The Sparrows

Looking For The Pearl
By Martha © 1996

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Chapter 3 Looking for the PEARL!

Matt. 13:45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: 46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

When the Kingdom of God is to appear, in the generation into which the Kingdom shall descend into the earth, the Holy Spirit will pour Himself out upon all flesh in a heavy raining, for it is the time of harvest, and the earth shall be harvested, all living flesh, ready or not, be harvested, shall be sealed unto eternal life or death. The living shall be given opportunity to call upon the name of the LORD and be saved, and all flesh shall hear the gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus continually spoke of the conditions in the earth at the time of the Kingdom’s descending. Also at the time of the City’s descending into the earth, there are many parables that shall come to pass, and every parable concerning the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of heaven that is to descend into the earth, shows forth it as being an hour when one must forsake all things, it being the ending of the world as it now is and a beginning, a creating of all things, making all things new.

There will be those that are anointed by the Holy Spirit to seek the falling Kingdom, the City descending, and they will seek after pearls.

Be not deceived, nor blinded, dear brethren, for God has sent a grand delusion into the earth, to deceive those who love the wages of unrighteousness, those who bow down to the god of mammon. And in that wise, it comes into the earth as, Thus saith the LORD, for so it is! It comes through the church, the harlot church, the great merchandiser, the great god of golden coins, that god that declares if you tithe not, you have not, that god that says, if you will serve me, I shall give you all things, all the kingdoms of this world.

If a man builds his house on sand, on the illusions of faith that are lies and not the truth, when the winds of the Spirit and the rains of the Spirit come, to fulfill that faith or to destroy that faith, if it is a lie, the house has been built upon sand, and shall crumble, and great shall be the fall of that house of God or that house of truth or that house of faith that has been built upon other sayings, and other words, and other doctrines. But if it is built upon a rock, when the Spirit and the winds and rains come of the truth, and its fulfillments, its illusions that have become now fulfilled, and have become substances, then that house shall stand. That house that shall stand is the house that is built upon the words and the sayings of Jesus.

Those that discard all other words, all other prophets, all, shall find the pearl of great price, the Kingdom of God that comes into the world silently, and as a thief in the night. What are the winds? the fulfillment of the words and sayings of Jesus. What are the waves? the fulfillment of the parables and sayings of Jesus. These that fulfill or keep His sayings, shall never see death, shall not die, but shall be cloaked with life. These that wash their eyes, and behold those things coming to pass that are spoken of, that are written in Revelation and in the gospels, shall serve the Manchild when He appears, face to face, and behold, the righteousness of God in flesh, shall behold the one that God also calls, a Son.

Jesus spoke of this particular One on many occasions, calling him the One to come to judge, and also saying this One was still in the heavens, hidden in the WORD, to come forth in His own appointed time, and that at the same time Jesus walked the earth in flesh, was this Son still abiding in the heavens. And Jesus speaks of a WE know, and WE speak.

John 3:11 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness. 12 I hAve told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? 13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

THERE IS A SON OF MAN WHICH IS IN HEAVEN....present tense, IS even now, and was even as Jesus walked the earth in flesh, a Son in heaven, hidden in heaven, hidden in the Word, to come forth in His own appointed season and time, not as Saviour, but as the Judge.

We are always looking for the faiths, or the illusions of the mind, or the myths of the mind, to deliver us from the torment of faith. Faith is a torment.

So men, to bypass the torments of fears that come from faiths, or illusions from the Spirit, make all kinds of laws to bring peace, rules to bring even peace that we are righteous and doing righteousness, these laws of worship and tithes and praises and gatherings and songs and dancings, all of this carnal world. Peace and safety is not a doctrine of Christ. Watch and pray is a doctrine. Keep ourselves unspotted from the world is a doctrine. Fear God is a doctrine. These 'peace and safety mouths' are preaching another doctrine. And these step upon scriptures to violate even the blood of Christ, denying his completed salvation from damnation, adding unto His holy blood, doctrines and laws and traditions and illusions of men’s minds.

