The Sparrows

By Martha © 1998, Revised 2012
Book Three Of Eight

Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life
Book Three Of Eight
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I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. This treatise is formed from bits and pieces of some of the letters that the manna from heaven might be given to all who believe, and some are literally, bitter, green figs, hard truths and new. These are treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

Chapter 27 Faith and Works

The scriptures say, faith without works is a dead faith, and another scripture that says, we are saved unto good works.

Eph. 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

So then, salvation has two responsibilities, the Spirit and the flesh. In the Spirit, we must obey perfectly the Word of GOD as well as perfect the talents we have and the spiritual gifts to be used for the gospelís sake to save souls, and then we have the works appointed and ordained to us. These are carnal works. To some it may simply be, being a wife or a mother, or a secretary, or any number of works of this carnal world. But all things becoming new, when we come to Christ Jesus, our works change as they are ordained unto us, and possibly we have been channeled in that direction beforehand, even before salvation, the Spirit moving in us into that direction ahead of time. So we are saved not by faith only, and not by works only, but by both faith and works. And one without the other is still damnation. One cannot do his works and walk the way of disobedience and yet enter into life, and one cannot believe only and not do the works and enter into life. It takes that obedience even unto the appointed works that saves us.

GOD was channeling me into the music since childhood, and it has been a battle against the powers of darkness. We can overcome the powers of darkness, easily, but not overcome ourselves so easily, the inward man being greater than the outward man, stronger, very much stronger. Therefore, must that inside of the cup be made clean that it being the stronger of the two shall also make the outside of the cup clean. The outside is but a reflection of the inside.

And those that boast that GOD looks upon the heart and man on the outward appearance, do not understand that the appearance therefore is of more importance than that which GOD looks upon, for the outward appearance is what man sees and must be a reflection of Christ and not of immoral dress, and excessive make-up, and costly array, and the hair? What can be said about what the hair says to a dying and lost world, both on men and women of the faith? If GOD has cleaned up the inside, the outside will reflect the cleansing of the inward soul.

One cannot overcome his own self if he hates his responsibilities and his talents, for he will not do them. He will discard them and hate anyone who tries to provoke him into his works and talents, he demanding yet his own life. Only those who forfeit the life into the Word, both in carnal works and spiritual works, shall be saved. No doubt about it. We are to warn everyone every day as we see the ending coming. Hebrews says, every day warn each other about sin.

The blind follow after the blind and they both fall into the ditch even unawares of the ditch. If one believes a lie or believes error, that is blindness, and those likewise blinded shall follow the blinded and they shall fall into the ditch of the lies of the one who first believed. So if a person is not a lover of the truth, they will follow those who are blind.

So this blindness has to do with not being taught the truth, or learning truth, or not understanding the scriptures. Many fully understand the truth, and understand the scriptures, and are full of the knowledge of the LORD, full of the knowledge of righteousness and evil, full of knowing right from wrong, being unblinded, totally, yet still and will walk the ways of disobedience and sin. These are not blinded. These are unblinded yet gather together with the unblinded in their rebellions and sins. So there are unblinded that gather together in wickedness, and there are unblinded that gather together in righteousness. Jesus Himself held on to but a handful, only eleven souls, out of thousands and thousands that once believed, they turning away because of the narrowness and hardness of the way.

Many of understanding dwell with the wicked so they can do what they desire to do, live lives like they desire to live, rather than suffer the rebukes of the righteous. It has been a long, long hill now to walk up for Golgotha is now in the heavens and not upon the earth. And we must reach up and climb up very, very high for His voice is but heard off in the distance. If we do not heed it and draw it closer to us and draw His voice and His Word both down into us, we shall perish. Those that obey both His Word and righteousness shall be saved, and you will hardly obey that still small voice of righteousnesss if you do not obey that Word written down in blood nor the screaming of the prophets in your ears.

Those of understanding that extinguish the light are comfortless in the spirit and comfortless in the world and are as wandering stars without a place in the universe. For they have no direction anymore, for what one has is taken away and if one has more is given. So then, obedience, so priceless and necessary to bear righteous fruits and righteous rewards, is lacking in those who have the most knowledge and understanding. These being so filled with knowledge and understanding have allowed that knowledge to pollute them and to anger them and to cause them to despise the truth so much, they are determined to test and tempt GOD to save them for do they not believe?

That is where peopleís salvationís fail them or they fail their salvationís. They will not pick up that daily cross, and it is heavy, and often it is heavier than usual, and it is never light, never. The yoke of righteousness is light. It is a light burden, the yoke of obedience to the Word of GOD, and is very, very light. Those that count it a burden will hardly carry the cross of works, it being a thousand times heavier than righteousness.

