The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2012
Book Five Of Eight

Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life
Book Five Of Eight
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe, and some are literally, bitter, green figs, hard truths and new. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

Chapter 37 The Burden on Women

When you looked at your belly swollen with your child, knowing she had to push her way out that catsup bottle opening, and get out of your stomach, you knew she only had to come out once. So is it with all pain and suffering for it is but for the moment and is of this temporal, short, vapour of a life, even death being but passing through the opening but once.

Paul counted all things of this life as but dung compared to the treasures that are found in Christ Jesus. We all learn that, unfortunately, through having the world torn from us leaving gaping holes in our flesh and heart and soul that never will heal in this lifetime, but are ever present in circumstances, in memories, and in visible scars. For in the will of GOD that works out our eternal salvation’s, lies divorces, sufferings, prunings, and castings away and rejections and sorrows. The will of GOD brings about many sufferings that would be otherwise avoided. But with the sufferings comes also the glories that are appointed unto those who suffer for Christ, as Christ, and in the will of Christ.

We are made strong in our weaknesses. And those that leave the Father’s house to go into the flesh and the world to partake of its delicacies, shall find themselves as the prodigal, in the pig pens of the world. Pigs are in the pig pens, and those that are pigs remain with the pigs, but those that are not, cannot stand the stench and the filth’s of the pigs, and they make their escapes back into the Father’s house, battered, torn, wounded, filthy, scarred, penniless, and almost physically dead from diseases, having been tormented, having fought great battles with the powers of darkness just to get back home.

The wages of sin is death. Why cannot people simply believe the scripture that says, The wages of sin is death? It does not matter how small or great is the sin, the wages is death, somewhere, somehow, to someone, to something, death! As long as we live, some sins done unto us remain in remembrance, and the day even for some are burned on the mind and heart with painful wounds and scars. For every year, like as the day my Mama died and it felt like my soul itself was torn from me in that moment, her death passing through my memory and my heart, likewise does sin pass through our minds and hearts with sorrow and we realize the death that remains behind. Adultery remains behind and the death to the marriage stings with unhealable wounds. The wedding day passes through our minds with sorrow. The sounds of the children’s voices pass through our minds with sorrows. The happy times pass through our minds with sorrows. I have known the kiss of betrayal of a young girl I took into my home, who kissed me on the cheek and said, I love you Martha, all the while she was inter coursing with my husband. I can understand fully a husband or wife walking into a room and finding their spouse in bed with another and they simply going insane with pain and rage and either kill one or both of them. I did not do that, but I almost killed myself in my own sufferings. It is horrendous! The pain is not comprehensible to any human being unless they have themselves experienced it.

With men all things are instant, whereas with women, they linger, and are present behind and before and long after, and women retain and seek and gain and lose painfully, whereas men, they simply if something is wrong, discard rather than repair and work out things, and quickly move on to someone else. If things are not to their liking, there is no compromising. They depart, forsake, quit, give up, or harass until they get all things moving their own way, and women, to keep their men, simply follow on leashes and follow so as to have someone, anyone, because their pains are so intense in this modern age, not the pains of denials, but the pains of bearing their lives alone without someone to care if they live or die. And the stigma attached to an unmarried woman is horrendous, but not so the male.

Men are not looking for women to share their lives with and all that they are or ever hope to be or become or own or do not own. They are looking for helpmetes, women to do for them those things they will not do for themselves. They are wanting cooks, and nurses, and maids, and comforts, and secretaries, having all these carnal things done for them setting them free to really enjoy their lives, some having their mistresses, while their wives are living in drudgeries and labours and fatigues and wantonness’ and loneliness’, because laundry has little comfort, and dishes and cleaning and cooking have no rewards. These things are servitude’s of life that all flesh has to have. When men have all the drudgeries of life taken care of for them, then they are free to enjoy living while their wives and women are labouring unceasingly in their behalf so they can live and enjoy the good things of life. In order to have the good things of life, the woman pays an extreme price and the man to have the good things of life only has to get himself a wife.

