The Sparrows

(Bitter In The Belly)

By Martha © 1996
Excerpts Taken From Honey In The Mouth
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The prophet Amos says, Can two walk together except they be agreed?

Now, how can the truth be both bitter and sweet? The same way that the truth is either a savour of life to one as well as the savour of death to another. For the Words of life are as sweet honey in the mouth, and that same Word shall become bitter in the belly, and cause a great travailing of the earth, a travailing of the whole earth as a woman in travail to bring forth her child from the womb, and it shall come just as suddenly, for the Womb of the Word of God has silently conceived its Child, and with the violence of birth shall the earth’s pains come. Conception is silent, and in secret, and unknown, where birth comes with a wailing and loud cryings. For the ending is bitter to one and sweet to the other, yet is it prophesied that to the saints of God shall the truth be as sweet as honey in the mouth and yet be bitter as gall to their bellies. The Word of life was sweet as honey in the mouth of Jesus, yet became bitterness and gall to His belly! And this bitterness comes with the coming to pass of Revelation in the world.

For it is written. . . . . . .Rev. 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: 2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, 3 And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices. 4 And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. 5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, 6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: 7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. 8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. 9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

The Little Book ©1991
Words & Music By Cathy Evans ©

A mighty angel came down
From heaven, in a cloud
A rainbow he wore on his head
Opened in his hand was a little book
And he cried with a loud cry

Seal up those things the seven thunders uttered
Write them not, He said

There is an unsealing that shall come down from heaven
A little book shall come to man
In the days of the seventh angel
The voice shall sound
Declaring God’s word to man

Take the book and eat it up
It shall make thy belly bitter
But in thy mouth sweet as honey
And prophesy again before
Many kings and nations
These words shall be the reed

Holy is the Father, He has fulfilled His word
To send His prophets unto man
Holy is His word, unsealed by His hand
Come hear what the Spirit says

Take the book and eat it up
It shall make thy belly bitter
But in thy mouth sweet as honey
And prophesy again before
Many kings and nations
These words shall be the reed

With all my sufferings and sorrows and tribulations, I look up at the horror of Golgotha, and my conscience is washed by repentance in the pittances I bear for so great an atonement that was given for me. The very least I can do is give my life for the cross, for it is the cross that makes my life of any value at all.

You seem to be going about everywhere with a sword drawn and a crown upon your head ready for battle. Jesus said for us to be as harmless as doves, and that is putting upon a cloak of humility and meekness, these things also being cloaked with a mouth of wisdom, a spirit of understanding, and a visible attitude of peace.

The anger of man cannot work righteousness, as is visible in our society every day, and in the world in every nation. Anger is as intoxication. Anger is as drunkenness. Anger is a distortion of the truth. Anger is unable to see clearly. Anger blinds to sound judgment. To do anything constructive, and not destructive, one must first rid one’s own self of the anger that is wrathful and vengeful, and then possibly wisdom can bring solutions to otherwise hateful and explosive situations, bringing peace where there is strife, and compromise where there is division, and agreement where there is disagreement.

Truth is power. And those who think they have the truth, think also they have power. Yet only those who are of the pure truth, truly have the power of truth. And that power of truth brings with it much suffering, much tribulation, much anguish, much hatred, and more than a painful isolation from those who love the wrath of anger to control others. Time is an enemy and bitter to those who have feigned false doctrines of prosperity and peace, and is a mighty warrior of truth and sweet as honey to those who stand in the river of life.

God finds delight only in His own hope of finding delight once again in those He has created of the which He can say, This is good! For now men are filled with self-adorations. And men, so filled with jealousies, and esteems, and greeds, and whoredoms and lusts, have secured for their own selves in the world many hiding places from the judgments of their many hidden sins. But the Lord Jesus said, There shall come a day when all of these things that were done in the darkness, and that were hidden in the darkness, shall be brought out into the light of discovery. We are living in that hour! And our hope must lie in the same hope that lies in God, that He shall restore righteousness in the earth, and we shall rejoice in Him and with Him.

