The Sparrows Nest


We have people coming from miles around and even other states, just for  our every day specialty, Fried Chicken Livers.  You can have them soft,  crunchy, medium, any way you like them, and with Grilled Onions, and Chicken  Gravy, which we call ALL THE WAY!  The plate you are viewing has Grilled  Onions with the Gravy on the Side, Home Fried Potatoes, onions optional,  and seasoned Fresh Yellow Squash.

Side dishes include a fresh garden  salad with Ranch Dressing, and our special Pecan Pie and Whipped Cream.  Both  a Corn Muffin and a Hot Dinner Roll top off this great dish.  Wash it all  down with some iced tea, and you are ready for a nap!

My oh my!  Will you just look at this plate?  We cut and season and make  our own Chicken Breast Strips, make our own batter fry mix, and then we  drop these luscious strips into a hot peanut oil and fry to a golden  brown. Served here on this plate is a Baked Potato with condiments of Sour  Cream & Chives, All Beef Chili (Made From Ground Sirloin), and Shredded  Cheddar, along with Chef's Crock Tublets.

Condiments for the Strips are  a hot salsa sauce, honey mustard sauce or a barbecue sauce, and we make them  all from scratch. Side Dishes are some Stewed Tomatoes, and a bowl of our  Home-Made Chicken Vegetable soup. And look at those beautiful corn muffins. Gerrie is the baker and maker of all the desserts and breads. In fact, her  nick-name is Muffin by all the little children. The dessert is our Iced  Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream. Wash it all down with a glass of tea, brewed  tea, friends, not from a canister, nor a bottle, nor from a jar. It's made  fresh every day of the year! is something new you have not seen yet, our famous from coast to coast  Dutch Style Stuffed Sugar Bread topped with a Warm home-made vanilla pudding.  No ice cream here but you can add Ice Cream to any dessert. This dessert is  stuffed in this photo with Apples.  We also stuff them with Peaches,  Blueberries,  Strawberries, Blackberries, Cherries or Raspberries.

Many  people still love Fried Chicken on the bone and not just strips, so in this  photo the Fried Chicken is served with Buttered corn, Macaroni & Cheese,  Green Beans, and a fresh Garden Salad with ranch style dressing. Hot Corn  Muffins and a sparkling glass of Iced Tea make this a 'come back to get another'  dinner!

On a diet?  You won't get thin eating at the Sparrows Nest, but you  won't care about it for a moment of dining on the best tasting food in the  world! To be honest about this meal, it is a great meal for holding the  weight at a standstill, and has an oriental flavour. On the side we serve  Oriental Noodles and Soy Sauce to one's individual taste.

We stir fry  fresh vegetables with breast of chicken chunks.  Whatever fresh vegetables  are available, we use, and in this particular plate you see fresh Yellow  Squash, Onions, Celery and Carrots.  This plate is served with a seasoned  rice mix. Our secret on this one! A side salad of Lettuce Leaves and Fresh  Tomato and Onion Slices is served with a Sweet & Sour sauce. Add a  couple of corn muffins and the belly is getting filled.  To the dessert, we  are looking at Fried Apple Fritters rolled in powdered sugar, which can be  rolled in Cinnamon-Sugar or mixed with some of both kinds.  Every day we have  a list of desserts you may choose from, and the vegetables are fresh every  day.  Maybe you do not like cabbage, but we are famous for our seasoned or  fried cabbage.  Even little kids come here just to get the cabbage.  Amazing! I hated cabbage as a kid.

Turkey......the holiday bird is served here year round.  We serve only  the breast of turkey, cooking it to perfection that it is moist, flavourful,  and tender. We make our own Dutch Style Cornbread Dressing, and for  the holidays we also serve giblet gravy that brings people back year after  year looking for the Thanksgiving giblet gravy right on through Christmas.  Here is a generous Tossed Garden Salad with a cup of Ranch Dressing, which  we make, always making all our salad dressings, and here the diner has chosen  a yeast roll as well as a corn muffin.

Our mashed potatoes, are potatoes,  served with real turkey gravy, not a mixture of flavourings and water and a  little broth.  It is rich and robust with flavour.  Top this meal off with a  slice of fresh pumpkin pie and whipped cream, and you can hardly wait to get  home and take a nap!  Take along an extra glass of iced tea at no  charge.