Notwithstanding, when babies or children come along, this is all a part of the woman’s package for the privilege of having someone in her bed at night for peace of mind from the fears of the night and darkness, and an occasional time of affection. A woman to gain a man must forfeit all things and a man to gain a woman gains all things. It is not an equal measure of justice. In Christ there is no male or female and in Christ women and men are equal partners in the inheritance of the Kingdom of GOD, and whereas a woman is to be submissive to her own husband in all things, the man is supposed also to lay down His life to his wife, as Christ laid down his life for the church. If a man lays down his life, he forfeits the ‘ego’ and forfeits the ‘dominion’ and forfeits the ‘lording’ and forfeits the ‘headship’ as men determine headship being a lord or a dominion over. Headship truly means, taking responsibility for. Christ is the head of the man, whom He takes responsibility for, and the man is the head of the woman, whom he takes responsibility for. When a man understands his headship, he comes down to the level of the wife and stands alongside of her, not over her as a rod of discipline, correction and aggression, but as her keeper, her comforter, her strength, her support, her cradle in times of suffering and sorrow and pain, and most of all, her shelter in times of fear. He is faithful to her. That is the laying down of the life, faithfulness. As Christ is all of these things to the man, the man is all of these things to the woman, his wife.

A husband is commanded in the scriptures to honour his wife, and to not be bitter against her lest his prayers be hindered, she being the weaker vessel in strength, and yet men now think women are horses and packmules to carry their every burden physically as well as carry their own. And all men deem themselves as heads of all women, whereas the scriptures say to the woman, submit unto your own husband, signifying own husband. A woman is not under subjection to all men, but to her own husband, if she be married.

For all flesh is to submit to the spiritual and carnal authorities over them, whether they be male or female, but for the sake of peace in the house, a woman is to submit to her husband in all things, and that all things does not signify to sin, or to commit sin, or lie, or steal, or any other of the maladies of the flesh. For it does not say to submit to satan, or to the devil, or to men that are abusive and oppressive. No woman ought to believe that Christ requires her to submit to abuse and to immoralities and to perverseness’. For the husband is told by the scriptures to possess his wife with honour, and not as the heathen, and not in concupiscence or uncleanness’, but with honour. Many men have mastered the art of spiritual oppression and of immoral oppression under the guise of being married, calling the wife to submit to acts of the flesh that torment the conscience. Let no woman believe that she is to submit to her husband disallowing her GOD given conscience concerning righteousness and chastity. Let no mother believe she is obeying the scriptures to submit to her husband, by allowing him to mercilessly beat her children.

Men come home from work and women too, and slam the doors, and curse the neighbours, and beat the children, and pick on each other, coming home at the ending of an exhausting day, taking all the ills of life out on each other and even on their children. The home should be a shelter from the storms of life, and the parents a protector from evil, and the husband should be a safety and the wife should be a partner. The dinner should be joyous, and the sheets clean and smelling good, and the bath water hot and soapy, and the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The house should be filled with joy and laughter. The necessities of life should be provided by the labours of the hands. And the husband should hold his wife and the wife should nurture her husband and the children should curl up in the arms of parents who love to read them the scriptures, parents who are thankful to have each other and to have someone to love and to be loved by. Children should not be an inconvenience of marriage but should be a purpose of marriage.

Very few children grow up in homes that teach them to be husbands and wives. Children simply grow up, we know not how, but they do, as we all do, and when we get grown up, we find out how unequipped we are for this thing called life. Children are taught to seek after education’s, after careers, after talents, after everything but being good, being a good wife, a good mother, a good father, a good husband, everything in their lives depending upon being a good husband, wife, and mother and father. The joy of life is being a wife, a mother, a husband, a father, everything else in this world taking second place to the core of our lives, our homes, our families, and our identities. And so we grow up, being ignorant of the most important values of life, and we make many mistakes. We commit many transgressions. We stumble into many ditches of sorrow and sin.

Now, all flesh feels shame. We can feel shame apart from conscience. Shame is not conscience. Shame is pride injured but it does not necessarily offend the conscience. Godly sorrow works for righteousness, for Godly sorrow comes when the conscience has been pained and the pain is unbearable. That is a healthy conscience, and a Godly conscience works toward purity, whereas shame works for concealment and darkness and a hiding of transgressions. Shame has no cleansing power whatsoever, none, and is carnally oriented. Whereas, conscience or repentance is spiritually oriented with a godliness that separates the sin from the sinner, cleansing him of all transgression.

