The Sparrows

Excerpts From Book Two Of Two
By Martha © 1998
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Chapter 5 Time Is Uncertain, Events Are Not!

There are several things we must understand. First, we must understand that the times and seasons of all things are held securely in the hands of the Father, and these times and seasons are known only to Him. Jesus speaks of watches, or preparations, or outpourings of the Holy Spirit in which the world is readied and brought to an awareness of the seriousness of being prepared for not only the ending of things, but of judgment, wrath, damnation, and death. He speaks of three distinctive watches in the gospels, in which the ending could occur, and these watches are prepared in the earth to fulfil the words of Jesus. Because time is in the hands of the Father alone for the ending of all things, Jesus speaks of many signs and events to watch for, no man knowing the day, nor hour, nor watch, nor time. As sin with time accelerates and increases and increases, likewise do the judgments of sin accelerate and increase and increase with each passing year. Jesus speaks of even a fourth watch, and in the speaking of it does not say whether or not the watch itself will be successful in bringing forth fruit. For many times does Jesus speak parables of the tarrying of the Son of Man to return to the earth. Because of God’s mercy, the ending tarries. Because of God’s love that no soul perish, the ending tarries. When wickedness brings an ultimate ending more rapidly than is allowable for the saving of souls, time will be shortened and the ending come. It shall be sudden, and without warning, because men have not heard, and if they have heard, they have not heeded the calling of the Spirit of God to repentance.

When I consider the scriptures, I realize in the days of Pharoah, when God delivered the children from the bondage of Egypt, the first plagues and judgments fell on the children of Israel as well as the inhabitants of Egypt. Likewise, in the ending, the first plagues and judgments shall fall upon the saved and damned alike, and God’s heart travails for the coastal areas upon which hurricanes and water shall bring deaths and destruction’s. And God’s heart travails in sorrows as judgments fall all over the earth, bringing home into His hand even His own children. There shall come a time when there is a separation between God’s children and the devil’s children, but just as in the days of the delivering of the children of Israel out of Pharoah’s hand, shall the endtime judgments be, that the first of the tribulation with its judgments and plagues and severe storms, earthquakes, and sorrows, shall fall on the whole world, even the children of God.

We are taught by Jesus to pray this prayer. . .Our Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed is thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. . . .The Kingdom shall descend back down into the earth and draw into it all those who desire to enter into it, and it shall descend before the ending of the world. When the Word of God spoken in heaven has been fulfilled in the earth, then shall the Kingdom appear. When the will of God that is purposed in heaven is fulfilled in the earth, then shall the Kingdom appear. We continue to pray . . .Give us this day, our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen. Those who have right to enter into the City of God that is descending down into the world, and eat of the Tree of Life, shall be delivered from evil, healed of sin, and shall forgive and shall be forgiven.

God is not going to destroy the earth, or re-create the earth, or regenerate the earth, before first descending down into the earth in power and glory once again, firstly to declare to Israel her salvation in Christ Jesus, and secondly, to yet save all who will call on the name of Jesus Christ for eternal life, of every nation, and tongue, and people on the face of the whole earth. The whole earth shall behold the Son of Man come in power and glory, reaping the harvest of living souls, sealing the saved, and sealing the damned, and then the ending, when the great resurrection is called up, and the dead appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Does not any man have any understanding, that the judgment seat of Christ was established and is established in this earth? The scriptures, the Word of God, is that judgment, and every soul born since the beginning of time shall appear before that judgment seat, even Moses, even Daniel, even Isaiah, even Enoch, every soul, righteous or wicked, shall stand before that judgment seat of Christ. The Word that is in the earth shall judge every living soul, and every Word shall be judged by that same One who died on Golgotha, yet lives for evermore.

The laws of righteousness and the judgments for disobedience’s that were given to Israel, are enforced by God in this day and hour, for in Christ did God remove from men the burden of the law, placing back into His own hands the enforcement of those laws. Those who commit adultery are not stoned. Those who curse their mothers and fathers are not stoned. Those who smite their mothers and fathers are not put to death. Those who lay with beasts are not put to death. Those who lay with their own kind are not put to death. These are all laws of the old testament, of the which the LORD GOD shall institute the judgments of, for the law and its judgments were taken out ot the hands of men, they all being thieves and robbers of righteous and just judgment, justice having forsaken their hearts for the praises of men and for the injustices of greed and power. So the Father in His own wisdom took from men the curse of sin and placed that judgment into His own hands to perform, vowing unto His own righteousness that the soul that sins, shall die, shall perish. So God in Christ Jesus has made that escape from the law for every soul born, that none need to perish. The law is the judge of all sin, and the law is in the hands of the Father. And the Father shall use spiritual judgments, shall use heavenly judgments, as well as use the laws of the land to do judgment, He holding the hearts of the Kings in His hand. He shall issue forth judgment Himself, and no man shall escape the eternal judgment of his sins, except by the blood of Jesus Christ. The Father Himself sent His Son into the world, that the world through Him might not perish, but be saved. Jesus Christ Himself, the only begotten Son of God, shed His blood on the hill of Golgotha, and the Father in Christ took the penalty of the law of sin and death for every soul.