So the harlot’s faith has built its house on sand, on works, on tithes and offerings, on laws, on rules, on everything except the words of Christ Jesus and the parables and sayings of Jesus. They scrape the dead bones of the old testament prophets, not understanding at all the words of the prophets, they not understanding the Word, nor the righteous Spirit of GOD. We are not living in the days of the prophets who are waiting to be raised to life. We are living in the last days, and in the last generation. What purpose houses, and lands, and diamonds, and cars, and all things of this world and this flesh?

Now, Jesus prayed for you and me that we would also be one with the Father as He was one with the Father, and that the Father would glorify us upon the earth as He glorified Jesus upon the earth. Does that make us God? Does that make us as God? Does that make us one GOD? When we are one with the Father and the Son does that make us also above them or make them extinct in us? as though they have evolved into us? and they no longer are?

I cannot pray, our Father, and not recognize that I am not saying, our Jesus, who art in heaven. Nor am I praying, our Father Jesus, nor am I saying, Father Holy Spirit. The Father . . . . what can express His exceeding glory above that of Jesus Christ? His glory so transcends Jesus that Jesus is as but Jesus, the Son of God, the first begotten of the heavens. Do I slight Jesus or make Him less of a LORD and make Him less God in the flesh? Of course not! I all the more magnify Him as both the image of God and the offspring of God’s Spirit in the earth, the begotten One, the Son of God. But God is not limited to Jesus. Our Father is not limited to Jesus. Our Father is greater than Jesus. Our Father is not limited to even His own WORD that is limitless.

The Father did not evolve or evolutionize Himself in Jesus and then He become one and then become extinct or pass out of existence in Jesus and then be no more the Father but died as men die and pass down their earthly lordships unto their sons. God did no such thing!

I can say, my Father, because I come in His Son, and because I am in His Son and His Son in me, and through that inheritance of life I come to my Father who is the giver of life and who is above all principalities and powers in this known world. For Jesus said, I shall raise in the last days, all that the Father gives unto me, and they shall come unto me and I shall raise them up and give them life, for I shall give life to all that He gives me for it is given unto me the power to do this.

But my Father is the same Father that was Jesus’ Father. We both have the same Father. We are all offsprings of the same Father. I am Christ’s sister. I am His co-heir. If you are an heir, and a co-heir or equal heir, there must be also one over you that gives you the inheritance. We are not born again in Christ, but in the Father. As Jesus was born or begotten in and by the Father, we likewise, are begotten by and in the Father, and by begotten I mean that by no other spiritual or carnal means are we begotten, except by the Spirit of the Father.

God the Father did not appoint the heavenly throne to Jesus, but sat Jesus at His right hand of power. When did Jesus become greater than the Father? When did Jesus become His own Father? Were you your own mother? or your own father? How then can any existence be the begatter of its own self?

We can contemplate the begatter of GOD Himself forever and never come to any truthful conclusion, for that is past finding out by mortal minds. If there were no God, we would not be either. So we know we have been begotten by a being because we exist. And we know that He who has begotten us exists also. And we know that God who was begotten also, was begotten, and that cannot be known, period. It is out of our realm of knowledge. For then who begat He who made God? The question is endless. We only know, In the beginning, GOD. When we began, is not where God began, but it is where our knowledge of our own beginning is, and for us, this is the beginning of us and our God. This is the beginning of our knowing, because it is the beginning of our existence, and that is our beginning, and that is where God began for us, where we began for Him.

Where did God come from and who is God’s begatter? Possibly we begat God as He begats us? And if death is but a sleeping angel, who begat angels? And what are angels? Can you not see that questions gender a nightmare and a constant and continual nightmare of faiths and torments of the illusions of questions and answers? And we know that of course, if we reject the record God gave of His own self, and His own Son, Jesus, when we ask questions and hear answers, who is answering us? and what god is hearing and answering our questions? and we yet follow what we but hear? following after spirits and illusions and manifestations of the spiritual world in which we live? Can you not see that men of flesh and blood have created spiritual gods that have no powers of righteousness or salvation or life? There is only one true God, and that is the LORD God Almighty who sent His only begotten Son into the world to testify of Him and the reality and fearful reality that all men must face is that He is the truth, and no lie can be found in Him, from beginning to ending! All other gods are liars, and in them are found nothing but corruption, death, decay, rights of sins and illusions of the mind that damn, saying, Surely you shall not die!

