The Sparrows Nest

Our King's Omelet is full of taste, a 2 egg omelet being stuffed with grilled baked ham and fresh sausage, topped with fresh bacon crackles, melted cheese, and garnished with chopped fresh tomatoes, really fit for a king. Toast or biscuits can be chosen for this delightful omelet, and a couple grilled mini cinnamon bread is just the sweet taste desired in the mornings for most folk, served up with jellies and honey. A glass of cold milk, and some slices of fresh cantaloupe give one the energy needed for the most strenuous of labours, and a cup of hot coffee is just what the belly needs on these cold mornings and many getting out to shovel snow or get the car out of the white stuff.

Now, we can't forget the ladies. We also have a Queen's Omelet, with only half the calories of the King's, because it is stuffed with vegetables. This 2 egg omelet is stuffed with grilled mushrooms and pimentos, and topped off with melted cheese, and garnished with chopped fresh tomatoes. We didn't take out all the goodies, and put some fresh bacon crackles inside the omelet for that 'not being totally denied' feeling. A glass of fresh orange juice, and a hot cup of coffee, and yes, the mini grilled cinnamon raisin toast with honey and jellies, is just what that morning taste has to have. Still all in all, not a diet breakfast, but not a loaded calorie breakfast that loves to stick to the hips....and everywhere else it can. This breakfast certainly is not for an office worker, but nonetheless, walk to work or around the block a couple of times. That'll work!

When you want a treat, and have earned a treat, you must try our stuffed pancakes. We stuff them with ice cream, or even cottage cheese for the weight conscious folk. We top our pancakes with Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Apples, or here in this photo you see them topped with Bing Cherries. For the egg lover there is a mini omelet stuffed with Baked Ham & Sausage and topped with a little cheese. Some people must have their eggs in the morning, and I am one of those egg lovers, any way, and any time. We serve breakfast here all the time, not just a few hours in the morning, but when open, we serve what you are hungry for whether it is a breakfast, a lunch, or a dinner.Now to comfort the conscience, we serve some slices of cantaloupe with this breakfast, and of course, one could drink their coffee black if they want, or enjoy a glass of Sweet Iced Tea. When you pay for your meal at the Nest, you are getting your money's worth and your belly happy!

Sometimes healthy eating does not taste good, but this is a favorite breakfast of a 2 egg omelet with melted cheese, a side order of grits, and several slices of a fresh tomato. Salty and sweet taste is so, so nice and nerve soothing to start the day, and with bacon and toast and jelly and honey, it all comes together that you won't yell at the toll booth attendant this morning. This is a good road rage antidote so take your time and you'll feel better about facing Monday morning. Raise your sugar level right away with your orange juice, and get it up even more with your fresh fruit and a hot cup of coffee. If you don't have time for breakfast, get up earlier....eating a biscuit and swishing down a cup of coffee in the car is just not able to keep you from being harassed by your own stomach. Eat a great breakfast, take your time, and give your stomach something to work on besides your nerves, and when the guy behind you honks his horn, or when that impatient driver cuts you off, you'll be able to handle it and wish them well.

Creamed Dried Beef seems to be the joke of the military, but it really is delightful served over toast with a side order of golden home fried potatoes. There is nothing more healthy than tomatoes, so I'm told, that tomatoes help keep the immune system healthy, and so here we have some sliced fresh tomatoes, and also a glass of tomato juice. A bowl of fruit is just what the doctors order too, I'm told, to eat fruits or drink fruit juices, every day! Morning just seems to scream sometimes, I want coffee....I want coffee.....I need my coffee, FIRST, the belly and the mind saying, where's my coffee? A saying around here is, Don't talk to me. I haven't had my coffee yet.

Hot Biscuits, and a handsome plate of Fried Ham, Scrambled Eggs, and Home Fried Potatoes, makes the belly know you assuredly are taking care of it. Orange juice ought to start every day for us, just for its healthy punch for our immune systems. A side of grits will keep the engine running all morning long, even if you are digging ditches, and some of us are! A bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of coffee or two will provide every necessary vitamin. Don't know about vitamins in coffee, but sure do love that hot coffee.

Sweets for the sweet! Orange juice, nothing better for your healthy immune system. Then Grilled French Toast and tublets of toppings include jelly, honey and syrup for those who like it sweeter than the cinnamon milk mix it is dipped in before grilling. Side orders of Fried Ham and a couple of Scrambled Eggs make this a quick down meal and the belly will say thank you for many hours. A cup of hot coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit makes this meal complete. Nothing pleases the palate like a sweet and salty meal.

A delightful just right breakfast for the construction guys is this one with a favorite to men, one biscuit with our white sauce and sausage, and a second biscuit with jellies and honey. Start with a glass of orange juice, and move right on in with your sausage gravy biscuit and sunny side up eggs, side dishes of grits, jelly or honey if you like, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Last to hit the belly will be a cup of hot coffee and the other biscuit with jellies and honey. No need for a vitamin pill here.

Here is a hungry man's breakfast......3 pancakes with assorted toppings of jelly, honey or syrup. Fried Sausage and Bacon. Pancakes not enough? Here is a hot biscuit and a side order of scrambled eggs to go along with a bowl of fresh fruit. Always begin the day with a fruit or vegetable drink. And enjoy your coffee....and we serve hot tea too, and iced tea, and other things but coffee for breakfast. We do have decaf for those who cannot drink regular coffee.

For those who want 2 meats, we prepare a white sauce sausage gravy biscuit or  patties,  2 eggs any way you like them, but here seen are 2 sunny side  up eggs, and a generous portion of bacon.  A side biscuit with choices  of jelly, honey and syrup are always provided along with butter tublets, and  a bowl of grits which you can also top with honey or syrup or jelly.  You begin this meal with fruit or vegetable juice, and finish it with a bowl  of fresh fruit. And.......don't forget the hot coffee.....which even  comes right to the table first while you are waiting for us to prepare  your breakfast, not spooning it from a hot bar, but fixing it all fresh!