Because of sin, because sin rules and reigns over men, men have no righteousness to issue forth just judgment with mercy, with love, with justice, and with a compassionate understanding of the sins of the flesh, for all sin, and all have sinned, and all flesh fails the glory and righteousness of God. Whereas in the days of Christ where the elders were going to stone the woman under the law that was caught in the very act of adultery, whereas the law said both the man and the woman were to be stoned, the Jew was partial in judgment. This generation being seven times more evil than the generation in the days of Jesus Christ, not only will not give just judgment, will not issue righteous judgment, it is a vengeful generation. This generation does not seek justice, nor a just settlement of sins’ accountings, but seeks unjust vengeance’s in their own behalf, even to the detriment and hurt of others, even the innocent. This generation is far beyond justice for the rights of victims. They want justice, plus judgment, plus vengeance, and added to these things, compensations greater than the transgression. The abuse of the law is in the minds of the transgressors, and the vengeance of the law is in the minds of the transgressed. It is an evil, adulterous, unrighteous, wicked, greedy, and covetous generation, this last generation of man. Understand it well! The law that says a child honour his parents, also says, if a child curses his parents, he shall die. The same law that commands the children to obey their parents, also says, if a child smite his mother or father, he shall surely be put to death. Make no mistake about it. GOD Himself shall institute judgment according to His own laws, and according to His own Word. God is not mocked. Those who disobey His Word shall fall under the wrath’s of His Word.

A mother and father could under the law, take a drunkard, a rebellious son to the elders of Israel, and he would be stoned to death. Now, the children take the parents to law if they have a bruise of discipline or have a mark from being smitten for sin. Now God-fearing parents are turned over to the law and authorities for righteously disciplining their own children that they not perish. And these same children are bearing children while yet children themselves, carrying weapons of bloodshed, rioting, joining gangs, slaying teachers, and committing all kinds of wicked deeds under the protection of the laws of the land, they being but children. And these same authorities condemn the parents for the lawlessness’ of their own children when they were not allowed to bring them up in the admonition and discipline of the LORD.

The Son of Man that is to appear in the world, is not the Son of God who sits on the right hand of God, waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. The Son of Man that is to appear in the world is the Manchild of Revelation 12, and God in Revelation calls this one also, a Son. And through this Manchild, God shall reach a second time for Israel as spoken by the prophets. And He shall not journey to all the cities of Israel before the ending comes, as spoken by Jesus. In that day, the Jews were told by Jesus Christ to not go to Jerusalem, but to flee Jerusalem. So this great migration of the Jews returning to Jerusalem, what power is propelling it, when Jesus said, in that day, flee Jerusalem, for judgment is nigh, and its destruction certain?

Chapter 5 Time Is Uncertain, Events Are Not!
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The Circle Of The Millennium
Excerpts From Book Two Of Two Written By Martha ©


To the blood bought saints of GOD, both living and dead, who have suffered for decades with me, through persecutions, abasement’s, rejections, hatreds, evil speakings, jealousies, poverty’s, sorrows, losses, following in lack, believing without evidence, and abiding without substance. The faith hoped for, is still hoped for. And the evidence believed for, is still believed for. And the love sown in our hearts for the LORD JESUS CHRIST and each other, is our refuge and strength and eternal hope, joy and glory! To the Sons of GOD, to the Daughters of GOD, the New City, the Heavenly City of Jerusalem, and to JESUS CHRIST be the glory, honour, praise, now and forever more. LORD, let there be a special crown just for Mama. Let those that sit at your feet bearing the scars of their watches, be crowned with everlasting glory, these that have borne your truths in this evil and unbelieving world, and died, not having seen the fruits of their sufferings, though not understanding, yet believed unto death. Let the name of JESUS CHRIST, LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, ring down through the halls of eternity, and let our names be inscribed on His cross of death as a tribute to His sacrifice for our sins. Glory, praise and honour, to the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and to all the living and dead saints who bear His shame, His name, and His sufferings in this world. Amen.