, where the lesser pain is, the outer being more righteous than the inner so that is where he dwells.

The pity of self is the work of a child, the spirit of a child.

A child will pity himself if he has to forfeit his toys, share his toys, he being selfish.
A child will pity himself when he must share his mother and father with new-born children.
A child will pity himself that he must clean up after himself.
A child will pity himself if he has no friends.
A child will pity himself if he must learn anything, he only wanting to play.
A child will pity himself if he is tired.
A child will pity himself if he has to get up.
A child will pity himself if he has to go to bed.
A child will pity himself if he cannot do what he wants to do.
A child will pity himself if he has to do something he hates to do.
A child will pity himself if he cannot eat what he wants to eat.
A child will pity himself if he cannot do what others are allowed to do.
A child demands all things, pitying himself when turned away from or rejected.
A child will pity himself if another receives praise and he does not.
A child will pity himself if another is loved and he is not.
A child will pity himself if he must do something others do not have to do.
A child will pity himself if he must share anything.
A child will pity himself if he is told to do anything that he does not want to do.
A child will pity himself when told no.
A child pities himself when corrected and hardens himself to correction. A child pities himself all the day long, for a child only thinks of himself, having no other thought except for his own self.
A child has no other thought for someone else unless it is to gain something for himself.
A child is always a liar.
A child dwells continually in deceits, in lies, in misconceptions, in daydreams, in unreality, in rejectings of the truth, in surmisings, in play things, in hoping for miracles, in thinking of fantasies, in making his own world what he wants it to be, pitying himself because it cannot be nor will be the fruits of his dreams, perfect in his sight unto his self alone.
A child pities himself always being told what to do and what not to do.
A child pities himself because the world does not bow to his every whimper.
A child never will clean up after himself, never will clean up his own messes, never will care about anything beyond his present state of being, never caring about another’s sufferings, or distresses, he being unbothered even by the dead, caring nothing for the living, thinking all the while of the ever present, I.

A child’s body will grow and mature into adulthood, taking upon itself all the passions of the flesh, yet retaining all the aspects of a child, having need of learning and maturing in the mind. When we become born again in Christ Jesus, we are spiritual new-borns, babies, children. Spiritual children are like carnal children in all their ways, transferring to the spiritual all the aspects of a child. If a person comes to adulthood never having matured in the carnal, in the mind, in the matters of this flesh and this world, it is impossible for him to mature spiritually in the mind, but will ever be only a child, both carnally and spiritually. Jesus said, John 3:12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? An undisciplined carnal child will remain an undisciplined spiritual child. Therefore, being spiritual children, we are scourged, chastened, disciplined and instructed into the spiritual things, that we might become sons and daughters of God. If we do not receive these chastisements and corrections from our heavenly Father, we will never be anything except a selfish child, both in spiritual things and carnal things, and we are called by the scriptures, bastard children. For a child is ever thinking only one thing, to get away to do his own thing. He will not endure in the kingdom of God or in the carnal world in which he lives, but shall be unfaithful in all things. He will go from job to job, wife to wife, husband to husband, being unstable in all his ways, being contented in nothing for very long, being a wayward child. From such, turn away.

For a child is ever busy trying this and trying that, loving with a lust something and gaining it only to discard it as being the thing unworthy of him. How can a child sacrifice himself for others? He will not. He cannot. A child has no endurance, nor patience, and only through endurance’s, and only through patience’s, can anything good ever be wrought, either carnally or spiritually.

A child is ever thinking himself something great, and everyone else so small. A child is ever thinking, I deserve the best. A child is ever being what he dreams himself to be in his inward fantasies. A child dwells in the fantasy life, in the dream life, in the life that lies outside the realm of truth and reality, manufacturing dreams and fantasies to cope with this present world, in all of its horrors, all of its pains and sorrows, and all of its responsibilities.

A child more than anything else, hates responsibilities, for responsibilities are that mystery of God that crucifies the self, crucifies sin, crucifies evil, crucifies the will, crucifies the heart, crucifies most of all, the flesh, the passions of lusts, purifying the mind. Of course, satan despises those who love responsibilities and love burdens, for these are those born of the love of God Himself, hating this present world, having chosen that narrow better way to life, burdens, crosses, achievements, overcomings. To him who overcometh only is every promise of scripture written. To him who continues in the word, is the promise of freedom.