For it appears that God has despised women since the creation of the world, and has cast them into a world dominated and ruled by the wills and sins and oppressions of men. Heaven shall open up its gates to receive the petitions of women, and the prayers of women, and the gates of heaven shall pour down healing and deliverance, and God, so filled with wrath, sorrow, suffering and pain, shall have His own heart healed by those He has severely persecuted for so long, women.

For God in this hour is as a wounded husband that His adulterous wife fears coming home to lest she be beaten, or slain. God is as an angry father whose children fear the sound of His step upon the porch lest He slay them and beat them to death, also. God is in His own pains pouring forth a fury in the earth that all flesh might bow the knee and return to the fear of His power and His omnipotence. For it is the hour when the inhabitants of all nations in fear, want to be hidden from the wraths that are falling all over the earth. For He alone has the power to turn over to the powers of evil all flesh, that He might be feared and worshipped. How can this be? And why would God do this? And why has He done this? Because the world has rejected His love, and now must face His wrath.

Love did not save the world, that love that was poured out in blood on Golgotha. For the blood of the Son of God was shed in vain, and that wounding and turning of the behind to a God of love has turned His love into wrath. We who are in Christ and are washed in His blood cry in a frustration, Oh, no! His blood was not shed in vain. We believe! We are washed! Then are we not also crying? We are worth it! We are worthy of that holy blood that flowed down that hill. He was worthy to give it. We are not worthy to receive it. What could be a value comparison to lay alongside of His atonement for sin that our minds could understand so great and incredible a gift as the shed blood of the sinless Lamb of God, Jesus? In spite of our unworthiness, God in His worthiness gave His only begotten Son, sending Him into the world, knowing beforehand that the world would slay Him. Now what? The blood of Christ washed the world of sin. Now what? Why is it not washed?

God is as an angry soldier that is firing his guns into the darkness at every sound, caring not that those firings hit the innocent. Yet, who are innocent? There are no innocent. For God is unable to defend Himself, is He not? How is God to defend His own love? His own righteousness? His own truth? His own glory? His own Kingdom? and His own power? For what His love failed to do, perhaps His wrath shall do. For God shall return violence for violence, and wrath for wrath, and hatred for hatred, and those who pick up the sword shall die by the sword. Yet is His mercy seen in hidden places in the earth, He returning love for love, and mercy for mercy, and peace for peace, and adoration for adoration, and abiding for abiding.

God is as a wounded lion that has been sworded through to a tree, crying night and day, and day and night, roaring in the jungle, wailing in the night and in the day, with the whole of the jungle fearing to come to His help for is He not the King of the jungle? If someone helps Him, shall He slay them? or reward them? The wicked determine to let Him die so they shall be free from His dominion and His power and His authority and rule. The earth is still chanting and chanting that God is dead and God is dying . . . .Listen to the heathen chanting. He is dead. The King is dead. God is dead. Now it is ours, all ours, for God is dead and His dominion and His torment over us is finished. We are free. We are free. God is dead. God is nailed to His own words in the earth as a dying lion, tormented with the sword of unbelief. A dying, bleeding lion, sworded through with the wickedness of rebellion and unbelief of all flesh who in the beginning was created in His image. In this war between God and man, in this controversy between God and man, God shall have the last word. The blood of God was already shed in the earth, in every righteous man, in every prophet, in every martyr for the truth, and on Calvary, was His very own blood shed. Now shall the blood of man be shed.

The earth wails to God for carnal things when God requires men to wail for repentance and healing. Men wail on God for earthy matters and God wails on men for heavenly matters and men wail on God and God wails on all flesh. Yell the louder. Perhaps the one who yells the loudest shall be heard. For all flesh has stopped up their own ears that they do not hear the wailings of God all over the world. How can two people yelling at each other hear each other at all? or plead a cause? or entreat to be heard? And is man to stand as an accuser to God and be heard? Yell the louder. Perhaps He shall hear if you yell louder. Perhaps He shall hear if you cry. Perhaps He shall be moved by the tears streaming down your faces. Perhaps you can offer Him tithes, or works, or prayers, or labours, or offerings, or oblations, or many coins, and many songs, and praises mixed with uplifted hands filled with coins! Perhaps your own name has become worth something! Perhaps!