For the LORD has saved us for carnal works, for He has completed the spiritual, and we are simply given the gifts of the spiritual without works, through faith. But faith alone, without the carnal works appointed unto us, is profitless. We become unprofitable servants. Unprofitable servants are cast away as though they never were. In Hebrews it mentions, faith toward GOD from dead works.

Heb. 6:1 Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God.



No unclean work is perfect but is a dead work, profitless and unclean, dead, dead, dead! Sacrifices are dead works! Oblations are dead works! Tithes are dead works! Alms are dead works! Gifts are dead works! Loving is a living work! Forgiving is a living work! Mercy is a living work! Clothing the naked is a living work! Feeding the hungry is a living work! Visiting the sick is a living work! Visiting those in prison is a living work! Giving to the poor is a living work! There are dead works, and there are living works. Repent from dead works and have faith toward GOD unto righteousness.

Now there is a singular word here to see, the word foundation. The foundation of our salvation therefore, is perfect works, and perfect faith toward GOD through obeying the scriptures. The obeying of the scriptures purifies the soul and spirit and the works purify the flesh. Now, there is salvation in nothing except the purifying of both, the flesh and the spirit.

I am not hated because of the scriptures, but of the demanding of perfect works. And not only demanding perfected works, but requiring the love of them and every one of them, the exalted and the nothings, the important and the unimportant, the smallest and the greatest, the easy and the hard, the heavy and the light, the whole of them, from the least to the greatest of the commandments, all of them, being perfect and not without their own righteousnessí, that if one slacks in one, he slacks in all of them.

And the rest of that singular foundation being, Heb. 6:2 Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

The first foundation upon which spiritual works must stand, is the perfection of carnal works. So many people, and in fact, the multitudes of the Gentiles have come to Christ without any foundation of anything at all, even in the worldly things being unclean in every fashion imaginable. And the scriptures say, The burden of Israel is heavy. So the LORD shall not lay any other burden on you than Christ and to abstain from fornication. So we are coming back to the original foundation of these six principles of eternal salvation and carnal salvation from sin, this life pure and the eternal life pure.

If I found day in and day out I was not handling my work and my cross, I would find ways to handle them and to lift them. I would have to. I have no choice. If it takes more hours on my part, more efficiency, more time, more involvement, I would have to do whatever it takes to lift it. And when otherís who have forsaken are added to mine, I lift them also, and when another is yet sick, I lift that one also, and when others are rebellious and wayward, I add also those crosses. There is no choice. I have no choice. You have no choice. And we do not do just the best we can do, for that attitude is sour, and wicked, for we never do the best we can do, never, do we? And we know that also. If we always think that we do, we therefore gauge what is our best and usually it becomes less and less and less yet, as time goes by. And works become slovenly, and unclean, and even many forgotten and cast by the wayside. Because we feel unappreciated, used, abused, and unimportant, we slack, and we grumble, and we complain, and we lay down crosses, and then eventually all together, forsake those works appointed to us, we labouring for the wrong reasons, wrong purposes, having uncleanness within us.

Now we think our works are certainly important enough to be angry about if others do not help us or will not help us, and we must do them our selves, all the time and without helps. But we cannot be thinking both things, that the works are important and we are not, and be pure in our thinking. For if they are important enough to demand others to help us do them, we must all the more demand that same intensity of importance and purpose from our own selves, and if we thought they were important enough, we would simply find a way to do them instead of complaining all the time about them and others not helping us. We would still labour unceasingly, taking longer, yet never quitting, and never stopping, and never turning back, and never ceasing, ever labouring in those things appointed to us.

We deem we are important and the work unimportant. That double minded man will receive nothing from GOD except judgment. The truth is, it is not important enough to be exaltive enough to the inner man, proving by far that that man is exaltive and one of the proud of self, and GOD will crush him under his hand day in and day out and if that is not sufficient, He will grind him to powder underneath of His feet. And if that is not sufficient, He will scatter the powder to the winds that that man cannot be brought back together again. He will be in torment. He will be angry. He will be hateful. He will be sorrowful. He will be unsatisfiable, no matter what, restless, unfulfilled, a wandering soul contented in nothing, neither in the world or in the Kingdom. He will be burning within and without with wicked judgments toward others. He will be hurt continually by not being praised, not being appreciated, not looked up to, not followed after, not cared about, not associated with, not pampered, not exalted, not pleased, and on and on, the list being endless, all because he declares to himself, I am not important, when really he deems himself most important and others of no importance, not even the works for the worksí sake alone.