Jesus is the rock! That we know from the scriptures from Genesis through Revelation. Jesus is the rock! Matt. 16:13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? 14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. 15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? 16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. 18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

So then, rocks come from the Father. Our heavenly Father gives us the rocks, the stones, only the Father. Jesus does not give rocks. The Father gives rocks. So then, the scriptures say, we see dimly, and understand prophecy dimly, and the flesh blinds the spirit, so we see prophecy not clearly at all, and so then, our faiths, or our illusions of the mind that are spoken by the Father, must be understood, fully understood, must be accepted, only as an illusion of the mind, until all the understanding comes concerning the rock God has thrown down to us. Jesus Christ Himself is the cornerstone, one cornerstone, not the whole, but the cornerstone. There are three other cornerstones, are there not? of less importance, but none the less, another three. The scriptures even call the Apostles the foundation. Now how can a foundation go down upon one cornerstone? There must be therefore, three other cornerstones. Jesus is not all four cornerstones. There are another three for us to understand.

The stone the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Now, this chief cornerstone is the fulfillment of the Word of God. Nowhere in scripture is ever found any more of a stone, a chief cornerstone of God in the earth, than Jesus Christ. So then, we know that it is the fulfillment of the Word of God that is what is called a cornerstone. A cornerstone is where God has formed in the flesh, a servant from the throne. A cornerstone, is a rock of truth. That is a cornerstone, a rock. And calling Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone, means, there is a structure that GOD is building, and Christ is the first and chief cornerstone of this new structure, the beginning of the structure, the chief rock. He is the beginning of the structure and it is written, He is also the ending of the structure. The Apostles of Christ are the twelve foundations of this great structure, and then we have three more cornerstones to go, and gates, and pillars, and walls. It is a vast City, foursquare. Seeing as it is foursquare, there are three more cornerstones, or rocks, or truths, to enter into the earth.

Seeing as the City is called foursquare or foursided, we know there are three more cornerstones, of less importance, but none the less, without them, the chief cornerstone is also invalid. He needs His other three cornerstones.

For the scriptures do not call any of the Apostles cornerstones, but foundations, and even the prophets are called but foundations. These cornerstones must be hidden in the scriptures as Christ was hidden, until they appear, becoming cornerstones or great foundation cornerstones of faith by their fulfillments, rocks manifesting themselves, truths manifesting themselves. Concerning prophecy, we must wait until the Father throws down the stones, the rocks, for Jesus said, no one knows these hidden things, not the angels in heaven, nor He even, only His Father. Even the right hand and left hand of the LORD are hidden to the angels, to the eyes of men, and even to Jesus, they known only by the Father. Jesus, Himself being the Rock, the chief cornerstone, was first cast into the earth, and then revealed to Peter. The rocks first appear, and then are they revealed, and unsealed, and discovered. It is called, washing the eyes with eye salve. Rocks thrown into the earth are the WORD being fulfilled, the invisible becoming visible. Understand these things!

We can simply with patience hesitate, and form no conclusions, storing up in ourselves our questions and faiths, and go on with our works and ministries until God chooses to reveal these things, or we can make the mistake of the ages that the church has made, and enter into blindnesses and lies and false doctrines that shall come down mightily and bring us down with them, being uprooted as trees the Father has not planted. The uprooting of a tree brings down with it its life, ripping it from the ground that it perishes, and all of its fruits as well.

I choose every day to suffer the insanities and torments of faith, and wait upon the LORD God Almighty, our Father to reveal to us His truths. I do not seek the peace and safety of the harbour of quietness from the storms of faith and the sufferings of the torments of the faith realm wherein lies the truth, hidden. I will abide at the gate of faith until it opens. I will sit in the Tree of Life until it bears its leaves, and brings forth its buds, and its fruits. I will nest in Her branches.

It is written that in the last days, God, the Father will pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh and He would send dreams and visions. So then, we have to understand that the Father is revealing the truth through dreams and visions. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, as written. The sons and daughters of the Spirit of prophecy, shall prophesy, and the Spirit of prophesying sent into the world is the testimony of Jesus. And the Father is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh to reap the harvest, to save, to seal, to judge, and to finish the work, the Kingdom that was begun at Golgotha.