We are forgiven our sins in Christ Jesus, and His blood cleanses us from every and all sin, yet the fruits remain. We shall reap what we sow. And that is deadly, but it does not have to be. We have to learn to understand that not all correction is righteous. Sometimes parental corrections are unrighteous, in that they seed a worthlessness, and seed unworthiness, and seed bondage and not deliverance. I am speaking of downmouthing children, calling them names, speaking horrible things to them, and mocking and laughing at their efforts of trying and striving to be loved and accepted. I am speaking about children that want to become something, have the talents to become something, have the will and desire to become something, yet are told they are no good and will never be worth anything. These go their whole lifetimes trying to prove to their parents that they are worth something, are of value, are achievers, and no matter how hard they try, their parents will always see them as worthless, lazy, untalented and of little value. To some parents, nothing their child does is acceptable. And then to other parents, everything their child does is not only acceptable but the bad things are hidden and covered over and explained away as ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘they are just children’ or ‘they’ll outgrow it’. We do not outgrow sin. It is the sin that grows and grows and grows. Bad little boys are bad big boys. Whorish little girls are whorish big girls.

How any grow up into responsible adults in this hour and day, is a miracle in and of its own self. It seems we spend our whole lifetimes trying to outrun pain. We as little girls dream of marriage, home and children as our little piece of heaven here on this earth. Never happens! Dreams are still but dreams. Boys have no such dreams, have no such intentions, have no such desires, but marriage, house and family to most little girls is the life, is the dream, and is the whole purpose of life. And so, the first boy that says I love you to a girl, does not say I love you because he wants to get married. No way! He does not say I love you to have children. No way! But the little girl, dreaming of her knight in shining armour, sees I love you meaning wedding bells! No way! Not so little boys. Little boys do not dream of growing up and marrying and having a house and a wife and children. Boys growing up learn very quickly that I love you opens any and all doors, and that I love you will eventually break down the strongest desires of righteousness in all little girls. Little boys have learned that the best place to find little girls is in church! O my! And parents believe their little girls are safe with the little boys who go to church! And then you have all the little girls in church believing they can save all the little bad boys and make them good if they just love them . . . . . . . . . . . . .and then you have all the little bad boys who pretend to be changing from bad to good just to get a good girl, and then they will tire of being ‘good’ and return to what they really are, bad little boys.

Bad boys have made a lot of good girls bad. I am not just giving the boys a bad rap. There are a lot of girls that are not good girls. And these bad girls are bad to the core, and they are servicing the streets and the alleys and the houses of prostitution. They do not have to seek out boys, for they are sought out and bought for a price. But the good girls, they are pursued. And they fall, because they are dreamers, dreamers of finding a husband and bearing his children, and being loved and cared for, and they live happily ever after with their faithful husband in their dreamhouse.

In the years I was growing up, in the l940’s, we as little girls had what was then called ‘hope chests’. And every birthday and every Christmas, relatives and friends gave gifts for the hope chest. Some gave dishes, and towels, and linens, and silverware, storing up all those things in the ‘hope chest.’ And we way back in the good old days, even bought things ourselves to store in them. I had hand made pillow cases that my mother hand stitched. I had china. I had gold plated silverware. I had crystal saucers. I had hand crocheted doilies for my tables and dressers. I had hand made blankets, hand stitched baby clothes of hope even. In the good old days, as little girls, it was instilled in our minds that we were homemakers and mothers and wives, first, and all else was secondary. What happened? Those things were not instilled in the minds of little boys! That’s what happened. So now, neither are these things instilled in the minds of little girls, yet their GOD given creation is deeply imbedded in them, even at birth, and will not be denied. We as young women, and middle aged women, and old women, still dream of that knight in shining armor that will be that faithful one in a Godly marriage.

Tramps of the streets do not desire marriage, nor shall they ever, being slaves of their uncleanness’. And from their uncleanness’ shall they reap not only corruption’s of the flesh, but eternal damnation as well. And a holy man? Even the pulpits are looking for them!

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Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life
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