The Sparrows Nest

Our Roast Beef is the finest of top round, and here we see it served with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Buttered Corn, a Tossed Garden Salad, Iced Tea, Hot Dinner Rolls, and fresh Pumpkin Pie, topped with Whipped Cream.

You are observing a Sparrow Specialty Torpedo made of Our Home-Made  Yeast Bread stuffed with Roast Beef, baked to a golden brown, and served  with a side of gravy,  Au-gratin Potatoes, English Peas, Fresh Veg. Plate of  Cucumbers, Onions, and Tomatoes, with your choice of house dressings. To top  it all off we include a piece of another Nest specialty of Cream Cheese Cake  With Cream Cheese Icing and Coconut along with a hot cup of coffee. An  option offered is to top off the torpedo with melted cheddar. The drink,  vegetables, salad choices and desserts are yours to choose from the menu.

Country Style Steak is one of the items that is always on our menu, and it is  our most popular beef dish. We first flour and grille the steak,  add seasonings and then bake it to a mouth watering tenderness as it forms  in the oven its own marvelous gravy. We serve this steak several ways after  it is baked.  We serve it batter fried, or with grilled Onions, or with  French Fried Onions, or with a Swiss Style Sauce made of Onions &  Tomatoes, and another sauce that adds mushrooms.  Any way you like it, we'll  prepare it special order for you.

What you see in these photos are  some of the choices for side dishes you will find on our daily menu that has  an abundance of fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Desserts and Soups also  offered as a vegetable choice.  This photo shows the delicious ample portion  steak, side orders of a bowl of Fresh Vegetable Beef Soup, Cottage Cheese  & Peaches, Hot Home-Made from scratch Biscuits, and one of our  specialties, Fried Apple Fritters Rolled in Powdered Sugar which can be  rolled also in Cinnamon-Raisin Sugar. With the steak is served a stir fry  fresh vegetable mix and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Onion rings can be added  as a side dish as shown. Iced tea is the chosen drink here.

We know that that giant of perfectly packaged foods that begins with an S, has great foods, including Lasagna. But we make our own Lasagna.  We  make our own Beef and Tomato Sauce for the Lasagna. We use 3 cheeses in  our Lasagna, sometimes four. A Tossed Garden Salad with Ranch  Dressing compliments this meal, along with Grilled Garlic Bread and side  servings of Green Beans and Buttered Corn. Here comes a hot cup of coffee  and a piece of Cherry Chip Cake with Ice Cream to top off a perfect meal.          

For the Steak Lovers we serve grilled T-Bone Steaks, from 10 Oz. to 16  oz. This meal begins with a cup of Chicken With Fresh Vegetables Soup,  and served with this steak are half orders of Fresh Broccoli, Grilled Onions  and Hash Brown Potatoes. A Tossed Garden Salad with choice of dressing  is always delightful as a support choice of vegetables for any meat dish.  A warm biscuit and chilled fresh Cantaloupe is fullness of joy and belly  with this fantastic meal.  Never get tired of a fresh glass of iced Ice Tea.

I know you must get weary of my declarations of our making all our  sauces, but we do...and our Barbecue Sauce is not hot, and not too spicy, but  is very mild and if you want it hot, we'll make it hot, but on the whole, it  is creamy and just plain good stuff. We barbecue top round after we  have seasoned it and baked it to a water mouth tenderness, and then we put it  on a grilled bun.  Side options are chopped onions and mustard.

A good  barbecue sandwich, french fries, and a tossed salad are meant for each  other.  The dressing choice here is ranch for the salad.  Iced Tea is the  favorite for most meals, and a sundae with chocolate sauce is always, always  good.

We barbecue white meat chicken, roast pork, even shrimp, and  shrimp is a favorite with a 'spicy' or 'hot' barbecue sauce. A plate  Barbecue without the bun, is also very popular, with choices of Home Fried  Potatoes, Cole Slaw and Potato Salad and an alternate bread choice.

Yes, we make our own sauces and chopped sirloin meat balls. A couple  of slices of grilled garlic bread and you'll feel like you are visiting  Italy. A tossed garden salad with thousand island dressing is more than nice,  it's fantastic!  Deviled eggs, rather 'heavenly eggs' along with a side  of potato salad can be substituted for a tossed salad.  Or can be an  extra vegetable choice.

We serve several hot sandwich plates, on a grilled bun or toast, along  with creamed potatoes and gravy. This is a hot roast beef plate.  On the  side is a mini-chef's salad and is a regular tossed garden salad topped with  chopped baked ham, chicken breast and shredded cheddar, served with your  choice of dressing, onions always optional. Iced tea is good with  everything. Served here for a little something sweet is our fresh sweet  potato custard and whipped cream.

We also serve this hot sandwich with  roast pork, baked ham, breast of turkey, sliced chicken breast, along with  our fantastic chopped sirloin meatloaf steak or a grilled chopped  sirloin. It is just enough and not too much a meal for lunch or dinner. 

What's for dinner? they say....Well, here's a what's for dinner that will  excite your taste buds and that will settle that craving for fried foods  without a lot of 'soak 'em up grease'.  First we grille a lean 8 oz.  chopped sirloin and drain the grease, and now you say, 'But you then fry  it'.  True!  But by first grilling and then draining the grease off of the  meat, a little breading cannot soak up very much oil seeing as the beef is  seasoned, grilled, steamed and then drained to remove more of the animal  beef fat.  Then we dip it into an egg and canned milk mix and then into a  self rising flour to make the sirloin have a crunchy brown crust.  We use  the healthy oil, peanut oil, for all of our fried foods. The onion rings are  fried, drained and then patted to remove any excess oil.

Here this  plate is prepared with a boiled seasoned potato, and sour cream and chives  if desired. A couple of hot dinner rolls and a side dish of slaw, along  with some buttered corn make this a satisfying meal even for the heartiest  of eaters. This same beef dish can be prepared using a 4, 5 or 6 ounce  chopped steak for the not so hungry.

A light ice cream and frozen  chocolate chip pie is just the perfect dessert for this meal, along with  some iced tea with the meal, and possibly a hot cup of coffee to settle it  all in.  What's for dinner?  Beef!