When Jesus said, It is finished, we can only contemplate what He said and why He said what He said. I choose to understand He was saying just what Paul said concerning himself, saying, I have finished my course and have eternal life laid up for me. So the Father will and is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh to draw into His Kingdom an army of prophets, prophesiers, and they shall lift up the voice together.

How are we to know if things or faiths or illusions of faiths are to be abandoned? We do not. Therefore, we submit ourselves to the torments of faith that we might by those same torments of faith believe to the coming to pass of them or the hoping in them even. For there is a power in faith that is a sustaining power even unto death. It says, they died not having received the promises. Of what? Faith! And one of those faiths of promise was that City that has foundations.

What my illusions of faith concerning the coming to pass of the Manchild and the City does, is to keep me on the path, on the Tree of Life of the will of God, in the works of God, in the ministry of God, in the voice of God, in the revelations of God, keeping me in the torments of faith even that have a power, a jet fuel power so to speak, a rocket power so to speak, to propel me into eternity and into even the ending of my life, believing the promises or having faith in these tormenting illusions. For Jesus was rocketed through the cross and the depths of hell and the grave, and out of death into the resurrection, and all the way up into the heavens where He is set down on the right hand of His Father. Rocket fuel! That is what powers faith! And Jesus has not yet received the promises of His faith. He still is waiting to receive His promises, and His Kingdom, and His dominion. He believed unto death, Himself not having received the promises. Jesus died in unfulfilled promises of a tormenting faith.

So the commandments we receive from the LORD to do, we must do. Those things that we have been told by faith in and through the Spirit, that must be as an illusion in our minds, even as a torment of sanity, we must endure the torments of and continue to be formed in and by this illusion of the mind, till God forms it in substance.

I know of a particular sister in Christ, who has had many dreams and visions from the LORD. She did not have faith in those things that God told her by dreams as the Word says He shall do in the latter days. She believed not, yet shall these dreams become substance to her, even in her own unbelief. She had a dream from the LORD where she herself, blotted her own name out of the book of life. She was troubled about it for a long time, and believed it for many years, and it held her in His hand and in His will till she became wanton against Jesus Christ. You know the rest of the story.

The dreams, these illusions of our minds, are but dreams and visions, lacking substance. They shall become substance, whether we believe in them or not. They shall become substance. I recall one particular service where we were all rededicating our lives to Christ, and being baptized again, having been baptized as but children, some by sprinkling of priests and some not having been baptized at all, and the Spirit of prophecy moved upon one of the sisters to give a word of warning from the LORD to this particular sister who had had so many dreams from the LORD concerning her own backslidings. The LORD warned this particular sister to not consort with or give any place to the evil immoral spirits of this age and world, and also, a warning to not lose faith in those things that God had told her. Our minds are filled with darkness and have no eyes. They must be illuminated by the candle of the LORD and by His visions and His words and His voice.

Our own flesh blinds us. So then, we must trust the candle of the Lord. We must trust our dreams and visions, but not bow down to them, but must allow God to fight His own battles, and for us to stay in the fox-hole where He puts us, and stay in the pup-tent where He puts us, or on the transmitter where He puts us, or even carry the flag if commanded, or ride the front charging horse in battle, or stand and be speared through with a sword, if commanded to. This is war! We are His soldiers. We must obey what our commander and general tells us to do, realizing that He has a vast army at His command, and must depend upon His officers to be obedient unto His commandments, all the way from the highest command and officer to the lowest of servants in the kitchens of the LORD. The heavens would not lose so many battles if the army was not filled with so many deserters and renegades.

God is preparing His final battle and His final victory in the earth. God has His own spiritual nuclear bomb to drop into this world, and it is coming with great power and great force, and with great glory. We believe in the coming Manchild and the City of GOD, the Kingdom; whether we are the ones to receive this glory or not, yet do we believe. We know the Manchild shall come to His own house, and into His own temple prepared for Him, and to a people prepared for Him, these loving not their lives unto the death. And for this Manchild, many shall give their lives! God the Father is preparing a preparation for Him. We believe in the Manchild, yes, but it being in the tormented faith and illusions of our faiths, is but faith. And faith is unseen. Faith is untouched. Faith is unfelt. Faith is torment. Shall we let the torments of our faith defeat us? No! They are our strength, not our defeat! Did the fear of Golgotha stop Christ? No! It all the more pressed Him to freely hang His own self on that tree, knowing that what he sought for lay beyond that horror.