Who does not often crave a Baked Chicken Breast covered with a home-made  barbecue sauce?  Wow!  Home-made from scratch sauce, not too strong, not too  sweet, not too many seasonings, but just right.......Nothing tastes so good  with barbecue as a macaroni & cheese dish, and.......we make our own  cheese sauce from 3 different cheeses. Nothing like it anywhere, found only  at the Sparrows Nest Restaurant.  Buttered corn always goes with any and  every dish.

I was raised in Akron, Ohio and we always had a full  vegetable garden. So....when I stood on a box as a little child to wash  dishes and help with everything around the house, I learned to go out to the  garden and pull those old green tomatoes from the vine and bread them and  fry them to a golden brown.  I always carried a salt shaker in my pocket to  grab a pepper, and cucumber and tomato from the garden, warm from the sun, and then continue on my way for an afternoon of touch football or baseball.  I had two brothers and grew up in a neighborhood of boys so I learned to play basketball, football and baseball, and when they wanted someone to kick or hit the ball, they were always at our backyard fence yelling for me.  Oh that the children nowadays could have the value of sports and teamwork at an early age, not to mention the value of exercise for the proper growing of their bones and muscles.  Mama was always upset at having to replace my shoes every few months and for having to sew and repair my dresses all the time.  Mama did not believe in little girls not dressing like little girls and I was always sliding and tearing up my shoes and tearing open the seams of my dresses.

So here you see, I am still frying fresh green tomatoes and we here at the Nest have grown tomatoes in season just for frying. Some grilled bread and a tossed garden salad fill out this perfect barbecue plate. Only tummy room now for just a slice of frozen chocolate chip ice cream pie.  Our Iced Tea is brewed every day.  No instant tea! Brewed fresh  tea!

Have a look-see at one of our 2 lb. tomatoes.........this giant got  a write-up in the local newspaper!  What a tomato!  We let this one ripen just for sandwiches and salads, because it was just too big to fry.

The most popular chicken dish we prepare is a baked chicken breast, on or off  the bone. There are options to this of gravy, barbecued, honey  glazed, marinated or ranch style.  Here we see it served with creamed  potatoes and gravy, some seasoned broccoli, and a tossed garden salad with  thousand island dressing. Some folks want extra gravy, some a little, and  some want none.  We serve it like you like it and some want the gravy on the  side.  If we err, you don't pay.....There are many salad dressings to choose  from.  A couple of hot yeast rolls go very well with this plate.  And what  goes exceptionally well with this plate is the dessert.  You would never  guess what the dessert is! The dessert is batter fried fresh apple rings.  So, so good!  They are served with powdered sugar or a cinnamon-sugar  coating.  A scoop of ice cream with these apply rings would delight the most  finicky of eaters.  For the diet conscious, a chicken breast is served  skinless and plain, and we have more than two thirds of our menu made up of  low calorie items and many fresh fruits and vegetables.

Iced Tea is  the favorite choice of drink.  More than not, you would have to think a long  time about what to choose for your meal, because everything is so good and so  much variety, it is difficult to choose sometimes.  So to give folks time to  think about what their choices are, we serve them their drink and give them  ample time to decide.  After a few trips to our Nest,you will come in  already looking for your favorite items.  We here at the Nest come to know  our diners not only as Joe, or Harry, or Alice.  We come to know them as the  one who always eats Chicken Livers, or the one who always eats Country Steak,  or the ones who are always coming for the sugar breads, not caring what else  we have as long as we have those Sugarbreads.

And another thing about our  Nest is that over the years we have cared for, sung for, comforted, prayed  for, fellowshipped with, laughed with, cried with, and yes, even buried  many.  It is traditional for us to be opened on Christmas Day and every year,  we have those who come just on that day, and this past Christmas there were  those who have dined here for 22 years and now they are no longer here.   Widows and widowers and sons and daughters, still coming yet remembering  those who are no longer with them.  So the Nest gathers neath its wings not  only the hungry, but the hurting. And here at the Nest they find their  happy, painful memories to still be memories of a hope that never dies!