Look at all the sins that are abundant in such a one. He is always looking at the greater with jealousy, envy, covetousnessí, and because he is not there where that person is, deems the other so great that no matter what he does it is what is the word? I am not important! Because he cannot be number one, for number one is already taken, he is not important enough so he does nothing and will not be the lesser because he cannot be the greater. And so he does nothing. He says in himself, Let the one who gets all the glory do it. I am not important! Let the one who knows how to do it, do it! Let the one who likes to do it, do it. Why should I when someone else can do it because they know how and I do not? I cannot be important enough so I will not do anything. I cannot be number one so I will not be number two even or lesser! Forget it! Even if I do it someone else gets the credit for it. So let them do it. I do not get the credit anyway so let them do it. I am not important!

And if one is going to reap where they did not sow and get the credit for it, I certainly am not going to do it! No credit? I wonít do it. No glory? I certainly will not do it! Do it for someone elseís credit? No! Do it and get no reward? No! Do it for someone else to get the payment? No! Never! And so we see the progression of the spirit of the damned, I am not important!

Now, when a husband or wife no longer feels important, or is not number one to the other, they will seek another, and then another, and then others, always having in the flesh to be the most important one, the only one. When children feel unimportant, unloved, unwanted, they will become very selfish, totally self-centered, and turn to all kinds of mischief in their seeking to be somebody, the I am somebody syndrome. They will turn on any and all with accusations, abuse, criticism, demands, calling good evil, refusing to repent, the I am not important syndrome, and I must be. I cannot live without being somebody to somebody.

Listen to the wailing in the ears and the gnashing of the teeth. Iím not important to you. You donít love me. Iím not important to you. You donít appreciate me. Iím not important to you. You show favour to others. Iím not important to you. You give others more love and more attention. Iím not important to you. You use me. Iím not important to you. You choose others and cast me away no matter what I do. Iím not important to you. No matter what I do it is not good enough. Iím not important to you. You hate me. Iím not important to you. You criticize me. Iím not important to you. You are evil toward me. Iím not important to you. I donít trust you. Iím not important to you. Youíre going to forsake me. Iím not important to you. You are going to replace me. Iím not important to you. You only want what I can give you. Iím not important to you. You praise others but never me. Iím not important to you. You only want me to do the things you get the praise for. Iím not important to you. You make me afraid. Iím not important to you. When you are finished with me you will throw me aside. Iím not important to you. You donít like to be around me. Iím not important to you. Iíll get nothing for what I do! Iím not important to you. Iím not important to you, the cry of the damned. These are lovers and makers of lies, accusers of the brethren, lovers of self, and haters of Christ. These are hirelings, wolves, pigs and dogs.

And we see this spirit at work in those that will not lift their cross but demand to have the rewards of it as though they did lift it. They demand all the rewards and crowns though they have had to be shamed into half effort works and impurely doing them, incorrectly doing them, not doing them at all even and someone else having had to do them, having to make them do their works, beating them to do them, getting daily angry at them to make them do them, dragging them along, suffering them to do them, their hating them all the time no matter what it is they are to do, making you feel you are doing them evil, needing it done and they called by GOD to do them and not doing them and you are always angry because they hate doing what they ought to love doing, the will of GOD, and if these works are not the will of GOD, let them depart and find the will of GOD for themselves, and if these works are the will of GOD, let them do them gladly, but then, the spirit of damnation says, Iím not important! What a lousy excuse! It declares, no matter what I do I will not get a reward, or payment, or even a thank you. I break my back and crawl into bed every night exhausted and for what? Iím not important! Iím not important nor appreciated and in the ending of it all will be cast aside anyway because Iím not important! These are continual thistles and thorns in any work and in any ministry, and will be a sword of contention and strife as long as they are a part of any work, whether it be of the world or in the Kingdom of GOD.

Faith without the crosses it comes with is a damning faith, and will not hold salvation. And works without faith is also a more deadly walk, it leading to the Iím not important death chamber. It is insidious and intoxicating, this Iím not important to you evil and wickedness.

And then when all else fails to these people, they turn on you and try to make you so important to them, they wail on you, and gnash their teeth on you, and their looks and countenances could stop a charging bull they are so filled with indignation at you and your words and your presence. So after rebukes, I stay out of the bullsí paths till they can get hold of their anger and avoid more sin for the rebukes come because of sin and so I stay clear of their paths of hatred and anger lest they commit more sin and I give them space for repentance and do not provoke things further but allow the paths of recovery to first take place and then if they follow after repentance and change, chastening has had its work of righteousness, but if not, then it has had its encounter of discipline.