We have a responsibility to our own faiths to do those things that we are commanded to do that when we do, He then can step upon its foundation. For if He tells us to do a thing, how can He step down upon that foundation with His anointing if we do not first obey that which by faith we have heard to obey? Of course faith brings torment. We know our enemy, and we know men. We know the wickedness and unbelief that is in all flesh as well as the rage and hatred the wicked one has for the Spirit of Prophecy, or the Voice.

I have learned that the trembles of faith within are all the more reason to obey. Those trembles do not come from the Holy Spirit, but from the powers of darkness, and from my own carnal nature that fell in Adam in the garden of Eden that brought fear into all flesh. They are what are filled with torments and fears at the commanding sounds of the Holy Spirit’s voice. The flesh trembles at the sounds of the Father’s voice. For when the LORD God Almighty walks into my presence, and into my soul and spirit, and says, Martha, Where are you?, it makes me tremble! I do not tremble at the sounds of the voice of Christ. His voice is gentle, peaceful, loving and comforting. But then, it was once flesh and blood and understands more fully the weaknesses of the flesh. But the Father’s voice has no compassion for the weaknesses of the flesh nor for disobedience nor for one thought of doubt and unbelief. The Father did away with all of these things in Christ. We have no cloak for unbelief, nor for disobedience, nor for doubtings. Therefore He will even speak a thing knowing fully well that He shall at some further time change His mind, only to test our faith. He will speak a Word and then send some other to change that Word, just to test our faith and our obedience. He will even cause another to say the LORD said, just to test our obedience. It is true!

Over twenty five years ago, as I was sitting in the bathtub and singing in the Spirit, the waters in the tub began to rock back and forth, and back and forth, until I became terribly seasick. I dried and clothed myself and went into the bedroom to pray. I said, Lord, I am listening. The Lord spoke about the millennium being completed and coming to a close, the gospel age closing up, the reigning in the earth of the gospel of Christ being finished, and that there was no rapture, and no millennium as men teach. I was as a stone. It shattered my whole inward spirit. It broke it. It simply put my knees on the floor. I could not believe it. Everything I had learned and believed and had been taught was founded on the second return of Christ to rapture His people away. I was as water poured out on the floor with my face down and was without strength to rise.

So for three days, I walked in a literal spiritual death, a blackness, a separation, a darkness. I could not sleep. I could not eat. No voice. No sound. No Holy Spirit. His voice was silent. He would not speak to me. He totally withdrew so much so I thought I had perished. I said, LORD! Are you never going to speak to me again? What have I done to anger you so? He said, Until you believe what I have said, we have no more to speak about, nothing. Until you receive that, all things from here on stand upon that truth alone, and shattering that lie and uprooting and ripping out that tare from your faith. So then, I said, LORD! I do believe. The moment I said, I believe, the Holy Spirit filled the room with a brilliant light that there are no words to express its glory, and then He filled me with a new anointing and an overflowing well that has never ceased to be continually filled and re-filled, adding precept on precept, and understanding on understanding, unveiling the mysteries of the gospels and the parables and sayings of Jesus, as well as revealing the tares that grow with the wheat, and the goats that dwell with the sheep, and the bad fish that swim with the good. What a glory to have the Father uproot the tares of my faith. I was a follower of men, a follower of doctrine, a follower of traditions, and a follower of my own fears.

Now, when the saints of God hear there is no rapture, they also will come to violences, breakings, and uncontrollable fears. The only antidote the church has for their fears is the rapture. The only peace they have for their fears is the rapture. I have literally heard preachers preach that if the rapture were a lie, they could not go on. Their whole strength lies in the rapture. And the rapture is a lie. It is sand. And when the winds of the Spirit blow upon it and the rains of the Spirit come down upon it, the whole structure will fall with a violence and great shall be the violence and great shall be its fall. The rapture doctrine is a secret taking out, of the which Jesus warned us repeatedly, Follow them not!

But the churches boast in standing upon traditions, and use traditions and doctrines of men as their foundations of truth. These stand on traditions and doctrines of long standing, calling them truth because they are of long standing, only so they do not have to travail with the truth, that they have a peace and a safety, having judgment in their own hands concerning the Word of God as well as the living prophets’ necks in their hands. Jesus said, Woe unto you when men speak well of you, for so did they the false prophets before you.