How can man reply to God if he does not hear God speaking, and hear God wailing, and hear God crying over the destruction that is in the earth? How can anyone reply to anyone that they do not listen to? And how can man be so ignorant as to not understand that the horrors that are in the earth come from two things, from the sins of man and from the wraths of God? God’s wraths have a purpose. God’s wraths sent through nature and the elements of the world, are for the purposes of repentance and healing. Satan’s wraths through men and the sins they commit, are for death, and destruction, and hatred. Satan shows his hatred for all flesh and for God whom he despises, by the destruction of all flesh and the world as well.

Certainly the world and all flesh should be quiet before God and hear, and listen, and understand the why of things that are now in the earth. There is wisdom in silence when ignorance opens up the mouth and causes a fool to be inspired. There is peace in silence when ignorance speaks opening up a vial of violence in the land. There is wisdom in silence when a fool utters I love you to gain a space in a virgin. There is a foolishness of the gods of the air that is spread abroad by a whisper of a lie that is picked up by the prattlings of many foolish tongues. For a fool to gain space in a virgin by I love you shall come to snare him in many deceits and lies and shall overthrow him in the ending by the many lies of I love you, for the wombs of the virgins shall claim his seed to stand next to him on judgment day and upon that hour his soul shall have to give account for the virgins he defiled and laid upon. His offspring shall appear there with him and he shall give an accounting.

If a fool speaks and causes violence in the land, wisdom closes the mouth and does not advance the ignorances of fools. For the rights of man are extinguished and there are no rights of man in the earth. Now comes the rights only of God! All of man’s rights are extinguished. God’s rights shall now be voiced, shall now be heard. His truths shall be with violences, spread abroad into every nation. His rights are those that shall be heard, honoured, and only His rights. For man has extinguished his right to have any rights. Neither shall the wicked possess the earth. Freedom of speech? No such thing. Every soul shall give an accounting for every single word. And that accounting goes beyond every single word. Every soul shall give an accounting for every single thought, there even being hope for a fool that keeps his thoughts to himself with a shut mouth!

The Word is wailing, and wailing, and wailing, and Revelation and its wailings are being manifested in the whole of the earth. God’s Word shall be heard and His Word only shall be exalted in the nation that He has chosen.

Let all the heathen bow down and worship
the wailing Lion. Bow down at His tree and
pick from Him the burrs from His fur. Bow
down at His tree and give Him water to drink
and meat to eat. Bow down to His tree and say,
I have come to do your will. Bow down at His cry
and bow down the more at His weeping. Bow down
at His roar and bow down the more at His sobbing.
Bow down at His bleeding side and weep at His
torn feet. Bow down at His broken body and
weep at His hindered cause. Weep when He weeps.
Roar when He roars. Wail when He wails.
Cry when He cries. Pain when He pains. Suffer when He suffers.


The virginity of every woman shall every man be held accountable. After the flower bursts, there is no accountability. But he who breaks the flower shall give an accounting to the Almighty for the breaking of the flower. Ah! Better all men lay whores therefore, that they be not held accountable! Ah! Men shall forever claim rights to their own ways and their own thoughts of destruction. And women? What woman seeks a virgin male to lay him that she might know him? Only those who are paid for their wares. Therefore, better for a male to lose virginity in the belly of a whore? and then to consort with whore on whore till marriage? And then he takes the whores’ diseases and plants them into a virgin womb and lays her and pollutes her, defiling her flesh? Ah! The wisdom of mankind, second only to the smell of a decayed bowel! Covet the wrapping of the loins in cleansing and righteousness for in such is found life. Those that are overcome in immoralities and whoredoms are weakened unto death, without hope in the ending of life, they being filled with many sorrows and torments and anguishes of soul, and many offsprings of sin. Gird the loins!