Jesus said, Because you say you see, your sin remains. There is no counting of the brethren that have said, You are right. I have done wrong, admitting to their wrong, seeing their wrong, yet doing nothing about it. In most though, no work of repentance comes forth, neither confession, that through them it might work a work of continued righteousness and a growing of the tree of righteousness. But they in silence and lack of confession, spiritually defile themselves further, and by doing no changing either, carnally defile themselves, and they walk this continual downward spiral to hell and damnation, being angry not without causes, but with deliberation of damnation and hateful anger at the cross of righteousness, faith and works. The Word offends them, often, daily, and continually offends them, and they harden themselves to its power and glory and receive no salvation from the Word, receiving only its condemnation of disobedience and unbelief.

It is one thing to even be angry without cause, which causes also a danger of damnation and hell-fire, but to be angry with a wicked cause, that is damnation most assuredly, to be angry at righteousness and at the Word and the Spirit that agree in obedience, faith and works for salvation.

The Iím not important to you spirit is jealous, envious, even accusing you of exaltation and thinking something great of yourself, accusing you of grandstanding and wanting attention and glorifying yourself even through and because of your called works and anointing. Who gave you the authority to do this attitude? And, who do you think you are, attitude? The outer man is clothed in works and when those works are polluted and wicked and have not been done or have been done hatefully, you know also the inner man is polluted and uncrowned with the Word. That inner man is corrupted all the way to the center of his bone.

In the Fatherís house are many vessels, some to honour and some to dishonour, as written, and it says, those that desire to be honoured in the Fatherís house, purify themselves that He might use them to honour and not cast them aside for being a dishonour and a shame and a rebellious labourer in the Kingdom of GOD and in the Fatherís house and in His mighty Kingdom that is being assembled amongst the living and the dead.

So when our Saviour picks His jewels to go forth in His crown, He shall have the left and the right as chosen by the Father. For Jesus said, Those are chosen by the Father for Me and I have no power or authority to choose these two. And how Jesus inwardly must have felt a sorrow for the men to demand to stand upon His right and His left in His Kingdomís appearing.

It is written, Righteous and true are thy judgments, O Lord. And again written, Give unto them double portion, O Lord, for the pain and the double cross they have laid upon Me. Jesus bore the forty lashes and stripes for the sins of every soul. We must also take our lashes for our sins that are committed after the blood has cleansed us for our former sins. Let none think that they can escape their lashes. Each man must bear his own salvation and the sufferings of it. Taking the lashes for others does not change them. A Father that is always protecting his children from the consequences of their sins, only allows and permits them to continue in them, adding sin unto sin unto sin. Every soul has to take his own lashes and his own stripes for sin. All flesh must know that GOD will receive no uncleansed soul into His Kingdom, but will chasten and scourge every son and daughter He receives, till they are every whit pure, white, holy and in the image of His Son Jesus.

You fulfill your own salvation. You cannot fulfill it for anyone else, anyway. It is sufficient for you to be as your master, Christ, and no more than and certainly no less than. You only have to fulfill righteousness. To try to be greater than that is idolatry, being self-exaltive, better than, and is a pit deep and wide to fall into and so deep and wide, impossible to climb up out of. The walk and pathway of salvation is very straight, very narrow, and easily seen. We are the ones who always want to do more and sin in doing so because of wanting to be important. The saved know how important they are for they know the price of their salvationís and the great cost it was to heaven. Those that cry the blues and the damnation sound of I am not important, do not think Christ is very important, either, nor His sacrifice, nor His works, nor His words, nor His obedience, nor His salvation. And those that have to be greater than He, and do a greater work or righteousness, think He is less than they also and they the greater. Are we not all but fools? May the LORD always instruct us in the ways of our own earthly foolishnessí that we might see and understand true wisdom!

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Excerpts From Bitter Green Figs From The Tree Of Life,
Book Three of Eight, Written By Martha ©

To the blood bought saints of GOD, both living and dead, who have suffered for decades with me, through persecutions, abasements, rejections, hatreds, evil speakings, jealousies, poverties, sorrows, losses, following in lack, believing without evidence, and abiding without substance. The faith hoped for, is still hoped for. And the evidence believed for, is still believed for. And the love sown in our hearts for the LORD JESUS CHRIST and each other, is our refuge and strength and eternal hope, joy and glory! To the Sons of GOD, to the Daughters of GOD, the New City, the Heavenly City of Jerusalem, and to JESUS CHRIST be the glory, honour, praise, now and forever more. LORD, let there be a special crown just for Mama. Let those that sit at your feet bearing the scars of their watches, be crowned with everlasting glory, these that have borne your truths in this evil and unbelieving world, and died, not having seen the fruits of their sufferings, though not understanding, yet believed unto death. Let the name of JESUS CHRIST, LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, ring down through the halls of eternity, and let our names be inscribed on His cross of death as a tribute to His sacrifice for our sins. Glory, praise and honour, to the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and to all the living and dead saints who bear His shame, His name, and His sufferings in this world. Amen.