The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2012
Book Six Of Eight

Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life
Book Six Of Eight
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe, and some are literally, bitter, green figs, hard truths and new. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

Chapter 45 Traveling with the Vine

We cannot accuse those who love us not but must accuse our own selves for not being formed into the love of Christ that lays down all things for the sake of the coming Kingdom of GOD and for eternal purposes. We do not live in this world or live this life. This is not our life. We are not born of this world. If we are, we are tormented by it and because of it and in it. If we are not of this world, we are not in harmony with any of its many cares and carelessnessí but are born from above, and that is where our hearts are, not of this earth, but of heaven, from whom our Saviour shall come.

We are but mortals as well as having our hearts set upon heavenly things. Necessity alone binds us to this world and this life and more than necessity, the responsibility of the gospel of Christ. The vine binds us to men and this life and this world far above any earthly responsibility.

To cut oneís self loose from the vine, how can one attach their selves again to it if they have cut themselves free? We are to labour seven days and nights a week in the Kingdom of GOD, its burdens never lifting day and night and night and day, and Jesus said, when the elect are in the City, are in their places, praying night and day and watching night and day, then will He hear from heaven and quickly answer them! For the gates of the City shall not be shut night nor day nor day nor night!

You have to go where the vine goes and stay on the vine, and the vine is simply, the will of GOD. There is no life apart from abiding on the vine. That vine will drag you through swamps, hot sun, ice and snow, floods and fires, splinters and broken glass, insects and snakes, over mountains and down into deep valleys and caverns where no light is, across deserts, through sicknesses, through trials, through perils, through sufferings, through wants, through persecutions, through pains, through sorrows unbearable, through suffering on suffering as the waves of a sea rolling without ceasing, yet the vine is strong and it will not cut us free nor leave us in what we are in but will take us on through it. The vine is strong and will not leave us in the travails but will take us on through them, all of them, every evil work in this world and deliver us from them all, preserving us unto His heavenly Kingdom. It is in the will of GOD where the Father and the Son abide. If His words abide in us and we abide in them, the Father and the Son come and make their abode with us, or abide with us. And that is in their wills. As Jesus was in the Fatherís will, so must we abide in His will and that is abiding on the vine. To abide means, to allow to be! We must allow the will of GOD to be Lord of our lives. That is what Lordship is, that allowing of the will of GOD to be performed in us and through us in this world. The Father does not follow us out into the pigpens of this world. We must awaken to the glory and value of the Fatherís house. His eyes are ever watching for repentance, for change, for an awakening, for an awareness of His love and care for His own children.

What is this gritting of the teeth to suffer? We are not in the lionsí den. We are not in the arena being eaten by lions. We are not in prisonhouses being raped and tortured. We are not suffering for Christ. We are not yet suffering for Christ. If we are suffering, it is because we are not willing to work and labour and endure hard work. Are we in war zones where bombs are falling around us? Are we in places of our lives being threatened every day by bullets coming through our walls? Are we not in secret hidden places and protected by our LORD from all of these things? How is it we are suffering? >From what are we suffering? You keep speaking about all of our suffering, and your suffering. We are not suffering. We are abiding! And this is not to say that many of these sorrows shall not come upon the children of the LORD before the ending. The LORD promises to the overcomers to keep them from the hour of temptation that is coming upon the world to try all flesh. He promises a special umbrella and covering to shelter those who are worthy to stand before Him when He appears.

Jesus said to His apostles while they were walking somewhere, Sit down here and rest awhile! They did not leave the vine. They did not leave the work. They sat down beside the work and rested and then continued on. Jesus was under fire from the apostles probably along with everyone else, and Jesus said, Come! We must work. We must! While it is yet day, we must work, for the night cometh when no man can work. Jesus was saying, we must work every day while we have life and breath, for the night, death, comes to every man and he can no longer labour for souls.

You must let go and let loose of all things of yesterday in order to abide on the vine. Let go of all the heartaches, the mistakes, the sins, everything. You must abide on the vine and go where the vine goes. If the LORD tells you to correct something from some yesterday, or restore something that ought to be restored, do so without hesitation, and then get yourself back on the vine. Those who are not abiding and do not abide on the vine, which is abiding in the will of GOD, are those that have sinned continually and that continue to sin. John said, He who sins is of the devil yet, meaning, he who abides not on the vine, obeys not the LORD, abides not in the will of GOD, sins, continually, and knows not the LORD but is of this flesh, this corrupted nature, this damned nature, this lost nature, this nature full of death and destruction, these being lovers of this life, lovers of this flesh and its passions, lovers of this world, and they know not Christ nor His death nor His resurrection, nor do they have life in them, absolutely, none!