Chapter 10 We Must Be No Fool

The self-exaltation spirit causes a man to both revile and be offended. If a man believes the WORD of God, it is but the beginning of his search but if he believes it not, he has sealed his own soul in death.

The greatest wisdom attainable to a mind, is always being ready to hear, and to listen, and to contemplate, and to discern. A man sitting on the fence between two pastures will have the vision vantage point to see into which pasture the bull will ravage and destroy, and into which pasture he can run to make his escape, both pastures being the same. The wise leave not the fence, until they know where that bull is.

Only a fool believes without sight. Faith is not believing without sight, but faith is believing because of sight. Faith stands upon sight, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, precept on precept, building itself into a tower that is indestructible though all hell assail against it. Faith does not stand upon illusions, but on fact and truth. Jesus said, We speak what we know. Faith could not bring to visibility those things not seen unless it were already a possessor of the knowledge of the invisible. That is not an illusion then nor a mystery. Faith then only sees things before they happen, not causing them to happen at all. For ill gotten faith cannot bring into existence a lie, that which is not seen by faith. Neither is God ruled by the foolishness’ of men’s ill gotten faith. Righteous faith therefore, sees those things that cannot be seen, but actually are in existence. All the prophets recorded was that which they already saw in the existence of time. They spoke what God had already determined to do and to bring into being.

Tidbit: Keep a tight rein on humility, for offenses slay humility, and anger is the bedfellow of fear.

The Fool . . . ..What is a fool, exactly? A fool exactly, is one who is walking in his flesh, leaning to his own understandings, establishing his own mind as a god, sowing discord through pride, a destroyer of peace.