Now, it is written, if a man does not have power over his own flesh, and finds himself powerless to not partake of a woman, he is commanded to marry her and fornicate not, not for saviour’s sake, not for salvation’s sake, but for the escaping of damnation’s sake. Therefore, to not perish, let marriage be honoured and honourable. It is not the saviour. Marriage is not the saviour. It is not the boat of salvation. It is not the door to the Kingdom of God. It closes the hatch on the furnace of damnation that a man not enter therein. But Saviour? Is food for the belly a saviour? Neither is food for the loins! If a man slays a neighbour to eat his pig because he is hungry, he shall perish. If he lays his neighbour’s wife to feed his loins, he shall likewise perish. One is a physical slaying and one a spiritual slaying, yet do both bring damnation in their suitcase, and that suitcase is filled with well worn garments of many colours.

Now, why do I speak of these things? Because the ailment of mankind, the disease of all flesh, is the defiling of the loins, and the defiling of the loins defiles the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, and the mind, and touches all aspects of the life, and all those close enough to that life. Life is not in the loins, yet those that are celibate are accused of being insane, not natural, liars, puritanical, unrealistic, or even lovers of their own kind. Their good is spoken of as being evil. Those that are consumed with the passions of the loins rarely contribute to the good of mankind, or the world, for their lives are consumed with the purposes in mind of satisfying the lusts of the loins. The exhaustion of the loins, how far does it reach? It reaches into the soul, starving the prayer closet of righteous pursuits. It reaches into the mind, polluting and mangling the truth. It reaches into the heart, distorting purposes and wisdom. It reaches into the flesh and destroys its capacity to do good. It reaches into the spirit and defiles the Holy Ghost. How far does it reach? to hell and it does not come back from its chamber of fire. Why do I speak of these things? Because if you are barren of spiritual fruit, passion is the thief that has stolen your desire to fruit those things not only of your anointings, talents and gifts, but righteousness as well, the saving of souls from damnation being cast aside for the pleasures of the loins.

If you are filled with the flesh, you are an everflowing well of passion, and if you are filled with the Spirit, you are an everflowing well of the talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit. You cannot be filled with the fruits of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit alike. You shall be filled with one fruit or the other. You cannot be filled with double fruits, fruits of both the Holy Spirit and the flesh of corruption. You shall be filled and overflowing with but one or the other in the ending of all things, and the one will eat up the other and destroy it. One shall destroy the other, devour the other. The flesh and its passions and appetites will take away the fruits and talents and gifts of the Spirit or the gifts of the Spirit will take away the power of the flesh and the desires of its many delectable fruits.

Of course all flesh is seeded at birth with passion, and with the full powers of the flesh within it. But when the seeding or conception comes of the Holy Spirit, if it is not nurtured and watered and activated, it shall be devoured by the flesh, and there is no second seeding or birth of the Spirit any more than there is a second seeding or birth of the flesh. One cannot be born again in the flesh to have a second chance at being seeded by the Spirit. Therefore, there is a solemn warning in the Word to take heed lest you perish in the way from neglecting your salvation, neglecting to do the things that must be done to destroy the sins of the flesh that the soul might not perish. Therefore are you commanded, take heed lest an evil heart of unbelief be in you. Take heed, therefore, lest sin overthrow you. Take heed, therefore, that you lose not that which you have gained. Take heed, therefore that you strengthen those things that are about to die also, seeing that you have lost that which you had gained in the beginning. Those things that are gone are gone. Those things that remain have remained even through neglect yet shall likewise perish from you and where then is your salvation? Where is your evidence of faith? Where are your talents? your works? your gifts? your labours? your fruits? Are they seeded into the flesh to sprout unexpectedly and surprise you?

Even cockroaches hiding underneath the flooring abide in the house yet are they saved? Even the mice of the attic abide yet are rodents. Even the spiders and crickets of the foundation abide yet are but perishing insects. Abiding in the house assures none of salvation, for a cockroach is yet a cockroach, a mouth a mouse, a spider a spider, a cricket a cricket, and a snake even, a snake yet. A spider is no teacher, a cricket no singer, a mouse no builder, a cockroach no begatter, nor a snake an inhabitant of praise. A non-believing believer is praiseless, thankless, and gives honour neither to God nor man, and is joyless in all things, a begatter of sorrows. Therefore, let not the cares of this life or your flesh become your pattern of thought that these thoughts deceive you in this late, late, very, very late hour. Rejoice! If you cannot rejoice, let the fear of the lack of it cause you to cry aloud in a desperation of prayer that God might renew your faith, restrengthen your salvation, and restore your hope of eternal life.