How secretive our Father is. He fights His battles well. He discloses nothing. We know that He beforehand, discloses everything unto His prophets. We just do not know when that time of disclosure is and how close to the time of fulfillment it will come. It may come but seconds, or days, or a short time before its fulfillment, and yet even, a long time before its fulfillment. It is written, God changes not! It does not say, His Word changes not! Understand these things. God makes promises He does not keep, because the promises that God makes, depend upon our receiving of the conditions of those promises. God does not have an unconditional love. His love is conditional. Get it straight! Understand these things!

Even God’s Word is in the realms of the illusions of His own faith, or His own mind, waiting to be fulfilled. Concerning the prophecies of Revelation, are they not also in the mind of God only, in the Word of God only, His mind, and in the hidden darknesses of His own mouth? They abide in yet the illusions of the world of faith, and they are yet without substance. The substances appear upon the earth. Yet are many things of Revelation yet in the illusions of the mind of God’s faith. Even God has faith as an illusion of His mind. Even God has all His words in His own faith pocket, in His own mind of illusions, or faiths without substances. Now, it makes our inward parts tremble as we realize that God Himself has these things as faiths, as illusions, and that Revelation is but the illusion of God’s mind, faiths in God’s mind, without substances.

So let us look, and read, and understand Revelation, and be blessed. What shall we do with this great illusion, the Manchild? We can do nothing! This faith is in the hands of the Almighty to bring to substance. Can we command it to be and it manifest itself? No. For faith apart from the Word is useless and is an atrocity toward the heavens. We know that the scriptures speak continually of a child, but until the substance forms, it is yet an illusion of God’s mind, and is a faith in God’s mind, and a Word, only in God’s mind. And the LORD’s prayer that brings to pass the Kingdom of God on the earth, is also yet but an illusion, a faith, in the mind of God, and an illusion, a faith on the pages of the scriptures.

And the prophesyings and books of Revelation, I first read of them in the book of Revelation itself, and was united with the mind of God in faith concerning these things. When the Holy Spirit then spoke of prophesying the books, I did. However, the illusion of the mind, the voice, the faith of the mind would have remained but yet on the pages of God’s mind, the scriptures, and my mind also, if I had not published the substance of the books, with many helping hands to do it. I am not slighting God’s power nor my Father’s magnificence. Every Word is His Word. I do not take from my Father any of His glory, not even one comma or jot or tittle. I am saying, that without the substance, the Word of GOD remains but an imagination and a thought and a faith in the mind of God. We are co-labourers with God. It is God who shares His glory with us.

My mind also united with God’s mind to form the books and does so also with these writings and these treatises, these treats. I become one with the Father in agreement, and we together, form the substance. Every single song I write comes down through the Spirit of God, through the mind of faith, and takes form and substance. And that substance is both seen and heard by the ear, the music. These are written words, that can be seen and songs that are sung and are heard. In Revelation, we see angels flying through the air singing the songs and heralding the truths from the pages of scripture, the Word becoming substance that is both seen and heard, with their new wines hidden in the words and songs and melodies from heaven itself.

For there is a new name, and a new work, and a new birth, and a new thing, and heavenly manna, and prophesyings and works, and faiths to become substance in the earth. It is written in Revelation, the books were opened, books, and men were judged out of those things that were written in those books. The parables and sayings of Jesus shall become substance. The invisible shall become visible. Revelation shall become substance. The invisible shall become visible. And the other three cornerstones shall be formed, from the sayings of Jesus, substances formed, and from the parables of Jesus, forming themselves in substances, and Revelation, forming itself in substances. These stones, spiritual stones, shall become substances, shall become formed substances. The invisible words of the scriptures shall become visible. Christ was once but a spiritual stone, a spiritual rock, an invisible form, and then became a physical form, a visible substance, and a physical substance. Likewise shall these other three cornerstones become substances, and forms, shall become stones, the spiritual becoming substance.

The Father shall put into the mouths of His rocks and stones, the fulness of His own self. We have heard a word, and many words, and we hear but illusions of our minds till those illusions cause us to also perform those things we hear in the ear, and they become substances.

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