  1. A fool will not hear wisdom and neither desires to hear it.
  2. A fool calls his foolishness’ wisdom and shuts out any hearing.
  3. A fool sows discord like an ass running wild in the wheat field, knocking all the precious seeds from the stalk into the ground, cutting them off from the life of the root.
  4. The seeds of a fool take root and grow anyway into more wheat, yet the purity of the plant is ruined and the father and mother plant destroyed, and the purity of the wheat as well.
  5. The plants are continually being destroyed and all the seeds remain young and perishable plantings, never maturing because of the antics of the ass.
  6. A fool follows no one but his own self, all things being right to him.
  7. A fool is as a goat, never caring about anything or anyone but his own appetites.
  8. A fool is ever busy concocting ways to be a fool.
  9. A fool is ever complaining no one cares about him when he cares only about his own self.
  10. A fool is ever judging falsely sins of others and exalting his own sins as mistakes or misjudgments.
  11. A fool is ever turning the behind to everyone else, whining, cursing, sowing anger and childish words everywhere, not caring they set hell on fire provoking all, casting all into the angers of the flesh.
  12. Any man who stands with a fool is the greater fool.
  13. A man who constantly reproves a fool will come to despair, hardening the fool into more evil and foolishness, and will send that soul to hell in a golden casket.
  14. A fool regards the Word of God as hard to obey and his own words perfect, and his own words greater.
  15. A fool demands the word serve him all the blessings and mercies saying, I am worthy, and I obey.
  16. A fool is ever saying in his heart, I am ignorant, and I am stupid, and I am unworthy, yet with his own mouth betrays his own esteem and pride with reviling and justification.
  17. A fool is a double hearted man, and you know a double hearted man has no salvation in him, he being of both spirits, evil and good.
  18. A fool despises correction and will not receive it.
  19. A fool reviles correction and will not hear it.
  20. A fool stands upon a mountain top in a storm defying the lightning to strike him.
  21. A fool’s mouth will slay even the most righteous.
  22. A fool’s mouth is to be shunned, and the Word of God says, Admonish a fool but once or twice and then let him perish.
  23. It is written, If a man loves not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be cursed and damned.
  24. Only a fool loves not the Word of God.
  25. Only a fool hates Christ.
  26. Only a fool defies God.
  27. Only a fool hardens himself in angers unrepentable.
  28. Only a fool has an excuse for everything he thinks and says, and does, his truth ever as an ass braying in the wind, never knowing where the wind will take his sound.
  29. A fool is as one who cuts wind saying it smells good.
  30. Does not the Word of God say, A man who reviles and justifies is of evil yet having satan as his father? I did not say it. Christ Jesus said it.
  31. Adam knew God would confront him concerning his sin. He already had his reviling prepared and his justification and blame prepared.
  32. Eve knew not she would be confronted, yet did she blame it on another and revile God and transfer the blame of her sins to satan’s deceiving her. God did not except reviling in the beginning. He even less accepts it now.
  33. To willingly disobey the Word of God and then justify the disobeying of it is damnation manifested and judgment agreed upon, and anger sealed in the mouth of the reviler and justifier, they being twins of the same womb.
  35. A fool being an ass without a head, having both his ends filled with excretions and filth’s, both ends of his body being as unclean as the other, exalts himself over God continually through reviling.
  36. Who does a fool revile? Only one greater than himself that fills him with envy, pride, exaltation, and hatred.
  37. A fool does not honour the Word of God, nor those who bear it.
  38. A fool does not repent, cannot repent, but has hardened himself through prideful angers.
  39. It takes a great one midst the school of fools to manifest who is a fool.
  40. How is it the scribes and Pharisees were reviling fools? They simply would not submit to the great one in their midst. They simply would not hear, nor listen to the words of His mouth.
  41. Now we are back to the beginning, the ending being the same. A fool hears no one but his own self. He is without a witness to his wisdom. He will not hear one who is of wisdom.
  42. A fool loves many things, but himself the greatest.
  43. Jesus said, Fools follow fools and both fall into the ditch.
  44. No blind man can follow one who has sight, for he cannot see him nor where he comes from nor where he goes.
  45. A fool is filled with pride. So then, again, why did the scribes and Pharisees slaughter Christ? Because of pride, hateful pride, reviling Him constantly to provoke him to hatred and anger, of the which He could not be provoked to hatred.
  46. Again, why did the scribes and Pharisees revile Christ? To find sin in him, and provoke him to angry sin and hatred against them.
  47. Why did the scribes and Pharisees try to find sin in Christ? So they could reject him and cast him aside as not being the Messiah; so they could exalt themselves; so they could excuse their sins; so they could be something great; so they could hate and justify it.
  48. Woe to the fools, for there is no hope for them to become wise, for they are already arrived and something in their own eyes.
  49. A fool always offers works only and not obedient faith, despising the righteousness of the Word of God. Who then does a fool hate? God Himself, of course.
  50. Does not the Word of God say that the love of God is perfected only in those who obey it? No man can love except he obey first, the Word of God that perfects love in human flesh. For God is love and those born of God are born of love. A fool sees no value in obeying the Word of God. He is therefore a lying hypocrite to faith, to love, he being a wolf, a bastard child, a goat, and filled with lusts. Beware of fools in sheep’s clothing that believe that they can fool you and fool God as well.

Chapter 1 How Shall We Escape?
Chapter 2 The Pity Of Self
Chapter 3 We Must Serve The Sheep
Chapter 4 We Must Sanctify Ourselves
Chapter 5 We Must Be Peacemakers
Chapter 6 We Must Deny Ourselves
Chapter 7 We Must Be Without Deceit
Chapter 8 We Must Daily Pick Up Our Own Cross
Chapter 9 We Must Not Deny The WORD
Chapter 10 We Must Be No Fool
Chapter 11 We Must Obey The Spirit
Chapter 12 Following Reveals The Truth
Chapter 13 The Zeal Of Christ For His Father’s House
Chapter 14 Righteousness Is A Hungering And A Thirsting
Chapter 15 Choosing Who To Follow
Chapter 16 Finding The Will Of God
Chapter 17 Drinking The New Wine
Chapter 18 Understanding Judgment
Chapter 19 The Forgiven, Forgive

Written By Martha © 1996