What one follows after is the evidence of one’s faith. In reality, the fruits of faith are what one makes his life to become or be, it changing and changing and changing, growing towards a purposed and an intentional ending, all things being done toward that purpose and that ending. And if your purpose is the loins, when you reach that purpose, you will spend all your time and your energy protecting and nurturing that which your faith has purposely sought after and established and gained and in the gaining, maintain that you do not lose it. What a life! Or what a no life is a better expression of truth! Faith is the evidence of what a life makes itself to become. We show the evidence of our own faith by what we do, say, become, or do not become. Let’s not leave that one out. What we do not become speaks more loudly about what we believe and do not believe, then what we become. We must desire and want to become what God desires us to become. He cannot make us into something we do not want to become. If we desire to become righteous, we shall become righteous. God will not make us righteous, nor can He, if we do not desire to become righteous. God cannot nor will do any more than we allow Him to do, in us, through us, and with us.

Faith is following after something, and not only following after it, but getting it. An unstable mind or a double hearted soul, only thinks it desires something, and if it does not turn out the way that is desired, it is simply abandoned. Or if it is too hard, it is quickly cast aside. Salvation, like many things that we follow after and then get, if we find out after getting it that we did not want it after all, or that it was not what we expected it to be, or wanted it to be, and there is that word want again, is not tended to, and it shall perish. Salvation is a living spirit, a living life, a living plant, a living tree that must be tended to, like all living things, or it shall perish. It did not turn out the way we wanted it to be, and we neglected it, and it shall perish through neglect.

Faith follows after a want. Faith is a want. The problems come when we get what we wanted or find it or attain to it and it falls far below our expectations or we find that it takes more effort or costs more or is too painful or sorrowful or all manners of things that we simply did not expect to be included in the package. Salvation can be compared to a marriage. In my generation, every girl born was born with a fantasy, a faith, a dream and a hope of growing up and meeting mister wonderful and getting married and having a vine covered cottage and many babies and kissing our husband good-bye in the morning and hugging him at evening and having this oh so wonderful heaven on earth existence that our eye of faith and want has created within us. Then . . . . .we get married and we find in the yard thorns, and in the house cockroaches, and even in the bedroom unfaithfulnesses, and serpents, and even the children spit in our faces, and what has happened therefore to our eye of faith or want? It has disintegrated before our very faces and crushed our hearts and destroyed our souls and we find that our wants were not realistic. We found out that our wants and our faiths were not truthful. We created an illusion and a fantasy, an unreal reality in our minds and hearts. We found out that we had to take the good with the bad and that with all good comes some bad and with all bad there comes some good. Now, coming to the Kingdom of God, we are not willing to take the bad. We want all the good that the preachers have spoken about and know nothing about what they do not speak about. We do not want the gospel and the salvation Christ spoke about, the denials, the crosses, the pains, the losses, the sufferings, the despisings, the persecutions, the tears that never cease their flowing night and day through our being purified and sanctified. So our eyes of faith must reach far beyond this life and out of this world and pull into our minds and hearts and souls, and even our flesh, the hereafter, the hope of the glory of healing, complete healing, immortality, eternal life and a glorified flesh.

We must reach even through our own deaths and reckon ourselves dead to the flesh and the world and the lusts of this present life in order to forsake it, and forfeit it, and hope and follow after and want only the life that is ordained to be after this life is finished and the flesh falls away and we face God face to face and there have our eternal destiny determined. For we are not called to die but to live and to glorify that eternal life in our lives while here on this earth that we might be beacons of light to that eternal life that rests in the blood of Christ and the righteousness of Christ. For those that dishonour the blood of Christ, those that take the life and live in this life in their own wills and pleasures, though they be righteous lives, shall not be of those that inherit the eternal life that is in Christ Jesus. Those that manufacture their own lives, righteous that they may be, and offer them up to Christ in the form of works and tithes and offerings and moralities, shall find that they are denying Him in this world if they do not live the life He lived, and suffer the sufferings He suffered.

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Excerpts Taken From HONEY IN THE MOUTH written by Martha ©