The Sparrows Nest


Tired of those 99¢ "whatchamacallets?" How about a double chopped sirloin cheeseburger, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions opt., and any other choices you might want, such as dill pickles, relish, catsup, mustard, you name it! We even make our own hot salsa for the 'fearless'.....We make our own chili out of ground sirloin, so if you have room in your tummy, that is another option to add to your burger. This double delight is served here with an ample order of French Fries, a Tossed Fresh Garden Salad with Ranch Dressing, a glass of iced tea, and an Ice Cream Sundae with strawberry syrup and whipped cream........ Restaurants that have to serve those antacids next to your plate are hazardous to your health!

Here is it......the old fashioned foot long All Beef Chili Dog.....served with French Fries, and a glass of Iced Tea. Condiments for this great Oscar Mayer All Beef Weiner, and you know that guy, are chopped onions, shredded cheddar, hot salsa, and cole slaw, and of course all the other things as well, Catsup, Mustard and Relish. If you want Sauerkraut on your hot dog, we have that too. Don't forget.....we make our own chili out of ground sirloin, and it is all beef chili. On this photo you will notice a square of Iced Fresh Banana Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream.....We also serve 6 inch Oscar Mayer all Beef Franks, but then, why a little frank when a foot long costs less than 2 small ones? Same ingredients. Same company. Same frank only bigger. A local bakery bakes our big foot long buns specially for us...fresh baked buns! They are grilled with a light touch of butter and served hot after they are filled with your special frank and all the stuffings you desire.

Olay......Mexican Chicken...We begin with grilled fresh chicken breast strips. After we grille these strips, they are placed upon a stir fry mix of green peppers, corn, onions and tomatoes, along with seasonings, and then we melt some shredded cheddar on the chicken and vegetables, pop some corn chips on the plate, and olay again! Quite fantastic really! Served with this dish is a specialty of Mexican seasoned fried rice, melted cheddar and chopped fresh tomatoes. We are not done yet! To soften the Mexican 'little burn', is a side salad of just crisp lettuce and sliced hard boiled eggs, with our 'unheard of and we're not telling' sauce. A couple of corn muffins rounds out this dish that needs washed down with several glasses of Iced Tea. We serve our 'hot' salsa sauce on the side so you can make it as hot as you like. With this dish, we like to serve up Ice Cream and Oreo Cookies. 

A Bowl of Chili With Beef & Beans, along with 2 All Beef Oscar Mayer Franks just beckons one to sit and enjoy such a treat. A tossed Garden Salad With Ranch Dressing, along with 2 warm Corn Muffins, washed down with a cold glass of Iced Tea makes the meal just perfect. Except.......choose from any number of toppings for your chili, corn chips, chopped onions, sour cream, shredded cheddar, or some of all, and you'll wonder where it all goes and will declare, I can't believe I ate the whole thing! You're not done yet. Our famous Dutch Style Sugarbread stuffed with Blackberries and topped with our warm home-made vanilla pudding is just the sweet to give you a real good case of heartburn! Just kidding! Our cooking does not cause heartburn. Those that serve their food along with antacids just don't know how to cook! Now if you ask for the Texas Pete or Tabasco, or a bowl of our hot peppers, heartburn might, just might be your companion at bedtime!

The Miranda Hot Brown in this photo is created just for the lovers of how the Dutch prepare their many mixed dishes. Now, my Daddy's name was Miranda, but my Mother's birth name was Van Winkle. So I got my name from Daddy but my trade from Mama. She taught me to cook from the age of 12 and I've lived a lot of years and made a lot of mistakes, broke a lot of rotten eggs, and burned a lot of good steaks. But during World War II Mama and Daddy both worked at Firestone, and Mama taught all of us to cook, me and both of my brothers. Now a days children learn a lot of things, but not often how to cook.

This hot brown is made with white meat chicken breast slices, served on toast, and topped off with a cheddar cheese sauce, and crowned with fresh bacon crackles and surrounded with chopped fresh tomatoes. These hot browns can be served using any variety of meats, roast Beef, Baked Ham, Breast of Turkey, Roast Pork, or heaven help us, even Spam or Franks.

We have an army of fresh soups, and here we see served with this hot brown, a bowl of Cream of Fresh Broccoli Soup, and for a light dessert, Peaches & Whipped Cream. Wash it down with a sparkling glass of Iced Tea and you are ready to try another hot brown on your next visit, although we have some diners who are literally addicted to this combination of cheese, bacon, tomatoes, toast, and sliced chicken breast.

Love those hot dogs! We serve only all beef hot dogs. And our beans, we cook all our beans, not dump them out of cans. We make our own baked beans. We also make our baked beans out of the hearty pinto bean that makes this dish an unbelievable baked bean compared to those little white things. The pinto bean is a solid bean. We serve crinkle cut or shoestring french fries and A tossed garden side salad and a glass of cool sparkling iced tea, is just perfect. You can top the franks with any number of toppings, mustard, catsup, chopped onions, chili, cheddar, relish, hot salsa sauce, and even sauerkraut. The dessert here is pound cake topped with peaches and whipped cream. You may also substitute smoked sausage for franks in this favorite belly and taste pleasing meal.

We try to have something for everyone, and try to have everyone find something on our menu that will delight them and that is just what they are hungry for. Diversity in our menu is what brings folks back again and again. We stuff our tacos with our own home-made all beef chili, and garnish it with shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar, and chopped fresh tomatoes. A side dish of hot salsa is provided if you have the hankering for hot tacos. Along with this we serve french fries, and a side salad, a Mexican salad topped with beans, shredded cheddar and we provide many dressings, including sour cream for the tacos and chili, and a Mexican sauce for the salad, chopped onions, and even some crackers. Yes, this meal needs a wash down with iced tea, and a cool bowl of fruit and ice cream or whipped cream for dessert, if you have room for a dessert. You can order as many side dishes as your belly can hold.