Those that are able to abide on the vine and abide in the will of GOD have always sought the will of GOD and have followed after the will of GOD. That does not mean they did not, and do not fall into the ditches along the roadside and have to climb back upon the road and get back upon their feet, but it means that they have always followed after GODís will and sought it out and continually find it and apprehend it and understand it, and suffer it. They come to their senses, so to speak, and return to the house of the LORD. They are awakened once, but once, and they therefore and then abide on the vine and stay there. Those that think they are awakened and that they are abiding are the most pathetic of all. These that have always dwelled in the Fatherís house think too highly of themselves, puffed with self-worth, swelled with self-exaltations, and down their noses at those who come from the pig pens of the world. These believe they have been born into the Kingdom and have no need of redemption. Those born once still must be born a second time. All born of flesh must also be born of the Spirit of GOD.

Believers grow weary of the cross, and every day as written, we must rise up and pick up our cross and carry it. We must follow the vine, the perfect will of GOD. We must pick up the cross every day and bear it. I must pick up the cross that has my name on it and others that have left works and laid down their crosses, is where their salvation is, where their works are, where the will of GOD is, and where it shall always be. And others pick up crosses that have been abandoned, and what shall be the ending of those that have abandoned their works? Their names are on their crosses, and their crowns as well, yet they, having passed their crosses on down to others have passed their crowns and rewards as well on down to others.

We must abide on the vine, and the called, the elect, start out on the vine, are born on the vine. GOD knows who are His elect children, even while they are being formed in the womb. There is an election that GOD knows and forms even in the womb. There is a free-will also, that may hear, and may receive, and may believe, and attach their own selves to the vine. Now, Jesus could not be born in Alaska and fulfill being born in Bethlehem. Jesus could not have been crucified in Egypt and fulfill being crucified in Jerusalem. By the Father was He born in the Fatherís will, and then He had to walk in the will ordained of Him by the Father, all the way to the ending, enduring to the ending in the will of His Father. He had to walk in the will of GOD for Him to bear fruit. He said, Except ye abide on the vine, ye can do nothing! Except ye abide in the Fatherís will, ye can bear no fruit. Though He was born on the vine, coming from the vine itself, He still had to commit His will every day into the Fatherís will with every thought, every step, forfeiting up His own life into the Fatherís will. Likewise, must we.

We must be willing to be perfectly formed in the Word and by the Word and perfectly fulfill the Word to receive the promises and the fruits of it. It is GOD alone who determines what His will is, and we must be led by His Spirit into His will and then follow after it and walk in it, enduring in it to the ending.

If you are enticed by sin and are enticed to cut yourself off of the vine, fleeing the will of GOD, you shall not abide in life, but shall be of those who return to perdition. He who abides in life abides on the vine, in the perfect will of GOD. If you are tired of the will of GOD, you no longer desire salvation but have grown lukewarm, neither hating sin nor loving righteousness, and care not if you are saved or not, or get saved, or anyone else gets saved either. If when you grow weary, you obey the LORD and come and sit down and rest awhile, you shall rise able to abide on the vine and stay in the sun, or the briers, or hang from a cliff in terror, but you will abide. But if you hate the will of GOD you will use any excuse to escape from it and with that escape leave the will of GOD and cut yourself free from your own salvation. Salvation is of the vine! Salvation is of the righteousness of Christ.

If you are in the perfect will of GOD and cannot bear it, what are you to do? You resist fleeing from the will of GOD. You must! For when Jesus could not bear abiding on the vine, could not bear its weight, He prayed. and then He prayed again. And then He prayed yet a third time, being sorrowful unto death. He fought hell and sweat great drops of blood, and said, Father, if it be thy will, let this cup pass from me. But if not, not my will, Father, but thy will be done. Therefore, where are your drops of sweat? your drops of blood? of fighting hell for your very life? So many have the truth and are deceived about obedience. They think they are obeying simply by believing with an intent to get back on the vine when they can get the strength to do so! The vine has long since moved on and is out of their reach and cannot be attained to, or found. Even if they run with all their might and sacrifice all things, they cannot again attach themselves to the vine.

We are to do good unto all men and to be busy about the things of GOD and to sin against no man. That is the commandment, to honour all flesh and sin against none. Life is but a breath anyway, and it is soon ended from the womb to the grave, it being but a burp of bad food. So get on with things and stop aggravating yourself with the pittances of this life. The life is in the vine. To be separated from the vine causes us to simply lie in the field and rot.


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Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life
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